Top Places to Get an Online Education

Learning does not have to be accompanied with the hassle of going to college now and then. Today, it is possible to acquire the skills you need from your home and at your own pace. Advancement in technology has facilitated the existence of many online places from which people can learn at their convenience. There are many websites offering countless courses ranging from theoretical ones like personal development to specific online courses which are offered by the best universities in the world. With online courses, you have the opportunity to learn what you love, learn new skills and expand your knowledge without any restrictions. The following are the top places to get an online education.



This is an online portal that gives you the opportunity to take the best courses in the world online. Coursera offers over a thousand courses as it has about 123 top universities as partners. There are many courses and specializations to choose from to get exactly what you need. Its interface includes a main search engine and classifies the courses by the most recent specializations, learner recommended and most popular. This allows you to come across courses you may not have been searching for but are interested in. Besides, completion certificates are available for learners which you can use to showcase your success.



This is among the top places online when it comes to educational courses. edX is governed by Harvard and MIT and is based in Cambridge. This site has a very user-friendly interface that provides you with an option to choose courses by language, subject, and level so that you can get courses that best suit your needs. Besides courses and content, this online place also empowers research on how learning can benefit from technology and you can get sample research papers here. edX students can get an official certificate confirming your achievement, which can be added to your CV or included in a college application.


This is another top place to get an online education and it is most appropriate for creative people. The categories include music and audio, money and life, craft and maker, photo and video, and art and design. This site offers some ‘quick watch’ videos on its main page allowing you to take a quick look of what the class is all about before actually purchasing the course. CreativeLive also includes a blog with articles related to your
interest which allows you to see the opinions of people with whom you are compatible.


This is an online place where you can pick a course and get new knowledge daily. Highbrow aims at creating a simple and free way to acquire new knowledge in just 5 minutes. After signing up for a course here, the portal delivers the education to your inbox by sending you an article on email daily within your preferred area. These areas include philosophy, psychology, science, history and literature among others.


This online portal offers micro courses making it easier for students to study. In addition to offering personalized learning, Coursmos is also available on all devices and can be accessible anywhere, anytime. This site offers many courses ranging from business to lifestyle. To make it even more interesting, this site also provides the option of creating your own course.

Khan Academy

This is a non-profit site that provides a totally free library for learning ‘micro-lectures’. Khan Academy focuses on more traditional subjects such as math, humanities, economics, science and some computer programming. It offers a mix of text-based material and videos on these subjects. Since this site is free for anybody to use, it is an excellent way to find out what a subject is all about before you move on to more advanced courses elsewhere.


Finally, another top place to get an online education is Codecademy. This online portal, which was previously supported by the White House, is available for free and its main focus is to teach people how to code. Other online sites offering coding courses leave people to learn at their own pace but with Codecademy, learners are motivated to maintain a fast pace with the use of supportive groups as well as a competitive points system. This site offers courses on several languages including Phython, PHP and Ruby.