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The Forgotten Force Customizing Group
Custom Character Casting Call
June 2009
5th Anniversary of the FForums - Customs of Us Re-Visited

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In May of 2009 several members of the FForums recognized that the 5th Anniversary of FFURG's very own message board was upcoming. To celebrate this event friends of FFURG Don Maue and Paul Barnard spearheaded a new members-ran Casting Call with a throwback to the very first CC - Customs of Us. Open to all members of the FForums, this Casting Call is designed to have participants show off their work as it progresses. For full details on the development of this Casting Call head over to the Featured FForums Thread right now. A big hearty thanks to Don and Paul for running the show on this one and to everyone for their participation.

This casting call gallery is open to all customizers and will be updated as new submissions come in, so check back often.
Last updated: 06/17/09

If you'd like to add your custom creation to the
FForums 5th Anniversary - Customs of Us Re-Visited Casting Call, contact FFURG for details.

"Ben Skywalker" - Andrew Verdon

"CHEWIE" - Justin Cook



"Delaton" - Ashley Prester

"DnJCustoms" - Don Maue

"pbarny" - Paul Barnard

"tonphanan" - James


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