The use of mirrors (including ba gua mirrors) in Feng Shui

“Life is like a mirror. If we frown at it, it frowns back. If we smile, it returns the greeting”

Feng Shui MirrorMirrors are important in Feng Shui and can be used as remedies and cures. They help Ch’i energy to move more harmoniously through your home or office. They can make a small room look larger, a dull room look brighter, increase your wealth and your luck, and deflect bad energy; altogether an amazing tool that has so many practical uses. I did an article on mirrors in the bedroom which you search for in the notes section.

  • The front door of your home or business is crucial to the flow of Ch’i in and out of your property. Try this simple test. Stand at your front door and look out, checking to see what poison arrows (Sha Ch’i) are directed at your home/office. Sha Ch’i are lampposts, corners of neighbouring buildings, a road pointing towards your front door, end of a cul-de-sac, anything you feel is pointing at your home in a threatening way. The cure for this particular problem is a Ba Gua (Pa Kua) mirror. I have listed the different types below.
  • Flat Ba Gua mirrors are eight sided with a mirror on the inside and trigrams on the outside. These are the most popular and can be purchased at most good Feng Shui shops. They are used as a general cure for any of the above problems. You must never use a plastic Ba Gua mirror; they are very bad and can cause many problems.
  • Convex Ba Gua mirrors will reflect and expand Ch’i energy; they are mainly used to remove overbearing images such as a large neighbouring building, which could be an office block, prison or tower block. Do not use a Ba Gua mirror inside. You can use a normal convex mirror inside your home. For example, if you have a staircase directly in front of your front door your Ch’i energy is coming into your home/office and going straight up the stairs, which is not good for the whole home/office. Never have a flat mirror directly opposite your front door as any Ch’i entering is sent straight back out
  • Ba Gua MirrorConcave Ba Gua mirrors should be used to draw in good Ch’i. For instance if you have a good setting for Feng Shui, such as a river, hills etc, place the mirror on the outside to draw in this good Ch’i.
  • Good Feng Shui is never to be in a position where you cannot see what is behind you. A typical case would be sitting at your desk with your back to the door. The ideal solution would be to move the desk so you are facing the door, however this is not always possible, therefore the best cure is to place a normal mirror in front of you so that you can see the door behind you. Do not use a Ba Gua mirror though.
  • Crystal SphereAn excellent cure we have used for many businesses is placing a mirror beside your shop till with a crystal faceted sphere hanging above. We have always had positive feed back on this cure; in fact we use it ourselves. It is said to double your wealth luck.
  • Never place two mirrors opposite each other as they just bounce the Ch’i energy from one to another.
  • Mirrors and bedrooms, hmmmm tough one this. I am sure 99% of our readers, male or female and myself included, would not like to do without a mirror in the bedroom. If you have a mirror you should try and have a full-length mirror where you can see all your body when looking into it, or a mirror that you can see your entire head. At night they should be covered as well as any reflective items such as TV, computers, glass picture frames etc. You only need cover the ones that look onto your bed. When you sleep you expel unwanted thoughts and emotions through Ch’i leaving your body, a reflective material such as a mirror, TV etc sends them straight back to you.
  • Long corridors or narrow hallways. Stagger mirrors on either side (never have them facing each other) to slow the Ch’i energy as well as creating a wider and brighter area. At the end of the hallway try and place the mirror where it can catch some natural light to flow through the area.
  • Always keep your mirrors and windows clean and replace broken or cracked mirrors immediately.

“ You can lose up to 30% of daylight from having dirty windows or mirrors”

Feng Shui and the importance of picture frames

Framed images and feng shuiThis may seem a strange subject and one that you would not think was related to Feng Shui but I can assure you that picture frames and even the contents inside the picture frames can have a major effect on the energy in your home or office.

If you were to walk into someone else”s home and take a look around the house and saw pictures of distressing images like graveyards, dark and distressing woodlands and similar photos, chances are your first impressions of the home would not be good ones. This is due to the fact that humans generally take 10-15 seconds to decide whether they like something or not.
Framed pictures and Feng ShuiWith spring bank holiday coming up in the UK on the 26th May 2014, it is predicted that 45% of people in the UK make home improvements during a bank holiday and for many people; to put this in perspective, there are 63.23 million people in Britain and an estimated 28,453,500 people will be doing some type of home improvement. Lets say that only 10% of the 28,453,500 people decide to purchase and hang a new picture on their wall, that equals to 2,845,350 people that could potentially be seriously altering the energy in their home without even realising.

