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Just Your Type

With ample survey research, Sarah Hyndman proves that typefaces influence us in surprising ways.

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OH NO Type Co.
Based in San Francisco, this type foundry revives neglected typefaces and carves out an unusual niche.
Features / Design
Gabriele Wilson Design
Combining hard work with refined taste, this New York design firm has left its mark on book jackets, Brooklyn eateries and more.
Columns / Advertising

If Advertising Is So Great, Why Are We So Unhappy?

Ernie Schenck says for ad agency staffers, finding happiness requires sacrifice & creativity.

What We're Reading
Suzanne Pope says every woman in advertising owes Erin Johnson a vote of thanks for her courage.   Design Facts: So much to know, so little time. The veil of ignorance: Adam Morse on designing for accessibility. Get this in my inbox
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Five Interactive Designers Share Their Treasured Finds
Asia Hoe, Oscar Llarena, Kelly Goto, Du Haihang and Catt Small share their favorite interactive tools.
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Leland Maschmeyer on Risk and Reward in Design

Leland Maschmeyer on the future of brand building, and how to design for it.

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