photo by Milou and Olin

Beautiful Gatherings is the heart and soul of Wedding Planner, Bryan Lim. Based in the sunny island of Singapore, he travels regionally for his clients.

Bryan’s passion for weddings began when he discovered an old box in his grandmother’s closet. Inside the box and wrapped carefully in aging paper sat a wedding dress. As his grandmother shares the recollection of her memories, tears of joy rolled down her cheek. And he knew then, for the first time, he wants to be a part of this joy with others.

In 2012, Bryan left on a year long creative journey to United States and reaffirmed his passion. He is humbled to work alongside with wedding creatives such as Joy Thigpen, Amorology Weddings, Very Merry Events, Botanica Floral, Caroline Winata and The Stylish Soiree.

Beautiful Gatherings, is a quest to bring forth an authentic wedding that looks back at the past for the blessing that is today, and sparks a small flame in people with much love and laughter.

What is the love story that you want to leave behind?