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Star Beach's high-season rates seem expensive for essentially the same kind of room you can get just a few doors down for half the price. Still, there's very friendly Thai manager and the restaurant can be excellent -- if the chef is having a good day, or indeed has even turned up. Rooms are basic, but subtly decorated, and some have large deckchairs on their balconies with commanding views of the ocean. Of the handful of places along here it probably offers the best option; the huts are arguably the nicest (though there's not much in it), and the views certainly are great.

Star Beach Bungalows Koh Chang - สตาร์ บีช บังกะโล เกาะช้าง

If you're up for high class bungalows, this might not be the place for you. Although they have bungalows in different shapes, styles and classes, I only tried out their cheapest option myself, and can only speak for that.

When you get to the end of White Sand beach, you're at Star Beach. The reception is outdoors, just covered by a roof. The cheaper options are bungalows reminding a bit of tree-huts, where you have to climb wooden stairs up the hillside to get there. The bungalows are not in any way extraordinary, and no matter how well they are cleaned, there will always be sand inside...

Star Beach Bungalows Koh Chang - สตาร์ บีช บังกะโล เกาะช้าง

There's a bathroom with cold shower and one of those toilets where you have to use a bucket of water to flush. If you're not to picky, this works very well!

Our bungalow was quite high up, so we had a fantastic view over the sea. A little drawback was that climbing the stairs in the middle of the night, after a very fin party, might not be totally safe. But no injuries here :)

There are a few chickens walking around, so watch out for chicken leftovers in the stairs, it could get slippery.

The location is perfect, you're at the beach, but a little bit away from all the party places, so you could get a good nights sleep if you'd like. Still there's a walking distance to everything.

Down at the beach there's a really nice restaurant with cheap, tasty food.

Star Beach Bungalows Koh Chang - สตาร์ บีช บังกะโล เกาะช้าง

So, Star Beach bungalows might not be the clanest, most comfortable, but you get privacy if you want, superb location and very friendly staff! The atmosphere is perfect! This is probably one of the cheapest places left on White Sand, where the prices are getting less and less friendly.

For the high-class traveller, Koh Chang has better places to offer, but you'll have to pay for it.

With double rooms with private bathroom and fan from 300 Bath low season, this is a good option for the budget backpacker.


Star Beach Bungalows
White Sand beach , Koh Chang , Trat 23170 , Thailand.
Tel : +66 (0) 87 142 8534 , +66 (0) 81 940 2195


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