A picture frame can alter the energy in your home or office in five different ways…

  • Shape – All shapes are associated to the five elements
  • Size – With Feng Shui, there are both good sizes and bad sizes
  • Colours – different colours are associated with different elements
  • Material – The material used to make this picture frame
  • Image – This can have an effect with both energy and elements

Lets start with Shapes….

Different Picture framesThe five elements all lay host to different shapes which can really benefit you if used correctly but can also wreak havoc when used incorrectly so please read on to make sure you get this bit right.

Wood – rectangular picture frames are associated with the wood element which could include full body sized pictures and also, wide angled landscape city shots.

Fire – Triangular and spiky picture frames are associated to the fire element; although this shape is a lot less common, it is best to list it to make you aware of the influence that a picture frame this shape can have.

Earth – Square picture frames are associated to the earth element which is one of the most common picture frame types.

Metal – Circular picture frames are associated to the metal element and are commonly used for portrait photos.

Water – Wavy photo frames are associated to the water element; you may have never seen a wavy photo frame but this goes for photo frames that have a windy, flowing curve to the frame.

Now that you know what shaped picture frames are associated to which element its time to look at the effect that these picture frames can have by placing them in different areas of your home…

Five elementsThe five elements are used in Flying Star Feng Shui to weaken, enhance and cure both positive and negative Flying Star combinations which affect the Monthly and Annual Flying Stars. For more information on the Annual and Monthly Flying Stars, take a look here –

I would recommend starting with the Annual Flying stars and keeping an eye on the Monthly Flying Stars and keep track of where you place your picture frames around your home or office and which elements are attached to them.

Next we will look into different sizes and which ones are good and which ones are bad. Different sizes can have different effects; I have listed these below up to two metres which will cover most sizes but you can use our Academy of Feng Shui software that we created which includes everything you need to know to perform a home or office consultation to running a whole Feng Shui consultation business which also includes our Chinese Ruler section which will tell you auspicious measurements from picture frames to tables, televisions and so much more making sure you get your home or office as right as possible. For more information on our Academy of Feng Shui software, you can click the link below.

Auspicious and inauspicious measurements for picture frames – you can use these measurements to measure both width and height

0cm – 4.5cm – Chai. This denotes money luck
4.5cm – 10.8cm – Pi. This denotes financial loss, bad luck and legal issues
10.8cm – 16cm – Li. This denotes bad luck, financial loss and theft
16cm – 21.5cm – Yi. This denotes success in children and good fertility
21.5cm – 27cm – Kwan. This denotes luck, prosperity and family honour
27cm – 32.4cm – Chieh. This justin bieber movie tickets was arrested in Miami Beach early Thursday under suspicion of driving under the influence and drag racing. denotes ill health and loss of wealth
32.4cm – 37.8cm – Hai. This denotes disasters, sickness and arguments
37.8cm – 43.2cm – Pun. This denotes good financial luck, general luck and luck in exams
43.2cm – 48.6cm – Chai. This denotes money luck and good fortune
48.6cm – 54cm – Pi. This denotes financial loss, bad luck and legal issues
54cm – 59.4cm – Li. This denotes bad luck, financial loss and theft
59.4cm – 64.8cm – Yi. This denotes success in children and good fertility
64.8cm – 70.2cm – Kwan. This denotes luck, prosperity and family honour
70.2cm – 75.6cm – Chieh. This denotes ill health and loss of wealth
75.6cm – 81cm – Hai. This denotes disasters, sickness and arguments
81cm – 86.4cm – Pun. This denotes good financial luck, general luck and luck in exams
86.4cm – 91.8cm – Chai. This denotes money luck and good fortune
91.8cm – 97.2cm – Pi. This denotes financial loss, bad luck and legal issues
97.2cm – 102.6cm – Li. This denotes bad luck, financial loss and theft
102.6cm – 108cm – Yi. This denotes success in children and good fertility
108cm – 113.4cm – Kwan. This denotes luck, prosperity and family honour
113.4cm – 118.8cm – Chieh. This denotes ill health and loss of wealth
118.8cm – 124.2cm – Hai. This denotes disasters, sickness and arguments
124.2cm – 129.6cm – Pun. This denotes good financial luck, general luck and luck in exams
129.6cm – 135cm – Chai. This denotes money luck and good fortune
135cm – 140.4cm – Pi. This denotes financial loss, bad luck and legal issues
140.4cm – 145.8cm- Li. This denotes bad luck, financial loss and theft
145.8cm – 151.4cm – Yi. This denotes success in children and good fertility
151.4cm – 156.6cm – Kwan. This denotes luck, prosperity and family honour
156.6cm – 162cm – Chieh. This denotes ill health and loss of wealth
162cm – 167.4cm – Hai. This denotes disasters, sickness and arguments
167.4cm – 172.8cm – Pun. This denotes good financial luck, general luck and luck in exams
172.8cm – 178.4cm – Chai. This denotes money luck and good fortune
178.4cm – 183.6m – Pi. This denotes financial loss, bad luck and legal issues

