Fu Dogs placement

Fu Dogs position for your home or office.

Written by Michael Hanna

Also know as guardian Lions, lion dogs, or temple lions. We consult on hundreds of homes and business each year and in my opinion 70% will have Fu Dogs either placed by the door or windowsills, I would also say that 50% are placed in the wrong order.

You will find many variations on web sites, some will have a globe under one paw others will have a Cub under another paw, the most significant thing to remember is the order placement and not which foot the globe or cub is under.

The male lion, holding a globe under his left or right paw should be placed on the left side (as you are looking out of a door or window).

The female lion, holding a cub under her right or left paw is placed on the right side.

Fu Dogs are an extremely powerful protection for your home or business, you will find nearly every home or business in Asia complemented by a pair either inside or outside. Out of all the cures and enhancers in Feng Shui Fu Dogs in our opinion are the most essential. For more details please follow this link cures.html

Correct placement for Fu Dogs

Picture of Fu Dogs taken in London China town

Fu Dog (Female) at Beijing”s Forbidden City
This magnificent bronze Fu dog is one of six pairs
scattered throughout the Forbidden City.

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Buying a new home

Feng Shui tips on what to look for in your present home/office or a new one if you are thinking about buying.

We bought our first house 23 years ago, it was a two bedroom Victorian terrace in a lovely area by the canal, a dream come true we thought.

In our ignorance we paid the asking price and Michael moved in a few months later, (the idea was he would do all the decorating etc and I would come in and arrange the napkins, it didn”t quite work out like that though) from the day we moved in the problems began, health problems, bad luck and a serious drain of what little money we had.

The house was a mess, the previous occupants had serious debt problems and we found out later from the neighbours that their situation deteriorated from the day they moved in. We used to have bailiffs (debt collectors) knocking at the door at all hours looking for the previous owners and the web untangled from then onwards, legal, health, wealth you name it.

Feng Shui in the UK in those days was practically unheard off as was the Internet so finding information on this subject was very hard, because of Michael”s upbringing in Hong Kong he made enquiries about it and how it affected the house we lived in, we soon learnt that the flying star for this house was very bad and in general regardless of your Min Gua number most people would suffer who lived in it. That is until you change and control the energy, we had a dream house that was turning into a nightmare but within three months our fortunes had changed for the better just by using a few simple cures.

They were subtle cures placed in different parts of the house, I remember my Mother becoming very worried that I had joined a cult, many people still think that Feng Shui is a religion, as you are probably aware it has nothing to do with religion or any ceremonies at all. She soon realised that I was on the right path and today my Mother uses Feng Shui in every part of her life.

The most powerful cures were pretty much the same as our 2002 cures kit on our site together with a salt water cure, which you have all heard of, in my recent newsletters. These cures are used for the 5 yellow and 2 black stars, 5 being the worst causing bad luck, sickness etc. After using them our luck seemed to change very quick. Now remember 23 years ago Feng Shui was virtually unheard off to the public and explaining why we had six Chinese coins hanging in the window, wind chime in another and a bowl of salt in another part of the house was a topic under much discussion with our neighbours. I remember having to wait about 4 weeks for the coins to arrive from Hong Kong, now I have thousands of them.

Cutting a long story very short I thought it would be a good idea of things that you should look out for in your own home and when buying or renting a new home or office.

1: This will be the best advice you will ever have, the first thing you should look at is the history of the home and also the previous occupants, this will tell you so much. If you find the home has had many owners and only held it for a short time and the fate of the previous owners has not been good, i.e. divorce, bankruptcy, health problems, problems with children, suicide and so on, I think you get the idea.

  • If it ain”t broken don”t fix it.

Do not read too much into it though, a great example is the last house we bought we obviously did all our checks of the previous owners and at one stage decided this was not the right house for us until Michael got hold of the floor plans and took compass directions and found although the house changed hands many times over its 35 year age, it was because the house had such good energy nearly every owner had become successful in a fairly short period of time of living there and then went onto bigger and better houses. The old adage definitely came true, “if it ain”t broken don”t fix it” how many people or companies have you heard of that were very successful and then moved premises and it all turned sour, that is mainly because they have probably moved from a property with good Feng Shui to a bad one. So sometimes it is better to stick with what you have especially if it is good for you. We outgrew this house 4 years ago and rather than move we extended.

Getting back to the story, do some homework check the previous owners with neighbours, local councils and also the selling agent. Were they happy, did they have trouble with teenage children, money or health problems etc?

