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Global Traveler’s Silent Auction 2016

Each year, Global Traveler teams with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in an effort to accomplish extraordinary things. It may sound like a lofty enterprise, but together with LLS, we can all help make a difference. Did you know there are approximately 1.2 million people living in the United States… [read more]

Munich Airport

Munich Airport Earns Five Stars

As one of the most efficient and attractive hubs in the world, Munich Airport is a destination unto itself and challenges pre-flight boredom where you can expect to experience the unexpected. Arriving passengers soon realize why Munich Airport is Europe’s best airport as well as Europe’s first and only airport… [read more]

Jump Into…

Bund Tunnel

Discover A Brilliant Way To Cross The River In Shanghai

By Sharon King Hoge

Bridges and ferries cross the Huangpu River between the two sides of Shanghai, but a more adventurous option is a ride through the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel, particularly for someone who’s a kid at heart. Not just an ordinary subway, the half-mile-long train ride includes a multimedia sound and light show.… [read more]


See The Sahara Desert From Atop A Camel

By Allie Moore

If you happen to stumble upon a magic lamp during your trip to Casablanca and you make a wish to explore the majestic Sahara Desert by camel, prepare for your wish to come true. Camel tours depart the Moroccan city on a daily basis and catapult you into a wonderland… [read more]


Explore The Ancient Turkish Custom Of Smoking A Water Pipe

By Victoria Abbott Riccardi

Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing illicit about smoking a narghilè, the Turkish name for water pipe, also known as a hookah, hubble-bubble or shisha. Only tobacco (not hashish or any other drug) is used, and both men and women enjoy the ancient Turkish custom of smoking a narghilè,… [read more]


Amble Through The Art Deco Architecture Of Brussels

By Deborah Geiger

Art Deco, the 1920s-era style of architecture and design noted for bold lines and simple shapes, is evident across Brussels. Add a day or two to your business trip to take in the best of Art Deco. Start at Van Buuren Museum and Gardens, a private estate built between 1924… [read more]


Learn To Observe Ghana’s Ritual Of Libation

By Richard Newton

In Ghana — whether you’re sealing a business deal, you want to take photographs of fishing boats on a beach or you have been invited to a village — chances are a bottle of schnapps will be involved. The ritual of libation, in which a small amount of the fiery… [read more]


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