University Establishment

Delta University for Science and Technology in Mansoura is one of the entities of Delta Group. Established by resolution No. 147 for the year 2007 as the first private university in the Egyptian Delta and Lower Egypt. It is a University that operates according to the highest local and international accreditation standards and includes many faculties.

University Vision

The university is looking forward to become, in short time, a leading education foundation for serving and elevating the country. This can be achieved through preparing the graduate to become nucleus to the future leaders with their human and scientific skills, to participate in helping the Egyptian society and solve its problem.

Why Choosing DU ?

  • First private University in the Delta Region
  • Elite group of faculty members
  • Scientific agreements with several international and local Universities
  • Curriculum is in English, which facilitates the exchange of students with international Universities
  • University equipped to accommodate people with special needs


World Kidney Day Conference
World Kidney Day Conference

المؤتمر الدولى للكلى المقام بجامعة الدلتا   نظمت الجمعية العلمية بكلية الصيدلة المؤتمر العالمى للكلى الذي اقيم بجامعة الدلتا للعلوم...

APTIS Preparation Exercises
APTIS Preparation Exercises

English teaching team at Delta University is glad to introduce for all our dear students who haven’t received ‪Pathways‬‬ account...

زيارة بخصوص برنامج APTIS
زيارة بخصوص برنامج APTIS

في إطار اتفاقية التعاون الموقعة بين جامعة الدلتا والمركز الثقافي البريطاني، قام السيد / هاري جونس – مدير برنامج (الأبتس)...

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