You are probably thinking this is pretty much part of modern living all these types of problems, you would be right in thinking that, just look for a long history of problems with the previous owners, don”t worry if the last couple got divorced or they went bankrupt or worse still had some serious health problems, just look for a pattern over a period of time. Most bad Feng Shui homes or offices are easy to fix and just because you have the dreaded 2 & 5 stars that will cause health, wealth and bad luck it does not mean this will happen to you, even though on the whole we have a good house with regards to Feng Shui, the south sector of our home has some awful stars and it took a while to control them and believe it or not this is where Michaels office is. This is an area that has one of the worst flying star combinations you could imagine and yet he receives hundreds of requests for consultations each month, he does on average of 3-4 newspapers and magazine articles a month and enjoys more success than the average Practitioner, so just because you have some bad areas in your home it does not mean they cannot be cured.

2: Check the surrounding of the property; is it supported in Form school Feng Shui? Has it got a Tortoise behind you? This can be a mountain, another house, a row of trees, a building, a fence anything that is considered support at the rear.

Has it got a Dragon to the left? (Looking out from the front) this can be another house, tree or even a large fence line.

A Tiger to the right (looking out from the front) this can be a smaller house or tree etc.

A phoenix to the front, open ground, road, a roundabout even a circular flower border.

For more details on Form school Feng Shui please follow this link

3: Are there any poison arrows directed at the property? Lampposts, telephone poles, corner of house pointing at you, prison, hospital etc. If so you will need a Ba Gua mirror, for more details follow this link

** TIP ** Knickers, yes you heard right (not the sort of tip I would normally give but so many people swear by it), they say if you wear red knickers to a job interview, your chances are greater of being offered a position, even a visit to your bank manager. Now I have to say this only applies to the ladies, I don”t want any men saying to their partners, that Jo from the Feng Shui Store told me to wear them. I suppose red Y fronts or boxers would have the same effect. Just to clarify, you don”t just wear the knickers; it would be advisable to wear other clothes on top, although maybe that”s why I am getting such good feedback on this advice.

4: The back garden should be larger than the front, look for balance.

5: Try and avoid having a long narrow path leading to your front door, try and have a windy path and not straight. Do not plant trees too close to the front door, this will not let Ch”i enter the home freely. If you already have a straight path place some plant pots or statues along the line to break up the line of the path.

6: Avoid a house or office with a spiral staircase, it turns positive energy into negative, if you have one already hang a faceted crystal sphere at the top to try and slow it down. It won”t cure it but it will help. A shame really because I really like this type of staircase to look at.

7: Avoid swimming pools, gazebos, patios, ponds or any other structure in the garden that dwarf the house, try and do everything in proportion to the house, garden or room, having a fireplace in a living room which is far too big is not good Feng Shui.

8: Michael recently did a consultation on a very large Manor house with 17 bedrooms and 6 reception rooms, the original part of the property dated back to the 13th century, naturally the property was riddled with beams, these are not considered good and although I love them to look at I would not like them in my home, they carry a lot of weight and cause many problems in Feng Shui. You can hang a pair of flutes over them to lessen the effects but you should never sleep or sit under them.

Faceted Crystals can also be used in place of bamboo flutes, i.e. hang under a beam to help deflect the energies that have an oppressive effect on the people in the room. They can be used in hallways to slow down or activate Ch”i. Crystals are ideal for energising dark or lifeless rooms or areas of rooms such as alcoves, as they will encourage more light and energy. Neither of these two cures will completely cure the problem but they will help.

9: When buying a new house or office try and go for a regular shaped property, avoid properties that have odd looking designs, the best shape is the good old rectangle or square, if it has a few extensions sticking out here and there don”t worry too much as they can be easily rectified.

** TIP ** Do not have clutter in your office; desks must be kept tidy and clutter free. This is so important, an office in China would not have paper trays on desks, and many UK and USA companies now employ the same casino online approach. I have just looked at my desk, oops, how does that saying go? “Practise what you preach” that”s why I love writing these newsletters, it reminds me of what I should be doing, I just had a good clear out.

10: Can you remember the last time you looked up at the clouds in the sky and saw the shape of a tiger a dog or your Aunty Ethel; it is amazing what you can make out of the clouds in the sky. When looking at a new home or office, try and look at the building as if you were looking at the clouds, I see so many homes on my travels that resemble creatures or certain structures (makes me sound a bit crazy that statement), a house I saw last week in Essex reminded me of a ferocious animals mouth, the brickwork around the two main windows in the centre gave the impression that they were animals teeth, or a house recently I saw looked like a prison tower on one side. Also check shadows that are cast on the house, do they resemble anything hostile?

