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From Dr. Strangelove to Red Dawn, a look at how pop culture responded to (and helped shape) the Cold War.

The A.V. Club's eclectic guide to the Cold War

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Hamburger Helper's Watch The Stove is best enjoyed while gorging on a bowl of cheeseburger macaroni.

Watch The Stove features tracks like “In Love With The Glove” and “Food For The Soul.”

After months of teases and rumors, Guns N' Roses has actually announced a schedule for its summer tour.

GNR will wrap things up in August, long before the fabled rains of November can wash the last of the band’s lingering goodwill well and truly away.

Watch Tom Hiddleston drops by a local news station to give the Thor-cast:

JAY Z is understandably upset about being asked to pay more for TIDAL than the service is actually worth.

In a legal bombshell, rapper Jay Z announced Friday that he plans to sue the previous owners of Tidal for $15 million after becoming just the latest in a long line of people to purchase Tidal, only to realize the music streaming service isn’t worth nearly as much as they were asked to pay.