Alice Amelia Wiedhoft
b. Holborn1869,
m. Sydney William Smith
Holborn 1888
d. London 1925

Sydney & Alice Smith


Daniel Chrystal Wiedhofft 1798 & Martha Baker,


William Daniel 1828 & Elizabeth Bridgman


Elizabeth Agnes 1855
Edwin Edgar 1860
William Edw Frederick 1857
Emily Mary Ann 1862

Arthur Henry 1864
Alfred Albert 1870
Albert Ernest 1873


Elizabeth Rosina 1889
Alice Harriet Amelia 1891
Harriet Emily 1893
Flora Agnes 1899
Evaline Frances Margaret 1905


Baldwins Gardens after 1862

The picture above was taken next to the new church in Baldwins Gardens at sometime after it was consecrated in May 1862. As the 1861 enumerator listed 12, 13 & 14 as the site of the new church and this is the house next to the church, is this number 11, or 15?. Photo Samuel A Walker 230 Regent St. W (London Post Office Directories only list them at this address between 1879-95)


Daughters Alice & Eva Smith

Daughters Alice & Eva Smith

Abney Park Cemetery Chapel



The Family of Alice Amelia Wiedhoft

ALICE AMELIA WIEDHOFT was born on 7th January 1869 in Holborn, London, Although I do not have any documentary evidence to support her birth date yet, (it would seem more likely to be 1867). we know that it was about this time, and to this family. Father: William Daniel WIEDHOFFT (1828-1893) Mother: Elizabeth BRIDGMAN (1832-1892) The first mention that I have of her is in the 1871 census.

3rd March 1868 Grandmother Martha (Baker) Wiedhofft died in Clerkenwell Workhouse.
3rd September 1870 Brother Alfred Albert Wiedhoft was born at 31 Baldwins Gardens Holborn. and the family were still at this address the following April when the census was taken

1871 Census 31, Baldwins Gardens, St Andrews, Holborn
  Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Born
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  William Fleming Son 11 Scholar City of London
  Mary Do Daur 8 Do Do
  Ellen Do Daur 6 Do Do
\ William Bridgman Head Widow 64 Carpenter Hants Basingstoke
  Amelia Do Grandaur 15 Bookfolder Middlesex,St Andrew
\ William Wiedhoft Head Mar 42 Mechanic Do Do
  Elizabeth Do Wife Mar 38 Do Do
  Elizabeth Do Daur Unm 15 Boxmaker Do Do
  William Do Son Unm 14 Scholar Do Clerkenwell
  Edwin Do Son 11 Do Do St Andrews
  Emily Do Daur 8 Do Do Do
  Arthur Do Son 6 Do Do Do
  Alice Do Daur   4 Do Do Do
  Alfred Do Son   7m Do Do

21st May 1873 brother Albert Ernest Wiedhoft was born in Holborn.
12th July 1875 sister Elizabeth Agnes married James Samuel Peck in Holborn.
17th May 1875 brother William Edward Frederick married Johanna Sullivan, at the Church of the Holy Trinity, Holborn.

1881 Census Dwelling: 15 Cyrus St Census Place: Clerkenwell, London, Middlesex, England Source: FHL Film 1341075 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 0346 Folio 18 Page 14
Rel Marr Age Sex Occ: Birthplace
William WIEDHOFT Head M 52 F ?? Turner (Wood) Soho
Elizabeth WIEDHOFT Wife M 48 F   Holborn, Middlesex
Edwin WIEDHOFT Son U 20 M No Occupation Holborn, Middlesex,
Emily WIEDHOFT Daur U 18 F Perfumer (M C) Holborn, Middlesex
Arthur WIEDHOFT Son U 16 M Standard Office Printer Holborn, Middlesex,
Alice WIEDHOFT Daur 13 F   Holborn, Middlesex
Alfred WIEDHOFT Son 11 M Scholar Holborn, Middlesex
Albert WIEDHOFT Son 7 M Scholar Holborn, Middlesex

11th December 1883 Sister Emily married Edward Hewitt at St Pancras Register Office.

Alice Amelia Wiedhoft & Sydney William Smith

23th August 1888 Alice Amelia (20) married baker Sydney William Smith (21) in St Pancras Parish Church in the presence of Edward Hewitt and Florence Norton. Sydney was born 4 December 1867.
JUST FOUR DAYS LATER 27th August 1888 Alice's brother Edwin (28) falls from window of Sun Fire Office. Threadneedle St and dies of a fracture of the skull and other injuries.

25th May 1890 brother Alfred Albert married 18 year old Eliza Frances Griffiths in St Lukes, Old Street.

24th February 1889 daughter Elizabeth Rosina SMITH is born in St Pancras, London

1st February 1891 daughter Alice Harriet Amelia SMITH is born in St Pancras, London

1891 Census 117 Charlton St St Pancras
Sydney W Smith Head M 24 Baker (journeyman) London St Lukes
Alice A " wife " 23   Middlesex
Elizabeth R Daur   2   St Pancras
Alice H A Daur   2mo   St Pancras

12th December 1892 Alice's mother Elizabeth dies at home in Seaford Rd St Pancras. Alice was in attendance during her final illness and registered the death. Her address was 117 Charlton St, St Pancras

9th February 1893 Alice's father William dies at home in Seaford Rd. St Pancras, Alice was again in attendance and registered the death. Her address was still 117 Charlton St, St Pancras

8th March 1893 daughter Henrietta Harriet Emily SMITH is born in St Pancras, London

28th May 1893 brother Arthur Henry married 19 year old Christobel Alice Chambers in St Peters Church, Saffron Hill, Holborn.
14th March 1897
brother Albert married Ada Miriam Chaffey in St.Giles, Bloomsbury, London.