Now for the colours –

Feng Shui Colours

Wood – Light to dark greens

Fire – reds, oranges, burgundies, purples and pinks

Earth – browns and yellows

Metal – whites, silvers, golds and coppers

Water – blacks, greys and blues

The materials and images are quite self explanatory although I can”t imagine you would have a picture frame made of water. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and will take this in to consideration the next time you purchase a new picture frame.

Feng Shui Store Spring Newsletter



Feng Shui Spring Newsletter

Feng Shui Store Spring Newsletter

I hope you are well and have had a great start to the year of the Yang Wood Horse and are welcoming the Spring weather that this time of year has to offer; it is such a relief for us in the UK now that the rain and wind has finally stopped.

It’s hard to believe that we are already a quarter of the way through the year as 2014 is going so fast and some times it feels as if your feet don’t get a chance to touch the ground.This year has been an extremely busy year for us so far and has been a great time of celebration and dedicating time to new projects for the store which has been great fun.I spent a long time writing the articles for the Spring newsletter and this information is extremely valuable and even reminded me about jobs I need to do around my home that I had forgot all about so although I’ve added to my list of jobs to do, it will help me prevent future problems.

You can view the Spring Newsletter by clicking here

Feng Shui and the effects of clutter

Clear your clutter and clear your problems

Feng Shui and Clutter have a very close relationship with each other than most people would not expect although it is very much a fact that having clutter in your life can severely affect the energy of yourself and your home or business. There are many ways that Feng Shui elements can be introduced into modern life and for every person; their home or office is the ideal place to start.

In weighing up whether Feng Shui is right for you and if it’s affecting you, it can be helpful to think about clutter and its negative effects on you and your home. You may not realise that a cluttered home can have an impact on your home life, personality and even wealth. This is why introducing Feng Shui and limiting clutter can help create a more peaceful and abundant home.

Clutter leaves you feeling tired

A home that is cluttered will be draining, both visually and physically. If you look around at a busy room at your home or in any building, it is only natural that you will feel tired and can even lack motiviation, which of course, reduces the likelihood of taking action to remove the clutter from your home. Allowing this cycle to continue will see your home become even more cluttered and you will feel increasingly tired. This is why it is important to break out of this cycle. If you went to a car showroom to buy a car and the cars were all dirty and the showroom was filled with mess, chances are you will not feel as though you would like to do business there or feel very welcome and the same can be said for a home.

A cluttered home can lower your hope

Having so much stuff around your home can make you feel that there is too much going on in your life. If life is starting to feel a little overwhelming, stop and have a look around. Do you see clutter everywhere you look at home? If you do, this may be contributing to your emotions. This is where taking the time to de-clutter your home will fill you with a sense of optimism. This action car racing games download is one of the overriding emotions people when they carry out a spring clean but you can benefit from this at any time of year. With Feng Shui, you need fresh Qi to flow around your home as much as possible and when the home is filled with clutter and mess, this can restrict the Qi and cause problems around the home so make sure that you clear as much clutter as possible to help the flow of Qi.

