The cloud of SF-based, vegan web sensations is one to behold – no one tells it like Vegansaurus (especially since TBI contributor and sassy commentator Laura Beck’s the head honcho), and the Mission-based VegNews is basically the bible of all things vegan. But before now, the city lacked a guide to veggie SF in moving pixels – which is where the up-and-coming Vegan Kitchen TV steps in.

The web vlog-gone-live stream is an interactive TV channel that runs vegan-friendly restaurant and product reviews, interviews with the San Francisco vegan scene’s most beloved, and live cooking demonstrations with founder Selena Scola. She uses her web show to connect with other vegans in the SF community – and because everyone likes delicious noms (duh), she hasn’t exactly had a problem getting other vegans and omnivores alike to sample and review eats for her show. So far she’s hosted live reviews of Ike's Place (a TBI favorite!) and Patxi's Pizza’s most mouth-watering and animal-free offerings.

With Vegan Kitchen TV, Selena’s trying to showcase veganism as a non-scary, compassionate movement that’s filled with only the most creative and delicious food around. Especially in SF! Check out Vegan Kitchen TV’s Facebook page to find out about their TweetUP live streams, and maybe get some free vegan fare from their live restaurant reviews while you’re at it.