Try and choose a regular shaped property and let your imagination run wild when viewing it, try and look for any resemblance to anything bad in the shape of the building but don”t forget to look for the good points.

Good regular shape.

Not so good irregular shapes

11: Take a look at the ground around the property, a good house with good energy will have healthy trees and plants around and plenty of wildlife, even if it is in the City you will still see some birds in the garden. Obviously I am talking in general as I am sure you will not see much wildlife in the middle of Bombay or New York, or maybe you do I don”t really know. Don”t be put off though if you see one or two dead trees or a couple of dead rose bushes, there could be any other reasons just look overall. Look for any signs of Geopathic stress. Follow this link for more details.

12: If you have trees at the front of the house or office make sure they do not grow too high, a good height is about six foot, less than this is better although I am aware some people would prefer higher as it offers seclusion to the home. The reason it should be no higher than six foot is because not only will it cut out valuable light it will also block Ch”i entering the home. The rule is the further the tree from the house the higher the tree can be, the example above is for trees that are approximately 15 – 20 ft from the front of the house. Trees at the front should never be higher than the house though.

13: Avoid a house with a straight road running towards the front of your house or the end of a T-junction, if you have one already you should hang a Ba Gua mirror outside the front.

14: Another mistake many people make is to calculate their facing directions using the front door. Because your front door faces east this does not mean you have an east facing Tui Trigram house. As an example our front door faces east, on this side of the house we have our main door and a small window, this is not the facing direction, our facing direction is north Li Trigram because on the north side we have the most windows, it faces the road, the street sign etc. If you follow this link you will find more details on Sitting and Facing directions, this is so important if you want to use Feng Shui and get results.

15: If you can see the back door from the front door (in a straight line), ideally you should place something in between or if there is a door close it. This point causes much confusion, it is only considered bad if the front door is in a straight line with the rear door, if you can see your rear door from the front and it does not run in a straight line that is OK. Windows or doors should not be too big or small, look for a balance. Avoid ceilings that are too high or irregular shaped; flat or domed ceilings are best.

The best example I can give is try and imagine you are Ch”i and you need to walk about your home/Office and also round the garden. Can you walk freely without obstruction? Do this little exercise inside and outside your home. Is the large storage chest in the hallway slowing you down? Is the clutter in the office making you do a detour around it? Oops did you trip over the books in the study? Remember Ch”i is like air it needs to flow freely around a property inside and out.

There are literally hundreds of things to look for when buying a house or taking a new office, the few I mentioned above are the obvious things you should look for and believe me the perfect house does not exist (not unless you have a few million pounds to spend and build from the dirt), and you will always find something that is not right. Our house is L-shaped and it has a triangular shape rear garden, theses are not considered good Feng Shui but by adding a few simple cures they can be easily overcome.

Do not get paranoid; if you have a straight path or a triangular plot do not worry about it, there are simple and effective cures you can use, take a look at our resource pages on you will find we have covered many of the problems that are encountered in most homes.

** TIP ** If you own a shop try and place the till in your wealth corner, even your petty cash tin. Order books can also be placed here with 3 Chinese coins tied together with red ribbon (a very powerful cure we always use in our business). Your till should have a solid wall behind it for protection and support and it is said that if you place a mirror beside it, this represents a doubling of turnover, also hang a crystal faceted sphere over your till. I was not so sure about the last two until I spoke to a good friend of ours who tried it out in their jewellery shops and it worked as far as they were concerned.

Follow this link to look at the 3 Chinese coins:

The complete list of all our traditional and authentic Feng Shui resource:

You will find many articles on learning traditional and authentic Feng Shui. They teach you how to use cures and enhancers that nature provides us with, mainly the five elements. As many of you long time subscribers will notice some of the articles are taken from our monthly newsletter. I hope you enjoy them, we will be adding to the resource on a regular basis.

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” “It will be interesting to hear the teenagers of today tell their children what they had to do without when they were young”

Bad Stars

© Feng Shui Store May 2002

Have you been suffering with a continued sickness, problems with the mouth, sore throats etc, bankruptcy, loss of wealth, legal problems, car accidents, accidents involving metal and just an overall feeling of bad luck?

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NY Firefighter”s Fund American Red Cross
Help Now!
United Way

How do you start to describe the recent grotesque appalling events in the USA? No words can make me feel any better; so what words can make all those family’s and friends that have been left behind, most still waiting to be told some news of their loved ones, We are just so overwhelmed with grief and disbelief, how do you start a letter with words to show your sorrow, heartache, rage and revulsion.

