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Loved by his family. Committed to his job as a writer. Victorious in all his decisions in life. Mike Lewis may have his own weaknesses but he never focuses on it, but he points his attention to his potentials. That’s why he knows how to handle things even at its worst. For him, being a writer is to be flexible in all topics to be discussed and to be updated in latest news and trends in technology and in World Wide Web. His writings and insights help other people like students and teachers. He is satisfied of what he is doing and will be doing as a writer. He has his own interests and collections especially in mens clothes. Different kinds mens wear in his wardrobe, as you could imagine different colors of jackets, t-shirts and polo. That's his. He wants the designs of www.suitsmen.co.uk. He keeps on imitating their designs. Lastly, he is a kind of person who never give up until he never stop to try.

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