Top 5 tips on using Feng Shui for better Relationships

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Top 5 tips on using Feng Shui for better Relationships

Below are 5 of the best tips I can give you to help strengthen and grow Relationships without a consultation from a Feng Shui Expert who will analyse your charts and perform a full consultation. I hope you all enjoy these tips.

  1. You can strengthen or attract romance by placing a crystal sphere in your bedroom window. These beautiful lead crystals not only attract good Ch’i they look magnificent when exposed to light.

Hanging Crystal Sphere

  1. Throw away any old photos or memorabilia of ex-partners. They attract bad Ch’i and are bad for new and existing relationships.
  1. Take a good look at your bedroom. Is it cluttered? What about the colours of your walls, bed sheets. Have a good clear out; throw away all your old clothes and junk that you never use (boxes, trainers, broken ornaments etc). Brighten up your walls and bed sheets. It is hard for us to advise which colours are best as it depends on location; however, normally a good pink/red pastel colour is good. If you would like to know exactly what colours you should have in each room of your home, take a look at our software which can calculate all this for you Your bedroom is the place where you spend most of your life; treat it as the most important room in the house.
  1. Use candles to increase fire energy associated with passion; make sure you blow them out before you go to sleep. If you use candle stick holders make sure you use a pair, as you will strengthen relationships by using pairs in your bedroom, i.e. paintings, ornaments, sculptures etc. Please speak with a Feng Shui Consultant before using candles as this can cause problems if placed in the wrong area or you can also check this by using our Feng Shui Software
  1. Place a Dragon headed tortoise in the south-east corner of your bedroom and place a piece of red ribbon in his mouth, this will enhance and strengthen relationships. Please click on the link for instructions on placement. Dragon headed tortoise

Dragon Headed Tortoise

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