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Vintage Fender Colors

These are pictures of my sample blocks of Fender 60's colors. I attempted to create as accurate as possible a representation of the colors Fender used in the 60's. I used Dupont paint and the colors are mixed from the NOS Dupont paint mix numbers. One side is cleared with Nitrocellulose Lacquer the other is Acrylic Lacquer.

I have photographed my sample blocks in a way that attempts to show the dynamics of a given color rather than just a flat thumbnail image. I feel this better represents the color. I am still working at making the colors more accurate. Keep in mind that I am doing this and testing it on a few dozen different computers and they are rather consistent, but the color may very depending on your display and video card.

I do not sell paint but I have provided you with the NOS paint numbers so you can have your own mixed at your local Dupont supplier. For $10 I will send you a paint stick of a given color so you can have it matched... this is primarily for people outside the United States that cant get Dupont paints.

Lake Placid Blue Metallic Lake Placid Blue Metallic

Sherwood Green Metallic Sherwood Green Metallic

Ocean Turquoise Metallic Ocean Turquoise Metallic

Teal Green Metallic Teal Green Metallic

Blue Ice Metallic Blue Ice Metallic

Firemist Gold Metallic Firemist Gold Metallic

Firemist Silver Metallic Firemist Silver Metallic

Shoreline Gold Metallic Shoreline Gold Metallic

Inca Silver Metallic Inca Silver Metallic

Burgundy Mist Metallic Burgundy Mist Metallic

Candy Apple Red Candy Apple Red

Dakota Red Dakota Red

Fiesta Red Fiesta Red

Shell Pink Shell Pink

Seafoam Green Seafoam Green

Surf Green Surf Green

Sonic Blue Sonic Blue

Daphne Blue Daphne Blue

Larger view of blocks

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