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Who were the Ancient Greeks? QCA Unit 14 Print page

Archaeologist’s jigsaw

Pottery lasts for a long time. Pieces of pot from the times of the ancient Greeks have lasted to this day. Archaeologists use them to find out what life was like.

See how you would do as an archaeologist.

You will need...

Pieces of broken pottery.
You could use old plates and dishes from a car-boot sale, or dig them up in the garden.

Illustration of a Greek potWarning: Be very careful when handling broken china. Ask an adult to help you. Always use a spoon or trowel if you are digging in the garden and look out for broken glass or other sharp objects.

Look at the pieces carefully. Can you guess the shape of the whole pot?

Put the pieces together, like a jigsaw. Draw the shape you have made, showing all the different pieces.

Where is Greece?

Find outLook it up on an atlas if you can get hold of one.

What is it like?

Find out if any of your friends or relations have been there. They may have photographs or postcards they could show you.

Visit a travel agency and collect brochures about Greece.

What kind of scenery would you see if you went there?

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