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Boy with Autism Thanks Emma Stone for Spreading Awareness

June 20, 2014

(June 20, 2014) - Actors Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield pulled a fast one on the paparazzi in NYC this week. The superstar couple saw the photogs waiting for them to leave a restaurant and they emerged with a very important message covering their faces. The two notecards seen above deflected attention to charitable organizations like Autism Speaks. 

The gesture went viral and it inspired one young boy to respond. Liam is a 7-year-old student with autism at the Pieceful Solutions school in Arizona. Accroding to his mom, when Liam found out that Emma Stone was an Arizona-native he wanted to find a way to thank her for using her celebrity to spread autism awareness. She suggested he hold up a sign of his own - so he did in the hopes that it might go viral too and Emma might see it.