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Bibliographies and Catalogs

Blanck, Jacob [1906-1974], compiler. 1955. Bibliography of American Literature (BAL). 9 vols. 26 cm, New Haven. Yale University Press (Bibliographical Society of America). v.1. Henry Adams to Donn Byrne.--v.2. George W. Cable to Timothy Dwight.--v.3. Edward Eggleston to Bret Harte.--v.4. Nathaniel Hawthorne to Joseph Holt Ingraham.--v.5. Washington Irving to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. v.6. Augustus Baldwin Longstreet to Thomas WilliamParsons -- v.7. James Kirke Paulding to Frank Richard Stockton / edited and completed by Virginia L. Smyers and Michael Winship.
Gwyn, Ann S., compiler. 1977. Lafcadio Hearn, A catalog of the collection at the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, Tulane University. vi, 60 pp, 23 cm, wraps, New Orleans. Friends of The Tulane University Library.
Hokuseido Shoten. 1929?. Hokuseido publications of the works of Lafcadio Hearn and Glenn W. Shaw. 30 pp, 19 cm, [1] leaf of plates: ill., ports. Tokyo, Japan. Hokuseido Press.
Perkins, Percival Densmore [1897-] and Ione Bendel [1897-]. 1934. Lafcadio Hearn: a bibliography of his writings. introduction by Sanki Ichikawa. xvii, 444 pp, 26 cm, front., plates, facsims. boxed. Boston. Houghton Mifflin ("Printed in Japan by the Kenkyusha printing company, Tokyo."). With facsimile Hearn manuscript. The primary Hearn bibliographic reference. Covering works in both English and all foreign language editons known up to 1934. With main focus on the First Editions, books by other authors about Hearn, books containing original work by Hearn, critical reviews and appreciations. Also periodicals & newspapers with original works by Hearn. Also English (UK) reviews, appreciations, newspapers &c.; Including unpublished material, manuscripts by and about Hearn, also his music. Giving total copies printed for many of the editions, plus notes by the publishers.
1968. introduction by Sanki Ichikawa. 444 pp, green cloth, 6 b/w illus. reprint of the Tokyo 1934 edition. New York. Burt Franklin.
_____. nd (late '30s). Catalog #31. Oriental Books. 50 pp, buff wrps. priced booksellers catalog. Pasadena, CA. Covers a wide variety of books on Japan, China, Korea, and Lafcadio Hearn. Contains 367 items, many marked "sold." (no Hearn item was marked as "sold.")
Ronan, Sean G. [1924-], compiler. 1988. Catalogue of the Lafcadio Hearn Library at the Embassy of Ireland, Tokyo. 28 pp, stiff wraps. Tokyo. Embassy of Ireland. Compiled by the Hon. Ambassador, Sean G. Ronan, Esq. The Lafcadio Hearn Library housed at the Irish Embassy in Tokyo was the brain child of Ambassador Ronan. The library consists of some 200 titles from among Hearn's writings, photograhs, biographies, monographs and secondary works relating to Hearn and his writings, as well as many First Editions, and some papers. The catalogue is organizedby subject sections: Hearn - The Teller of Tales. The Journalist. The Translator. Letters. The Essayist and Lecturer. His biographers. Bibliographies. Works in Japanese. Newspaper Articles. Miscellaneous Items.
1989. 32 pp, 2nd. ed., Green wrs. Tokyo. Embassy of Ireland. Covering the first editions, sets, current paperbacks, Hearn School texts and the Works of Yakumo Koizumi, newspaper articles, works in Japanese & English, bibliographies, biographies, letters, essays, lectures, translations &c.; Subject bibliography.
Sharf, Frederic A. 1994. Takejiro Hasegawa: Japanese Pictures of Japanese Life. 77 pp, Red pictorial wrappers, 26 b.w. photos, map, appendix, selected bibliography, notes. Salem. Peabody Essex Museum. Bibliography of Hasegawa's Japanese crepe paper children's books. With a list of Hasegawa publications and collations, details of editions, and how to distinguish which are the first editions. Also background on the authors.
Sisson, Martha Howard, compiler. 1933. Lafcadio Hearn: A Bibliography. 30 pp, 21 cm, (Bulletin of Bibliograpy Pamphlets, no.29), (Reprinted from The Bulletin of Bibliography, Vol. 15, no. 1, May-August, 1933, and following issues). Boston. F.W. Faxon Company, 83-91 Francis Street.
Smith, Wilbur J. 1933. A Catalog of First Editions of Lafcadio Hearn. with an autobiographical sketch. 12 pp, "Oct. 1933, No. 6.", [Stanoff p.101, BAL p.105]. Beverly Hills, CA. Wilbur J. Smith. Penguin Book Shop, 9675 Wilshire Blvd.
Stanoff, Jerrold G. & Emil P.M. Koval. nd. Lafcadio Hearn: A Supplement to Perkins [1882-1931]. And a Checklist of His Writings. 163 pp, Unpublished paper, xerox copy of type written manuscript, contained in a board folder, appendix, bibliography. Aptos, CA. Jerrold G. Stanoff. "Essentially an MLS project, which was a correction & update to Perkins Hearn Bibliography of 1934. Several editions of Hearn's works were issued after 1934, which were not listed in the original work. This updates that work, covering later editions, new titles, ephermera & association copies. Citing the location of these works. A useful reference for libraries and collectors." (Stanoff catalog)
Targ, William. 1935. Lafcadio Hearn: first editions and values; a checklist for collectors. 51 pp, 21 cm, grey boards, gold label. front. (facsim.). Chicago. The Black Archer Press. Descriptive letterpress on verso of frontispiece. "Published in a strictly limited edition of 550 copies for subscribers, 50 copies of which are printed on Inomachi vellum and signed by the compiler." Introduction.--First editions.--Books about Lafcadio Hearn.--Index.
Tenri Toshokan (The Tenri Library). 1956. Koizumi Yakumo Shu. (Collection of Lafcadio Hearn). 13 pp, wrappers, Nara, Japan. Tenri Central Library Photo Series, VIII. title in Japanese, contents in English. bibliography of selected items from the Hearn Collection at the Tenri Library, including MSS, letters, caricatures drawn by Hearn, etc.
Tomlinson-Humes Company. 1914. Catalogue of first and other editions of the writings of "Mark Twain", Samuel Langhorne Clemens, and of Lafcadio Hearn: the property of The Tomlinson-Humes Company ... and of Mr. Merle Johnson, to be sold ... on January twentieth, 1914 under the management of the American Art Association. [71] pp, 26 cm, New York. American Art Galleries. About ten pages devoted to Hearn books, from items # 295-367 with some very unique books from Hearn's library, with his stamps noted.
Toyama High School. 1927. Catalogue of the Lafcadio Hearn Library in the Toyama High School. 133 pp, wrappers, index. With facsimile of Hearn manuscript page. A bibliography of Hearn's complete library collection and works.