My family was blessed not to be directly affected by these events with no loss of friends or family, this still does not protect us from the shock. I just hope and pray that you have also had the same blessing. A large proportion of our newsletter readers are from the USA and we have made many friends over there and the ones that are in New York, D.C. and Pennsylvania we have spoken to and we know are OK, apart from one that we are still waiting to hear from. As you know though, it wasn’t just American lives lost as you can see from the above picture, there were many from the UK and other nationalities. It is not just about the innocent people who lost their precious lives; it is harder now for the bereaved or injured that have been left behind, the grieving will last a long time, because history has been made, there will be many sad reminders for them.

May those who passed away, rest in peace, and our thoughts and prayers are now with those that have been directly affected, and for all of us that have been stunned and distraught, it really has affected the world all over, yet at the same time shown compassion and unity that warms the heart.

With deepest sympathy

Jo & family

I have included a list of links of resource, donations, and advice that may be of help to some of us and even a page that you can post a message to show your respect. a message)

To Give Blood: (Red Cross) (New York blood centre)

To Make Financial Contributions: (Red Cross) (United way) (Salvation Army) (A site with lots of links for help)

Help for children (Help for explaining these tragic events to children.)

The support offered from our newsletter readers has been incredible; we would like to thank everyone for all their e-mails and offers of support to some of the above organisations. In particular a very good friend of ours Fiona of Fat promotions for her kind offer to help update our main site with the recent disaster in USA, whilst our web designer has been on holiday. You must visit her site, you can download the most amazing free screen-saver I have ever seen, and her portfolio of work is very impressive. Regrettably we could not provide Fiona the access codes (we thought we had them, but it was the one to this site) to update the site, so we could not take advantage of her kind free unconditional offer.

Thanks again Fiona

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Jared of Kidderminster ; “…really good interface, excellent presentation…I”m really glad you guys are doing this , since it saves me from having to wade through all the tables to complete the Four Pillars from first principles”

“a really useful product that should be on the PC of everyone interested in Feng Shui.”

“Visually stunning, and extremely user friendly. A “must-have” for the keen student of Real Feng Shui”

“..very impressed with the 9 Star calculations. I like the simplicity of the system, it is very user friendly. It allows you to build up a file of names and dates of birth with ease. I also like the effort gone into calculating which year and month you occupy. This product saves a lot of calculation and I highly recommend it.”

Feng Shui as you have never seen it before– Complete, unfettered, yet fully balanced access to the very roots of the many schools and traditions. You may find it a greater resource than even the Internet.”

“it makes things so easy to work out, particularly on a home visit”

“the CD-Rom is working fine, first impression : VERY NICE !”

“…really good interface, excellent presentation…I”m really glad you guys are doing this , since it saves me from having to wade through all the tables to complete the Four Pillars from first principles”

Please note that Software for Feng Shui is only available for Microsoft Windows based PCs.

The Software for Feng Shui CD-Rom is designed to run on Microsoft Windows based PCs with a minimum system requirement as follows:

PC with a 486 or higher processor
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Memory 16mb or higher
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CD-Rom drive to install the product from.
S-VGA or higher Video Adapter
800 x 600 minimum resolution

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cures & protection

Take a look at our new range of Crystal art fountains

Feng Shui Cures & Protection

Feng Shui offers many cures and protections, ranging from three legged toads to crystal spheres, the following are some of the most popular.

Lead Crystal Sphere

Activates Chi in your room or office, creating good for the occupants and increases the balance of Yang. Which brings a healthier frame of mind and body. This is one of the most commonly used cures and produces amazing results, when sunlight hits these high quality crystals, beams of coloured light radiate in all directions activating ch·i energy, can also be used to slow down ch·i.

Three legged Toad God

This figure is used for attracting wealth abundance. Place this wonderful creature near your front door, facing into your home for luck and wealth, or place it in the wealth sector of your living room or office to magnify your wealth luck. Always leave the coin in its mouth.

Ba Gua Mirrors

If you have any negative energy directed at your front door, these Ba Gua mirrors will disperse the energy.

Ba Gua Crystal

Excellent protection for outside or inside, a wider beam of rainbow is created with these, a must for all homes or office.

