To a Sea Shell

Friend of my chamber - Oh thou spiral shell
That murmurest of the ever-murmuring sea!
Repeating with eternal constancy
Whatever memories the wave can tell;
Whatever harmonies may rise and swell,
Whatever sadness in the deep may be;
They are the Ocean's and desired of thee;
Thou treasurest what thou dost love so well.
So all my heart in one voluted fold,
Shielding one face, and evermore it seems
Upon the threshold of the prying Day,
Hid in the tangle of reluctant dreams;
And in the noontide, and the evening grey.
Its light illumines secrecies untold.

Hubert Church.


Inside the Seashell

Play some pan flute music like Medwyn Goodall's Medicine Woman and sit quietly in from of your journal.

Hold a simple seashell in your non dominant hand and your pen in your dominant hand.

Caress the shell with your fingers, letting your eyes travel over its surface.

Let the sweet music that Pan used to attract the nymphets waft into the corridors of your mind.

Breathe deeply.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to wander into the corridors of the shell using each of your senses to map where you are. What do you see, hear, smell, touch with your naked feet?

Wander through the multi-levels and peer through opened doorways and windows. Notice your surroundings. Listen to the sounds in this cavern. Feel the surface. Move into the cavern where your creative spirit has retreated, to escape the break neck speed of modern society.

Find the door to this space. Notice what the door is made of. Let the door come alive. Is the door prepared toopen itself? Do voices call out? Enter the doorway.

Begin to write whatever is in your mind. Consider writing a dialogue with your creative self and ask how you can honour it respectfully and unify it with your everyday self. Do not stop to think. Just write about where you are and what happens. You could write directly in the Bravenet forum I have provided.


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