Essential Happiness Program

My “Essential Happiness” program encompasses what I consider to be the tools necessary for a rich, peace and joy filled life. My promise to you is by that learning and using these simple – and occasionally unusual – tools you will raise your Authenticity Meter, and:

- Your life will become much, much more satisfying
- Your contribution to those around you will be much stronger and meaningful
- Your stress will start to melt away
- Joy will be more and more present in every single day

You can experience this program one course at a time or in life changing week long retreats. It is available for individuals as well as organizations.

Lighten Up!
This is where we start working on the garden of your life, by weeding it. Nothing can thrive in a bed full of weeds or clutter, so identifying and pulling the weeds is what we’ll do first. What weeds are we talking about here? Well you know … yes, things like extra stuff but also, extra thoughts … extra thoughts that have been stored for years and are not doing you one ounce of good. Things like activities, too and possibly things like (gulp) relationships. Things that are slowing you down while taking a huge amount of space and getting in the way of the true you, of your clarity, your peace of mind, your joy. NEW: as of March 2014, I will dedicate a portion of this course to sharing with you Al Turtle’s “Lizard.”

Essence vs. Form
Once your garden is weeded, we will take a look at the seed catalog and see which seed you are going to want to plant. There are many (many) seeds out there and if you plant beets when what you really want is carrots, well… you are going to be pretty darn disappointed. So in order to make sure you order the seeds that work for YOU, I am going to introduce you to a HUGE distinction: the difference between Essence and Form. What this distinction is going to do for you is enable you to answer the question: “What Do I Really Want?” and as you know, that’s a big one. Note: as you learn this process, you will become able to hone in on what other people want, too. Your kids, your spouse, your customers… I am telling you, this is an amazing tool and because it is very simple, you are going to love using it.

Moving Up!
Moving up! is about planting and growing the seeds – the ones that are just right for you because they are essence based. Following a great lunch, I am going to share with you my step-by-step process to simply find in your life, exactly what you want. This process, for me, holds a bit of magic and here is a big statement: it has never failed me. Not once, nope. Never. What really excites me is that I have seen so many of my clients’ lives change drastically after taking Moving Up! I love sharing this course because I love seeing what happens afterwards.

YES is my most personal course and it is born out of a question someone asked me, a few years ago. It was at the end of a speaking engagement and a man in the back raised his hand and asked me “Have you always been like this?” I smiled and squirmed and I conveniently put the question aside for over a year and then one night, driving back home from vacation with my kiddies asleep in the car, I got this strong urge to answer it, to no longer brush it aside. Really, I got the urge to answer another, bigger question that had been asked of me many times. That question was “What makes your life work in the way it does?” As soon I walked in my home, that night, I was ready. I sat down and did not get up again until “YES” was born. So really, YES is not a course. It’s a conversation. It’s a conversation about “how to enjoy the heck out of your garden once you have weeded it, chosen, planted and grown the seeds.” Because you can grow the best darn ear of corn and still not be able to taste it, not be able to let the pleasure of its sweetness reach you. So, that’s what YES is about. The sweetness. The joy and ease of living in the world. During that day, I will share with you “The Six Pillars of Yes” and together, we will explore them in depth. Because you will be filled by the other three classes, your experience of YES will be very rich and and leave you with a powerful perspective shift that will allow you take your life to a brand new level of “being well in the world.”