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FFURG & The Forgotten Force At Celebration 3!

Well sadly it has come and gone, Celebration 3 has ended and the FFURG/Forgotten Force booth was rockin' all 4 days. It was an unbelievable experience and we were overwhelmed with the positive response we received from the numerous amounts of people that visited our booth. We certainly didn't expect so many people to visit us, so to say we were shocked to constantly see a crowd around our booth is an understatement. We got to help people learn about customizing and make their own customs for the first time, we got to share our knowledge with them and most importantly we made a lot of new friends. We will be posting a lot of images and memories from the event throughout the next few days, but before we do so, we'd like to say a few thank yous to show our appreciation to many of the people we met at Celebration 3....

First off to our volunteers, presenters, & contributors, we could not have done any of the things we did at C3 without your help and support. These people should be commended for all the time and effort they gave to help the FFURG staff out at the show, they are just great people...

  • Dave Castle
  • Dennis Sonnier
  • Erik Schroeder
  • Esther Criscuola
  • Jim Abell
  • Maureen Kuppe
  • Ryan Phipps
  • Sal Salerno
  • Thad Boyer
Also we'd like to say thanks and hello to some of the great new friends we made at the show. Huge hellos to Jack, John, James, Max, Scott, Shawn, CJ, Eli, Rafael, James M., Dan, Pat and his family, and of course the fine officers and troops of the 501st who were our neighbors at the show and put up with the huge mess we made. :)

It was a great experience that we will all treasure and would love to do again (ok without having to wait in all those long lines), maybe one day we'll be seeing you again.... Happy Customizing To You All!!

Update: 4/29/05! We have added an Image Gallery to relive all the memories from Celebration 3. To check out the Celebration 3 Image Gallery, just Click Here!. Look for some added updates coming soon.

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