MPB Four Pillars of Success

The Massage Practice Builder Four Pillars of Success will help you in taking your massage practice to the next level.  The goal of this website is to help youbuild a massage business in  creating Your Ideal Massage Business working with your Ideal Clients.  The key word is Ideal of course – they are ideal because they meet your business profile and support you rather than leave you feeling drained.  When you work with less than ideal clients you will know because you will feel depleted rather than supported.  This I believe is the biggest cause of burnout in the massage profession.   Massage therapists often feel like they have to work on everyone and that they must work on people who can not afford to pay full price massage leaving their bank accounts to suffer.   When you charge what you need to make to support yourself and your business you will have the money it takes to provide low cost massage or even to set up a low cost community massage clinic.

When you work with your Ideal Client you are working more in integrity with your true purpose and calling.  You are supported and nurtured in your work as a massage therapist.  It is about getting clear about what you want and who you are and building a massage business that is in tune with that.  Sometimes when you are just starting out it is difficult to know what you want.  You will have to do things to learn and find out just what it is that you want.

The focus of my program here is to Create an engaging, content rich website that will attract the clients that you want to you.  They will find you by searching for massage your city.  What people are looking for online is a solution to their problem.  In massage that will be some kind of pain or stress.   Your website will need to address all of the different types of conditions that you work with and explain how massage works.  It will build trust with potential clients so that they will be saying "I want You to do my massage".  The process of creating trust is done through creating content.  Content is also what the search engines are looking for.  The process of creating a website is really more than just writing a 5 page site.  It actually will take a month or more to plan and will be an ongoing project until you have the clients that you need from it.   When clients find you and then read your website they will be making a more informed decision about their care.

Building a referral network is the second pillar of success.  It involves creating a work of mouth referral network from doctors, alternative health practitioners, current clients, friends and family, other local businesses.  Your ideal client will also be someone who will love to refer others to you.  People prefer going to people that they have heard about from someone else who has been there.  Developing your referral network is something that you will continue to do throughout your career.

Ethics is the part that brings your practice together. It is about building solid client relationships. Ethics is the process of creating a solid foundation for your business so that it can grow into the business that you desire.  It is about finding out about your own personal values and creating a business based on those.  It isn't about right or wrong – there is only what is right for you.  Ethics is tied into your self esteem and how good you feel about yourself.  When you feel good about yourself you will be able to know who you are and not feel like you have to give everything of yourself away.   You will be able to make decisions for your business that support you in getting your needs for financial, mental, emotional and spiritual connection met somewhere in your life.   You are responsible for getting the clients that you need to make the money that you need to take care of yourself and family.  This is created through developing and being aware of your boundaries.  The therapeutic relationship is at the heart of your massage business.  It is everything that goes into finding your ideal client and working at all times with the client as the main focus of the work.

build your massage businessSorting out boundaries and creating an ethical practice – one that supports your needs – requires that you find support in the way of peer groups or individual supervision sessions or by finding a mentor.  You don't have to do this all alone.  Asking for help is hard for most people but for some reason people drawn to the massage profession find that they have to do this all by themselves.  The more support you can get for creating your ideal massage business, the better your chances of success.

This website is also filled with many articles on massage business basics for starting and running a business for those who are just starting out!  There is also a section for book reviews and I will soon be adding a section on massage research because I think it is a really important part of our future and becoming more accepted as a profession. If you are interested in London nude massage website you need to visit this site.

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