Are you using your money wisely?

If you have a lot of clutter around your home, it may mean that you are spending your money on collectible items. At times this can be a wise investment and at times it can give you a lot of enjoyment and pleasure. However, if you fall into the trap of collecting for the sake of collecting, you may find that too much of your money is being spent on these items, leaving you short of funds at other times or for other activities. It is a good idea to take a look at the Annual Flying Stars to see how the stars for 2014 can affect your finances; you can view this by clicking here and also take a look at the May 2014 Monthly Updates for even more information

A cluttered home can lead to a cluttered life and many people in this situation will find that their life is out of control. Removing the clutter of a home and channelling energy in the right manner will help to provide focus and clarity in a person’s life. If you pare back in life and remove the clutter, you may find yourself in better positions to see the things that are going on around you and where you need to be in life.

Having a high level of quality and natural light and air will both contribute to allowing fresh Qi to flow around the home and lift spirits in general. These are essential for creating good Qi at your home, helping you to feel relaxed and at one. When it comes to minimising clutter and creating a positive atmosphere, natural light and air are of considerable benefit.

I will be spending this bank holiday weekend getting a load of boxes together and filling them with all my old rubbish that I have hoarded over the years and having a complete clear out of my home.

I hope you all enjoyed reading and hopefully this article has helped to motivate you as it did myself!

Tips on new home

Feng Shui tips on what to look for in your present home/office or a new one if you are thinking about buying.

The below information is an extract taken from our October 2002 newsletter and provides valuable and often overlooked information on analysing your home or office. If you would like to join our monthly Feng Shui newsletter please click here. Continue reading

Happy home


“The Dusty Millers”

The Dusty Millers are an Elfin tribe that has been in the ShaMan business for centuries. Over the years they have made countless people very special items, many of whom have become leaders in their field of endeavour. The Dusties themselves are world famous for their work with “LiveWood.” For more information on the Dusty Millers Click here.

On this page is a summary of all the Dusty Millers products we have to offer. Click on a heading for more information and pictures, or order directly by clicking on the Order button alongside the product you are interested in.

Happy Home Kits
A simple but very effective way of cleansing your home with the minimum of effort. It only takes minutes for these very efficient exorcising pellets to clear a heavy atmosphere and neutralise all negative vibrations, such as Hostility, Fear and Coldness that may be affecting you and your family. Just try our Home Kits and feel the difference – all for just £10….

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Negative Energy Shield
At a mere £65.(each) it will render you, invincible to all forms of Psychic Attack: giving you full defence without you feeling a thing…

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Purification Salts
These traditional Salts can be sprinkled about to give a short-term cleansing effect similar to the one given by the Happy-Home Kit. Supplied in a pocket pack, they can be carried about ready for instant action. Only £7 per handy-pack containing enough for at least ten rooms….

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ThunderBolt Money Magnets
These very unusual Power Stones are made from formless Instant Crystals dug up after a meteor-shower. The ideal host for a Money Magnet Spell and have proven very effective. Purse sized and only £20 each….

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Dusty”s Magic Pebble
If this very special pebble is placed in a container of clear spring water it will after ten minutes or so, have a profound effect on the energy level of the water, turning it into a very powerful Healing Elixir. It will cost you only a mere £20.00 (each)…

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Power Stones
Over the centuries Dusty”s family have developed a number of very effective forms of  Power stone. All of these Power Stones are formed from stones that died naturally many, many years ago and have been rolling around in the sea since then. Choose from the Witch Stone, Eye Stone and Worry Stone – all a mere £20 each…

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Protective Power Stones
For many centuries now, stones containing a natural hole have been used by country people to keep their property safe and sound, and free from evil. There are several types available to protect different types of property. All stones just £20 each….

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Very Special Power Stones
All of these Very Special Power Stones have been especially designed and programmed to change the environment in their immediate locality; and are so effective that they should be used with caution. All stones £40 each….

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Folk Magick Charms
For many centuries, Dusty”s family has been producing Programmed Thought-Forms, Known to the general public as “blessings” or “Spells”, to help people solve their problems. Read through the various lists and decide which Spell (or Spells) is most appropriate to your needs….

