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Slow internet in East Wickham.

The Problem:

In Welling, South East London, if you happen to have your BT phone line connected to the Kidbrooke PCP 2 cabinet you will probably have very slow ADSL internet speeds. Mine is about 3-4Mbs down and 0.2Mbs up. The only other provider is Virgin and they are not available.

Way back in 2010, Openreach/BT started the process enable to fibre in the area. This comprises of adding another green telephone cabinet near the current cabinet.  The whole process should only take a few months.

However, every time I checked with Openreach/BT, I was told that fibre was not yet available in the area. (the new cabinet had not been installed). Every few months the install date of the cabinet was pushed back by about 6 months. Then, after a few years Openreach/BT stopped publishing availability dates on the website and now say they don’t know when it will be ready.

I’ve been waiting years for this to be upgraded, slowly realising that nothing is being done. What’s even more annoying is that, (depending where you live) people on the other side of the road can get fibre and also Virgin cable! Also, behind Peters Close is a new housing development that will get a fibre connection of 300Mbps while Peters Close can only get 4Mbps!


The cause:

After some investigation I believe I have found two reasons why the cabinet is not ready.

a) As standard practice, the new cabinet was to be located in the street near a residents home. The council asked Openreach/BT to check with the resident, as the they had expressed concerns about it being located outside the property.

b) Because of this, Openreach/BT then tried to locate the cabinet elsewhere and can’t find a suitable location due to underground services (pipes and cables) in the way.

Are you affected by this?

Check your line availability here:

I have been advised that the Kidbrooke PCP2 cabinet serves the following postcodes. (The list may not be 100% accurate, so check your telephone line and postcode using the links above)

Percentages are the part of that postcode it serves.

DA16 2RE  1- 25 Bellegrove Road
DA16 2RJ  1 – 28C Welling Way
DA16 3QU 1 – 39 Sandringham Drive (3%)
DA16 3RT 202 – 298 Bellegrove Road (42%)
DA16 3RH 261 – 315 Bellegrove Road (53%)
DA16 3NL 168 – 202A Wickham Street, inc Green man Pub. (91%)
DA16 3RL  349 – 379 Bellegrove Road (96%)
DA16 3LQ  1- 56 Lulworth Road (98%)
DA16 3LG  1 – 4 Jubilee Flats, Lulworth Road
DA16 3RB 148 – 156a Bellegrove Road
DA16 3RE 174 Bellegrove Road (Dr Surgery)
DA16 3LW 2 – 37 Baltimore Place
DA16 3NP 1 – 12 Wickham Court, Wickham Street
DA16 3NR 206  – 212 Wickham Street
DA16 3RA 189 – 201 Bellegrove Road, inc Bridge Garage & Welling Methodist Church
DA16 3LH 1 – 56 Newlyn Road
DA16 3RD 164 – 196 Bellegrove Road, inc Mulberry Court
DA16 3AH  Bains Court, 197 Bellegrove Road
DA16 3LL  Peters Close
DA16 3LN 1 – 31 Maryville, Baltimore Place
DA16 3LD 1 – 4 Lulworth Road
DA16 3RG 1 – 18 Bellegrove Close

Current status:

After months of trying to get through to somebody at Openreach/BT to ask what’s going on, the answer is that it may never get upgraded because of the issue above.

I received this email from Virgin indicating if there is enough interest they might connect our area to the fast Virgin network.

What can we do?

Use the links below to make it known that you also need fibre internet connection.

Add your address to the list, the more people added the more chance you get Virgin in your street!

Register your interest for BT Fibre

Send a complaint email to the CEO of BT asking why our cabinet has not been upgraded [email protected]
I have done this and I even got a reply (not from him) apologising but still the same answer. The more people that complain might make a difference!

Contact the local councillor,  email them directly here.

Send an email to [email protected] asking why the Kidbrook PCP 2 cabinet has not been built. After I complained I am now on a half price BT ADSL package because the cabinet is not ready.

Extra information:

See the location of the cabinet

Check the council planning website

Read the ThinkBroadband forums