UCLA Recruiting

If You Would Like UCLA To Recruit You For An Athletic Scholarship Please Meet The Following Criteria Before Filling Out A Recruiting Questionnaire:

1. You have to be one of the top student-athletes in your state or country and recognized as such through local, regional and national awards. You should be competing on outside teams away from your high school and have the ability to compete in your sport at the highest level. UCLA is #1 in NCAA titles and has top programs in every sport due in large part to finding the best student-athletes as early as possible in their high school athletic careers to recruit.

2. We prefer athletes in their freshmen or sophomore years of high school or no later than in their junior season of high school to apply via the biography form. Unless you are a late rising junior it is probably too late to apply for an athletic scholarship in your senior year in virtually all of our 25 sports. If you are a foreign student, you should be age 19 or under; have never been on a professional team or taken money in that sport; and have not already started college in your country to apply.

3. Please do not apply for scholarship consideration if you are not following a 'College Prep' pattern of classes that meets the NCAA 'Core Class' Requirements, including taking the SAT/ACT test in 11th grade. UCLA looks for higher GPA's and good test scores in helping to make scholarship decisions. You can check www.NCAA.org for academic details. You should join the NCAA Clearinghouse by 11th grade.

4. If you do apply, be very specific with best times, marks, distances, honors, awards and background since you are being compared to other top high school student-athletes across the country and even the world. If you are interested in UCLA and are a student athlete at a high level with many college options, we welcome the chance to hear from you as soon as possible. Please note that due to NCAA rules, UCLA cannot return any phone calls until after your junior year of high school, or send back direct correspondence or email until September 1 of the start of your junior year of high school (except men's basketball after June 15 after their sophomore year of high school).

Interested in Becoming a UCLA Student-Athlete?

UCLA (the University of California at Los Angeles) is recognized as the #1 collegiate athletic powerhouse of the 20th century and into the 21st. The UCLA Bruins won more NCAA titles in the 20th century than any other university and were the first to 100 NCAA titles. Virtually all of the 25 sports in the program compete yearly for NCAA team and individual honors. Please read the criteria before submitting your profile.

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The full limit of NCAA Scholarships are awarded in 25 sports based on the following major criteria: 1) academic admissibility to UCLA-combination of high school grades and standardized American test scores (SAT/ACT) where scores must be higher than NCAA Clearing House limits (2.5 gpa/820 SAT or 68 ACT (17 Average)), 2) your athletic ability compared to others in your sport on both a national and international level-you have to be among the top athletes to be considered, 3) ability to make an immediate contribution to the Bruin program in your first year. Athletes are also considered for UCLA teams without a scholarship, based on the same criteria. You can earn a scholarship after the first year, based on your contributions to the success of the UCLA team.

UCLA Athletic Department: (310) 825-8699
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IF YOU ARE FROM A FOREIGN COUNTRY READ THIS: In order for UCLA to consider you for an athletic scholarship, you should be 21 years of age or younger when you begin college, based on the NCAA rules that UCLA follows. In order for UCLA to consider you, a foreign student should be a member of his/her country's national team, junior national team or be representing the country by competing in international or major events. UCLA can't consider you for scholarship unless your times, marks, distances, performances are of world standards for your age group when compared with other athletes of similar background. UCLA academics require you to have fundamental academic skills in mathematics, science, have the ability to both speak and write the English language and meet NCAA/Amateur core class requirements.

IF YOU ARE AMERICAN READ THIS: In order for UCLA to consider you for an athletic scholarship, you need to be a high caliber athlete in your area, section, region, zone or state. It is unlikely that UCLA will have scholarships available if you have already started your senior year of high school unless you have strong academics and are being recruited by other top Division I colleges for your sport. If you are in Junior College, UCLA can't consider you for admission or scholarship unless you have a solid pattern of academic classes in JC and most of your classes would transfer to UCLA for credit. UCLA teams yearly are at the top or among the best in the nation and we need student-athletes that can come in and contribute immediately to the continued national success of the 25 sports. When applying to UCLA, consider one main sport, unless you have the same national qualifications or background for more than one sports. Scholarships are sport specific at UCLA and you are compared to best other athletes in your sport both nationally and internationally.

IF YOU ARE A COLLEGE TRANSFER READ THIS: UCLA cannot respond via e-mail or phone to any four-year college transfer student without the student-athlete obtaining a release from the first college and faxing that release to the UCLA Athletic Department at 310-206-7047 or 310-206-4269. Once the release is obtained from the first college, then the UCLA coach will be able to contact you, based on the NCAA rules.

Four-year college transfer students should make sure their first college will release them to be immediately eligible to compete before considering UCLA.