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The Forgotten Force Customizing Group
Custom Character Casting Call
March 2001

Reference Gallery

This casting call gallery is open to all customizers.
It will be updated as new submissions come in, so check back often.
Last updated: 07/20/08

If you'd like to add your custom creation of Mara Jade
contact FFURG for details.

For your customizing assistance, a reference gallery has been created with various images. Just click on the image to the right.

Keith Abbot

Andy Bartlett

Chad Beggs

Bonnie Bonita

Ryan Bruemmer

Justin Butler

Matt Cassano

Peter Crone

Dan Curto

Brent Dishon

Tyler Dobson

James Doherty

Owen Driscoll

Jason Fleigel

Frank Frelier

Bob Fulwider


Stephen Gilliam

Morgen Gregory

Paul Hadsall

Chris Harder

Jimmy Hauser

Michael Heddle

Micah Hembree

Paul Hruby


Nigel Jukes


Jeremy Lazar


Don Massingale

Seth Manis

Don Maue

Jen Maue

Pablo M.

Aaron Monk


Schuyler Morissette

Craig Mullan

Ryan Padden

Brian Pelham

Brian Rutherford

Kyle Scuglik

Philip Silvera

Kelly Smith

Dennis Sonnier

Philippe Soulier

Mike Tanner

Jon & Pat Taylor

Michael Trampert

Chris Tronzo


Mike Urvand

Kim Venseret

Gary Weaver II

Daniel Wilson

Alfred Wong

Aaron Wyant

Unknown creators

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