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Your computer has the power to change the world.
Unleash its potential.

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How Epic Scale Works

  1. Install Epic Scale
  2. Your computer solves problems in its spare time
  3. Great charities benefit

We support the following charities:

What is Epic Scale?

Every day you use your computer to do work, play games, and talk with your friends all over the world. But you probably don’t use your computer 24 hours a day. What happens when you aren’t using your computer? Your computer sits idle waiting for you to come back to use it. Its incredible processing power goes unused. What if there was a way to harness that unused processing power to change the world? That is what we do at Epic Scale.

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How do I install or uninstall Epic Scale?

To install Epic Scale on your PC, simply follow the Installation Wizard steps.

To uninstall Epic Scale, use the standard uninstaller through Windows Add/Remove Programs. Please click here for instructions.

If you do not see an Uninstaller in the standard Windows Add/Remove Programs, then you have encountered an installation bug. For this case, we created a simple uninstall utility that will fully remove Epic Scale from your computer. Download our uninstall utility here and double click on UninstallEpicScale.exe. A window will pop up that says “Uninstalling.” After this window closes Epic Scale will be completely removed from your computer. If you have any questions please contact us at support at epicscale.com.

How is money earned?

Solving math problems for weather prediction, physics simulations, cryptography (including cryptocurrency mining) and more has real world value. We solve these problems on behalf of our trusted partners, and donate proceeds to your favorite charities.

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Who is Epic Scale?

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Safety & Privacy

We deeply respect your privacy and do not track any of your personal identifiable information. We never collect or sell your personal information. We solely use your unused CPU when your computer is not active.

We’d love to hear from you! For technical support, please contact us at support@epicscale.com.

Interested in what we’re doing? Get in touch with us.

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