Happy home kit

A simple but very effective way of cleansing your home with the minimum of effort. It only takes minutes for these very efficient exorcising pellets to clear a heavy atmosphere and neutralise all negative vibrations, such as Hostility, Fear and Coldness that may be affecting you and your family. Just try our Home Kits and feel the difference. Visit
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Fu Dogs Male & Female

These protective animals are placed near your doorway of home or office to protect from evil influences. They are a symbol of valor and prosperity. red shou shan stone.

Money sword

Made from ancient style Chinese coins, its the perfect cure to hang near a doorway for protection or in your wealth area to enhance abundance. Also hang over cash registers in business.

Red and Green Dragon

Dragon holding a pearl in its claw symbolising power. Made from red or green shou shan stone.

Happy Buddha

Place the Happy Buddha for Health in the east sector of your home, he collects your troubles in his sack and carries the bottle gourd filled with Holy Nectar for a long life.



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Hanging lead crystal

Hanging faceted crystals are one of the most popular and widely used Feng Shui cures. Hung in the windows, doorways and passageways of your environment they are masters at slowing down “shar chi” (negative energy).

Crystals have been known for centuries for their power to energise and have been used as a healing tool for 1000″s of years. They are the ultimate symbol of the earth element.

Lead Crystal Sphere

Activates Chi in your room or office, creating good for the occupants and increases the balance of Yang. Which brings good luck and fortune. These very popular crystals are of the highest quality and produce amazing results as well as looking fantastic.

Ba Gua

Excellent protection for outside or inside, a wider beam of rainbow is created with these, a must for all homes or office.


Can be used for dispersing chi or for dowsing, or hanging over beams.

Tear drop

Has the the same effect as sphere although produces a wider beam of rainbow. Truly spectacular.

Crystal ball

A solid crystal ball can be used in the southwest corner or in a living room to enhance relationship. Also to attract wealth and good luck, a great all round cure that every home should have.

water features

Indoor Water Features

Water is used to activate or slow down Ch’i in a room, being highly beneficial for health, wealth and relationships. These beautiful fountains copy the natural flow of water in a harmonious way creating the energy of Ch’i. Placing a tabletop fountain in your home or office is the easiest way to add Ch’i into you life and will significantly enhance the desires you are working for. They can have an amazing effect on your wealth, romance and general well-being. To enhance your wealth and prosperity, position your indoor water feature in the southeast element of your home or office. For career luck, place in the north.

Fountains also add the relaxing sound of a babbling brook to your environment and are recommended for homes that have central heating, as they increase the humidity level which in turn decreases dust, pollutants and static electricity. Flowing or moving water also increases negative ions in the air. Excessive amounts of positive ions (which are created by pollution and other factors) can result in sickness and depression. Water Fountains can help by balancing the negative and positive ions in the air. These high quality fountains all have the same effect and your choice of fountain should be one that appeals to you personally. Every home and office should have one.

Wealth & luck = south-east. Good marriage = south-west. Career = north. Helpful friends = west. Good health and family relationship = east. Study & education = north-east

All fountains come complete with pumps and polished stones where indicated, and are easy to assemble within minutes. All these fountains are designed so you can add crystals or suitable plants.

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feng shui guide

A quick guide to Feng Shui

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Feng Shui objects and accessories can greatly enhance your environment while providing cures and renewed energies (chi) that affect positive changes in your personal life. For example, certain coins, colors and animals create “prosperity and healing” Chi; crystals and mirrors create visual movement of chi; wind chimes, crystals, fountains and special kinds of music create aural chi, and trees, plants and flowers create “life and growth” Chi.

For thousands of years the Chinese have applied the philosophy of Feng Shui to create auspicious energy flow within their surroundings. Literally translated as Wind and Water or the harmony between nature and living beings, Feng Shui utilizes the delicate flow of universal life energy to enhance our lives. Enhance your environment and create harmony, abundance, and well-being for yourself and your family.

Feng Shui (pronounced fong shway) has been utilized for centuries by the Chinese to ensure that the energy flow within and around their environment is enhanced, creating auspicious “blessings” in life. Feng Shui has been called environmental acupuncture simply because we are working with the energy meridians around us and enhancing the Chi, or beneficial energy, flow within the environment.

Feng Shui can improve all aspects of our lives and is increasingly being used for both personal homes and businesses to enhance the flow of energy. Many large businesses such as Virgin Airways, British Airways, Microsoft, Midland Bank, Harvey Nichols, the offices of The Wall Street Journal, The Hong Kong Bank, Shanghai Bank, and Morgan Bank have used Feng Shui to improve their business and harmony within the business world.

