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Welcome to Wireless Etc a High Speed internet solutions provider for all your data and voice needs.

Wireless etc has been providing services to the garland county area for over 10 years using solutions provided by Cambium Networks and Mikrotik.

Faster Than Fiber

Wireless ETC Enterprise Connect, based on advanced microwave fixed-wireless technology, provides a better solution than fiber optic networks due to a combination of an advantage in transmission medium and simpler geometry – the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

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High Speed Internet

Business and Residential connections available starting at $50.00 monthly using most comprehesive Fixed Wireless Technology available.

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Voip Services

Voip Services available for business connect services starting at $24.99 monthly a line.

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Gateway/Firewall Management Services

Business managed services available starting at $10.00 monthly.

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Engineering Service

Engineering services available starting at $100.00 for single link assesment.

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Consultation Service

Consulting Services available from large campus to small office wifi deployment.

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