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PJ is the nickname for USAF Pararescuemen. It came into use during the Vietnam War as an abbreviation for parajumper.
The mission of Pararescue is to save lives during combat rescue, special operations missions, or humanitarian peacetime operations.

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Welcome to the home of PJs in Vietnam!

Introduced in 1999 by retired Pararescueman Robert LaPointe, this site was initially intended to collect information for the publication of a history book about Pararescue during the Vietnam War. Within a few months, the concept of the book was revised to become "The Story of Air Rescue in Vietnam - As seen through the eyes of Pararescuemen." The research site concept also expanded to become a site to tell the history of America's warriors in Air Rescue, Special Operations, and of course Pararescue. A successful Search & Rescue missions involves many other groups and you will also find information about them here.

In 2000, a subweb was added to include information about Pararescue history after the Vietnam War. Following the 2001 attack on America, another subweb was added to provide information about the PJs and other personnel fighting in that war. In 2008, a memorial page for PJs killed in the line of duty was begun. Eventually, this memorial will be expanded to include all rescue personnel killed in the line of duty.

Site Navigation - All blue underlined text is a hyperlink  to that specific information. Click it an you will go directly to that information. The table of contents shows every page in every section of this site and it may be used as a sight map.

Guest Book - The guest book serves two purposes:
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Vietnam SAR Database - This site is the home of the only database on the internet which lists all Search and Rescue missions managed by the Joint Rescue Coordination Center in Saigon during the Vietnam War. Most records in the database lists who was rescue, where they were shot down, and who were the rescue aircrew men that made the pickup.




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This website is organized into five sections:
          1.   Vietnam History: 1964 - 1975
          2.   Vietnam Primary Source Documents
          3.   Post Vietnam History: 1976 - 2000
          4.  The Present War on Terrorism: 2001 thru ?
          5.   Webmaster / Webmaster Bio / Webmasters Current Adventures

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The book "PJs in Vietnam," was released on Memorial Day, 2001. It covers the period of 1964 through the 1968 Tet Offensive. It was a limited edition publication with 2000 copies printed. All copies were sold and there are presently no plans to print additional copies. A second book (volume 2) will cover the rest of the war. Work is presently underway to complete volume two.

The book "All for One - The Rescue of Boxer 22" was released in September 2006. It quickly sold out.

If you would like additional information, email me at

This website and the book "PJs in Vietnam" were conceptualized, designed, and published by SMSgt Robert LaPointe Retired. He served two tours in Vietnam and remained in Pararescue for 26-years until he retired from the USAF in 1995. If you want to know more about him, go to his bio page
. There you will learn about his Pararescue career, post PJ life, his recent overseas travel adventures, and much more. To contact Robert send email to

"Freedom is not Free" It is paid in the blood of patriots.
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 Medals for Heroism
Read the narratives for medals awarded for heroism to Air Rescue personnel

Udo's Cartoons
Air rescue cartoons drawn by PJ Udo Fischer















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