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I moved into the area a few years ago and was amazed to find BT Infinity is not available!

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  1. Hi – I’m in Crayford – pushing BT to install Infinity since planned date of June 2012 keeps getting pushed back

    BT/Openreach (they like to separate themselves) are disingenuous at best. I searched this cabinet on the Bexley planning portal – case number: 10/02136/GPDOT – (which I am getting better at with practice) and I found that planning permission was granted as this is classed as ‘Permitted Development’; which means no permission is required. However, Bexley did ask that the owner of 250 Bellegrove be contacted as they had expressed concerns about the size of the new cabinet.

    I can send you a copy of the official consent if you would like; this is publicly searchable via the web: http://www.bexley.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=2638

    I would love to get Bexley Council more involved in Superfast Broadband as they are lagging behind many other councils on this.

    All the Best

  2. Hi Ralph,

    Ah yes… I have not mentioned on the blog that I have seen that planning application. I did call the council and ask them about it. They advised me even if the resident was not happy with the location of the cabinet it could still be built.

    But, I bet that BT tried to locate it in a different place and can’t find anywhere suitable. It seems impossible to get anyone at BT to talk about the cabinet.

    A tip you (if you have currently BT broadband) to cut your bill in half! I saw a BBC Watchdog program showing someone having problems with a fibre install. At the end of the show an email address was given to complain to BT, I sent an email and a few days later was contacted by BT.

    They said sorry that the cabinet is not ready, and that I can have half price DSL while I wait. Maybe you could try the same.

    [email protected]



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