The Pa Kua is one of the easiest methods used to ascertain the Feng Shui of any given environment. The Pa Kua is an octagonal map or grid containing the symbols of the I Ching, the ancient oracle on which Feng Shui is based. These symbols relate to every area or aspect of our lives and are divided into such categories as: fame, relationships/marriage, children/creativity, helpful people/travel, career, inner knowledge, family/ancestors/health, and wealth/blessings.

The Pa Kua grid is placed over the land, the building, rooms within a house or building and desks to show where there are negative or missing spaces and what may need rectifying or enhancing in life or the environment. For example, if the Pa Kua grid is placed over the entire house plan and it shows the toilet, bathroom, laundry, or kitchen in the wealth/blessings area it would be considered that the money coming into that particular environment would disappear very fast, as if to be “going down the drain.”

Feng Shui offers remedies or enhancements to rectify inauspicious situations. In the above mentioned situation, the remedy would be to use either a round leaf plant, a hanging crystal, a wind chime, or the colours blue or green (the wealth /blessings colours). If the individual chooses to use a round leaf pot plant, they could also place six or eight gold coins, wrapped in red, underneath the plant, to symbolize the growth of their money. It is not necessary, however, to use all these remedies together as it is up to the individual”s needs and personal aesthetics to choose what might be the most suitable enhancement for their environment.
It is important whenever using any Feng Shui remedies or enhancements, which you choose the most subtle and suitable items to fit into the individual environment, whether it is in a house or business. After all, Feng Shui is about improving all aspects and areas in our lives and environment in order to create a world that is more in balance.

feng shui consultants

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Feng Shui Consultation for your home or office

Feng Shui and Geomancy is a science of buildings, land, and burial sites and their affects on wealth, relationship’s, career, business and an overall harmony in your life.

We have been practising Feng Shui and Geomancy since 1988 and our journey has still not ended, unfortunately Feng Shui has been commercialised over the years and there are now many DIY books available, which give so much conflicting advice combined with so called practitioners offering advice that can be dangerous, in our opinion.

We have helped hundreds of clients achieve a better standard of living, enhanced romance and relationships, improved business, career development, even pets in a home will benefit.

Are you suffering from? Wealth problems, health problems, relationship problems, child development problems,Geopathic stress (sick building syndrome) or just overall bad luck. If so a Feng Shui consultation will help you, we have advised hundreds of individuals and companies large and small, many of whom you would have heard of.

By having a consultation on your home or business you can improve:

  • Wealth, business and career.
  • Relationship and romance.
  • Health.
  • Family relationship.
  • Fame and reputation.
  • Children’s development.
  • Pet’s welfare.
  • Neighbour relationship

Will I have to move home or office to find the perfect Feng Shui building?

You may have read books where the author will tell you that you have to move your bathroom 6ft to the left or your front door 7 inches to the right. To the average person this is just not possible, and is not required, any good Feng Shui practitioner will be able to work with fairly simple and cheap cures, it may mean using a particular colour or placing an object or element in a certain area but it is very rare that we have to use expensive or inconvenient cures, such as rebuilding.

What does a consultation consist of?

A consultation can take anywhere between 2 hours and a full day and in some cases longer, it depends on size and complexity of the building and number of people living or working in the building. You will be fully involved in the consultation and are invited to walk round with a tape recorder or notepad although you will have follow-up notes from us. It is better to have cooperation of all main members of the home or office. We will take accurate directions using a Lo Pan and a traditional compass, we also ensure accuracy and double check with an electronic compass, which is accurate to ½ degree, this part, is so important. We have also invested in the latest laser leveling technology to ensure we have a level area to take our readings. After a consultation on your requirements on what you want to achieve, whether it be wealth, health or romance we will then go on the inspection of the property and grounds where you will be advised of colour’s, placement of furniture or objects, use of the five elements We will then dowse the home and grounds for black streams The whole process is done in a very informal and friendly way, yet at the same time remaining professional and discreet at all times.

What we will need from you?

  • Birth dates and times (if known) from all the occupants
  • Date building was built
  • A floor plan

What style of Feng Shui do we practice?

  • Four Pillars of Destiny
  • Eight Mansions Method
  • Twenty Four Mountains System
  • Nine star Ki
  • Water Dragon Classics
  • Form School
  • Compass School
  • Geomancy, earths acupuncture
  • Space clearing

If you would like further information and costs please fill in the form below or e-mail us at
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Your privacy is assured at all times

We will never pass on your details to any third party and any information supplied to us is in complete confidence. We have literally thousands of clients on our mailing list and we will not sell or share our list, we guarantee never to disclose or share your information.