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I play a scientist on TV. Obsessive maker of things. Host of Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel.

San Francisco
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  1. Went to ' show at the . This piece slayed me. So beautiful. All foam core and hot glue.

  2. Spotted at ' studio in NYC.

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    The square-wheels test started off SO promisingly. And then ...

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    "son," he said to me, "there are only two things in this world you need to remember"

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    "Best vanishing act ever. We found about 30 lbs of Buster debris. But we never found the head." --

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    . Yes, I actually wrote about one time that I was self-conscious on :

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    Want to see from talk at ? Use code 'JoinMDB' for 25% off tickets.

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    I can't do a whole workshop, but a few months ago inspired me to put together a corner maker space. <3

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    The MythBusters hosts immortalised as Easter eggs, by Case "Queso" Cleaves, age 10

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    DONE! Keyboard storage made of acrylic with rubber feet. You can think it, you can make it. inspired

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    We've been sitting on the runway so long I've almost watched The Big Short in its entirety. Thanks !

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    when I bingewatch Mythbusters, I get creative. Floating soil islands in my goldfish tank.

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    i just finished my first prop, Hellboy's pistol from the comic.

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    Cardboard!! Cardboard workshop!

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    "What? I thought YOU were mad at ME!" - What would be a pretty good ending to Batman v Superman, I think.

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    was very nice to briefly say hi to you this evening, hope you enjoyed observing the magic of the broadway bowling league :)

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    Interdisciplinary Nerd Summit in The sketchiest corner of Port Authority

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