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This is for people who don't think being old is an embarrassment, avoidable, reversible, disgraceful, a crime, a disease, politically incorrect, or even a social faux pas.

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Old Folks at Home on the
World Wide Web

Are we dinosaurs, plodding alone in cyberspace? Or do seniors make a difference on the world wide web?

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Who ARE these people?
What IS cyberspace?

    The symbiotic relationship between seniors and the Internet should surprise nobody, considering that the people who first visualized it and made it happen are now seniors.

    As computers are used for interaction between business places and offices around the world, schools, universities, and the bedrooms of children whose concerned parents worry aboutreal and perceived dangers, we grandparents comfortably mold our own cyberspace to evolving usefulness in the Internet community.

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"Not just another pencil:         (Covers)  
Computer-mediated communication from a senior's point of view"
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Several worlds in one lifetime . . .

Cyber-elders use this medium for information, adventure, companionship, and to share lifetimes of intelligence. Infirmities do not deter this fast growing senior Internet population. From around the world, they are logged on, exchanging advice, conversing, updating their health needs, handling their finances, enjoying travel and adventure, caring for and supporting one another, and adding infinite substance to the World Wide Web through their volunteer activities, email, and other online interaction.

"Second thoughts . . . "

They call us an "aging" population. Are we living, or merely aging? . . . "more".

"Angry Young Men Become Angry Old Men . . . "more".

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When our time runs out
and we have passed into history

The Web sites we produce today
should be archived and referenced. This one will remain on Flora Community Web, so future generations will know how senior citizens were using the Internet at the turn of this century. Here is source material about the impact that the Internet has had on our lives, what we have contributed through this medium, and how old folks have become its consumate users for communication, information, education and pleasure.

Research in this field has been a "moving" experience. Neither the old folks nor the World Wide Web remain static. Each year, each month, in fact every moment, new developments alter the protagonists in this drama. Change in every aspect of the WWW is constant, and, as calendar pages turn and clocks tick, new people join the ranks of the elderly, while others leave, their contributions to the WWW remaining on the Internet forever.

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