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The Forgotten Force Customizing Group
Custom Character Casting Call
September 2002

Reference Gallery

This casting call gallery is open to all customizers.
It will be updated as new submissions come in, so check back often.
Last updated: 07/13/08

If you'd like to add your custom creation of Arena Battle Jedi Cinema Scene
contact FFURG for details.

For your customizing assistance, a reference gallery has been created with various images. Just click on the image to the right.


Chris Campbell

Darth Overkill

Darth Tirius

Chris DelVecchio

Jason Fleigel


Craig Holladay

Morgan Kamp

Jeremy Lazar

Gil Lopez

Mike Miller


Schuyler Morissette

Craig Mullan

Bill Nyerges

Ashley Prester

Rafael Ramirez

Steve Tomac

Mike Walker

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