Top 5 reasons you should come to Chinese CHI this year!

It's in Toronto! Just before CHI 2014!
It's one of a CHInd! Unique networking opportunities!
Founded by many Chinese HCI researchers and practitioners and hosted by ICACHI, Chinese CHI is a leading forum for research in all areas of Human-Computer Interaction. It attracts an international community of practitioners, researchers, academics and students from a wide range of disciplines including user experience design, software engineering, human factors, information systems, social science and creative industries among other disciplines.

We have 3 great keynote speakers!
Chinese CHI will present three Inspiriting Keynotes by
- Prof. James Landay (Cornell NYC Tech)
- Prof. Gloria Mark (University of California Irvine)
- Dr. Gord Kurtenbach (Autodesk Research)

We have a nice program!
A total of 17 great talks from 55 submissions will be presented at Chinese CHI. The acceptance rate is 30.9%.

Come enjoy awesome banquet at CN Tower in the sky!
For the first time, Chinese CHI will host a banquet and an award ceremony at 351 meters (1151 ft) above ground on top of the CN Tower, the world’s highest and largest revolving restaurant and the world’s highest wine cellar. Following the banquet and the award ceremony, all HCI researchers are welcome to step out onto the glass panels at the Glass Floor level (at 342 meters or 1,122 feet) and claim ourselves fearless at mad heights.
What are you waiting for? Come check out the web site.

See you at Chinese CHI 2014 in Toronto!!! 

Conference Chairs
Ellen Yi-Luen Do 杜宜倫, Georgia Institute of Technology & National University of Singapore
Wei Li 李維,  Autodesk Research

Program Co-Chairs
Shengdong (Shen) Zhao 趙盛東, National University of Singapore
Hao-Chuan Wang 王浩全, National Tsing Hua University

Associate Chairs
Gong Zhang 張弓, Huawei Noah's Ark Lab

Steering Committee
Shumin Zhai 翟樹民, Google Research
James Landay 劉哲明, University of Washington
Xiangshi Ren 任向实, Kochi University of Technology
Henry Duh 杜本麟, University of Tasmania