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Clyde-built Database -

NEW: The SHIPS OF THE NINETIES - A Micro Site dedicated to the Kvaerner years at Govan


Beckett and Pinter Plays In Glasgow Theatres!

Two post-war stage classics come to Glasgow in February 2016 - Do not miss them!  


Is the world of acting madness? Is a Pinter play absurd? Victor Bruce Biddulph discusses the process of acting and how close to madness it gets  

Clydebuilt Ships Database

The online database containing the records of some 20,000 ships built on the Clyde  

New for 2013: Clydebuilt Canada - The Ships Built for Canadian Pacific

Clydesite & TugTalk: Maritime Communities
An online forum and picture sharing community centred on the Clyde, tugs and shipping matters in general

TugTalk, the best tug and towage community in the world!

2003 Clyde Archive, A look back to changing days on the Clyde

NEW! West British Isles Ships: LIVE Shipping Movements around Scotland and and Irish & Celtic Seas
A must for enthusiasts to see what's coming in!
Ships Expected: Shipping Movements on the Clyde
Hand-made, so as accurate as the hand and eye at the time!
Ships Expected: Belfast Shipping Movements
Ships often ply between Belfast and the Clyde

Micro Illustrated Sites 2014:

Ships on Fire!

Spanish Ships

Finland Ships

The Year of the QE2

Irish Ships!

Kit Form Ships!

Ships To Denmark

Ships To Hong Kong

Ships On The Rocks!

Ships in Typhoons

LMS Railway

Royal Mail S.P.Co.

Chilean Ships

Bristol Ships

Manchester Ships

Denholm Ships

The French Connections

The 1970s

Major New Update: Ships for Liverpool:
Liverpool Ships List to 1900
List from 1901 to 1920
List from 1921 to 1945
List from 1946 -
Atlantic Liners

South African Ships

Caledonian MacBrayne

Japanese Clydebuilt Ships

British Ralways

Ships Salvaged

Ships Declared a Total Loss

New York Ships

Abandoned Ships

The Germany Connections

Target Ships

1919 - Output after The Great War

Submarines & Depot Ships

Ships of the Eighties

Major new section: WW1 Losses

Huge Section: World War 2 Years - 1939-1945
Fifty Years Ago! 1964

100 Years Ago! 1914

150 Years Ago! 1864

Loch Lomond Steamships

Ships In War - Hospital Ships

Ships In War - Convoys!

Clyde Shipping Company

Charente (T & J Harrison Liverpool)

Australian Navy

Ships scrapped at Aliaga

The Kvaerner Govan Years

Ships of Canada

Ships of Norway

Faslane breakers

Blockade Runners!

The Clyde and Greece

Clydebuilt Pioneers

Clydebuilt Ghost Ships

Ferguson's Active Ships

New Zealand Ships

Cunard Ships Illustrated

New! Dredgers Illustrated

New! Isle of Man Steamers

New! Battlehips & Cruisers

New! Full Rigged Sailing Ships

New! Last of the Line Ships

New! Ships In Collision!