PDF files of the Carillon music

There are two Advent triptychs and one arrangement available for download. The newer triptych (2010) is by Ennis Fruhauf. The older triptych (2007) is by Geert D'Hollander. The arrangement is of Conditor Alme Siderum and is by me.


This new triptych was composed by Ennis Fruhauf in the summer of 2010. It was commissioned by The University of the South. The triptych is copyrighted, but you are free to download, print, perform, and record the pieces without further permission. I would appreciate it if you would let me know by email, jbordley@sewanee.edu, if you do perform the pieces.

- John Bordley

About this Download

The .pdf downloads for A Triptych of Advent Hymns offer:

  1. A single-page front cover featuring a pencil sketch of Shapard Tower by Ray Torstenson; and
  2. The main body of the score, including a dedicatory inside cover, table of contents, notes, and music.  

The music itself is set in an intimately expressive late 19th Century Romantic idiom, shaped by a wide variety of traditional structural and contrapuntal practices from many eras.  The pages of music include a generous display of interpretive symbols and marks, as well as texts to identify compositional devices and sections.  These details are provided in conjunction with Notes that further describe formal elements of each setting.

For musicians familiar with the carillon, Triptych offers three new arrangements of familiar tunes.  Their range has been customized for the Polk Carillon, but the settings can be artfully adapted to fit larger or smaller instruments.

For pianists and keyboardists who find their way to this page, please note:  When melodic statements occur in the bass bells of the pedal staff,  they will sound out to advantage if played sostenuto in the left hand and doubled by lower octaves (con 8ve b.).

Ennis Fruhauf
Revised version: June, 2011

Fruhauf Advent Pieces

Inside Cover, Notes, and Music / Front Cover

Geert D'hollander explains:

The study version shows which notes one can play with either manual or pedal. Easy to read, ready to study and play.
The other versions shows the lines of the hymn better, the composition, but most people find it harder to play from a score with 3 systems.

Geert provided hymn settings for the first two pieces as he assumed people either knew the third tune or had access to the tune but that the first two tunes might not be so well known.

D'hollander Advent Pieces

Rejoice!, Rejoice Believers–Hymn Setting
Rejoice!, Rejoice Believers–Study Version
Rejoice!, Rejoice Believers
There's a Voice in the Wilderness–Hymn Setting
There's a Voice in the Wilderness–Study Version
There's a Voice in the Wilderness
Prepare the Way

An explanation of my Conditor Alme Siderum:

Composed during the fall of 2005 in Mechelen, Belgium, as a composition project and requirement at the Koninklijke Beiaardschool "Jef Denyn" with the guidance, help, and good humor of Geert D'hollander.

Dedicated to my first carillon teacher, friend, and advocate, Laura Hewitt Whipple, who died this November (2005).

The arrangement consists of a statement of the melody followed by seven variations.

Bordley's Conditor Alme Siderum

Cover page, theme, and variations