15th March 1899 daughter Flora Agnes SMITH is born in St Pancras, London

1901 Census 107 Charlton St. St Pancras, London
Rel Mar Age Sex Occ Birthplace
Sidney Wm Smith Head M 35 M Wreath Makers Porter London, City
Alice Amelia Smith Wife M 33 F   London, Holborn
Elizabeth R Smith Daur   12 F   London St Pancras
Alice Amelia Smith Daur   10 F   London St Pancras
Harriet Smith Daur   8 F   London St Pancras
Flora Agnes Smith Daur   2 F   London St Pancras

25th May 1905 daughter Evaline Frances Margaret SMITH is born.

31st July 1910 daughter Elizabeth marries Frederick George Ernest Torrance at All Saints Church, Camden Town.

1911 Census 5 Queen St, Camden Town, St Pancras. (tenement 2 rooms)
Sidney William Smith Head 45 Married 23       Baker (Journeyman) Worker London (city)
Alice Amelia Smith Wife 43 Married 23 5 5 0     London (Holborn)
Alice Harriet Amelia Smith Daughter 20 Single - - - - Tailoress Worker Somers Town
Harriet Emily Smith Daughter 18 Single - - - - Tailoress Worker Somers Town
Flora Agnes Smith Daughter 12 Single - - - - School   Somers Town
Evaliyn Francis Margurite Smith Daughter 5 Single - - - - School   Somers Town

10 August 1913 grand-daughter Alice Florence Agnes TORRENCE is born 1914-1918 FIRST WORLD WAR YEARS

20 May 1917 grandson Alfred Torrence was born

1922 Wedding Charles Huthwaite & Harriet Smith

15 April 1922 daughter Harriet Emily married Charles Huthwaite at St Pancras Parish Church. As the details below show many family members were photographed here.

Wedding 1922 St Pancras Charles Huthwaite & Harriet Emily Smith

1 Alfred W E T Torrence 1917-1986 2 Charles Huthwaite (Groom) 1896-1949 3 Harriet Emily Smith (Bride) 1893-1976 4 Evelyn Francis Margaret Smith 1905-2000 5 Emily (Wiedhoft) Hewitt 1862-1943 6 Alice Harriet Amelia Smith 1891-1952 7 A friend 8 Elizabeth Rosina (Smith) Torrence 1881-1962 9 Frederick George Ernest Torrence 1890-1964 10 Not known 11 Sydney William Smith (Brides father) 1867-1928 12 Not known 13 Ted Hewitt 1859-1937 14 Alice Amelia (Wiedhoft) Smith (Brides Mother) 1867-1925 15 Bill Hewitt 1886-before 1966 16 Not known 17 Elizabeth (Wiedhoft) Peck 1855-1933 18 Ted Wiedhoft (flat cap) but who is he? 19 Alice Florence Agnes Torrence 1913 20 Flora (Smith) Webster 21 Flora Agnes Smith 1899-1984 (married Frederick Prior)

25 December 1923 daughter Flora Agnes (24) marries Frederick PRIOR

7 December 1925 Alice Amelia dies.
"I was told how on the afternoon that Alice Amelia died her sisters had called to see her. Dr Hazel was called to see Alice and have his nip of brandy, which he always prescribed for her. (Only the best mind you!) which he had to try when he attended Alice in the night. When he left her sisters stayed but sent their husbands home. Alice died about 11.30pm with her sisters at her side. After her husband Sydney had kissed her she was laid out by her sisters and daughter. She had died from CVA. (cerebrovascular accident) She had asked to be laid to rest in Abney Park near her family. It was a cold winter day and set for later afternoon, the horse drawn hearse arrived but there was snow on the ground. The horse had a hard time pulling in such bad conditions, at one time Sydney got out of the coach to help with the horses, as he feared for their safety (his father had died as the result of an accident with a horse). The funeral arrived late at Abney Park and the gravediggers said the conditions were too bad, and as it was getting dark that she should not be placed in the grave that day. They said she would have to lay in the chapel overnight and the family could attend the following day. But Sydney placed a pound or two in the hand of one of the gravediggers and the interment took place in the gathering gloom, and yet again the family took their places in the carriages for the long slip and slide home in the dark. Aunt Eva would always remember the large size of the feet of the gravedigger and the grave to the left of her mother of a young girl aged 22 and she said I will die at 22 but she lived to be 95,and I nursed her at home till death and she was cremated with her ashes being put with her sisters at Golders Green."    Jean M Alderton

15th December 1925 The burial of Alice Amelia took place at Abney Park Cemetery and the burial records show Age 56 Plot Details 143662FO3-7S10

11th February 1928 Sydney Smith dies.

17 February 1928 Sydney was buried at Abney Park Cemetery and the burial records show Age 61y Plot Details 147482 F03 7S13