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Sylvan Talismen
Various spells available….

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Livewood Amulets
Various spells available….

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The Merlin Flipper
The Instant Decision Maker… When you are having trouble with a Yes-No answer, this very special stone disc from Merlin”s Cave can help you find the answer that is right for you. Only £15 including pouch….

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Angelwing Headband
This rather beautiful Angels-Wing Shell came from an undersea colony of “Lost Atlantis” known to the ancient Celts as “Tir n nOg” and forms the centrepiece of a very unusual headband. It has been impregnated with a special Spell to help its “wearer” to relax and receive Angelic Help whenever they need it. In spite of being extremely rare, this superb “telephone to the Angelic hosts” will only cost you £15.00….

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Livewood Linden Amulets
Livewood Amulets crafted from the sacred Linden Tree. Various spells available, £40 each….

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Universal Helpmate
Our traditional LiveWood healing wand will bring the hidden abilities you already have, out of the dark recesses of your sub-conscious and channel this marvellous healing energy exactly where it is needed. Only £85….

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Home tips

Feng Shui tips for your home

1) There should be no shoes or slippers lying around outside the main door of your house. Remove it if you can. Allow that space at the main door to be free and clear. The chi (energy) rides with the wind and will collect all the smell of those shoes and slippers into your house causing sickness. Ch’i then travels about in your house looking for water to stay but if there are no water fountains or fish tanks, then the Ch’i will be dispersed by wind.

2) There should be no television sets in your bedrooms: If you cannot get rid of that habit then after watching the television cover it with a plastic table cloth. Remember it has to be plastic and not simply cloth.

3) There should be no mirrors opposite your bed or at the side of your bed. Mirrors opposite the bed can attract a third party to the relationship. Therefore, do not place mirrors anywhere you like and especially in your bedroom.

4) Place an indoor water fountain in your home, position in a favourable area to attract whatever you want in your life.

5) If you already have a fish tank in your house, be careful. A fish tank placed correctly can bring about greater fortune, as you will tap on the “Divine Water Dragon’s Den”. But if you tap wrongly, it can cause you to have lawsuits, bankruptcy, work pressure, troubles and problems. If you noticed any of these after placing the fish tank for approximately four months, shift your fish tank to another location.

6) In your kitchen, ensure that opposite your stove there is no refrigerator, washing machine, washbasin and toilet. The fire and water crash causing family members to have disagreements.

7) Try not to allow children to sleep on mattresses on the floor. Yes, this allows young children not to fall off beds but it also causes young children to fall sick frequently. The reason is: chi is not able to flow underneath the bed. Ideally, chi should circulate around the mattress where our children sleep to allow them to be healthy.

8) For young children, try to have their back to the wall when they write. It is important there should be a solid wall behind a children’s writing table. This allows the child to have support so that he can sit there and study longer rather than for only half an hour and then they tend to move about because there is no solid wall behind their back. Adjust your writing table.

9) Do not allow children to sleep on double bunk beds even if it means saving space. The child sleeping underneath will not have “fresh chi” and so his health might be weak. But if due to space constraints, then monitor your child’s health if not add in a metal 6 rods wind chime or a crystal sphere, to break up the “stale chi” around his bed.

10) Your bed should always have a solid wall behind you. This is important if you wish to have a good rest. A solid wall simply means that you can go into deeper sleep and therefore enabling you to have good rest so that when you wake up in the morning, you will feel fresh and well rested. This also allows you to be able to concentrate on your work better.

11) There should be no beam on top of your bed. The beam above causes chi to be pressured thus enabling you to have pressures in life. Therefore, don’t place furniture underneath it or alternatively level the beam. But make sure if you choose the latter, it is important that you have enough height for that space.

12) If you have a lot of work pressure, maybe it’s the marble table that you have in your dinning room that causes you to have those problems. Remove that marble table and change to a wooden one or alternatively live with that work pressure!

13) If your child usually falls sick in that bedroom: Then either change them to another bedroom or simply hang a six rod metal wind chime as the metal element will break all the earth energies in that room. After hanging, if the wind could not do the job for you then you will have to “chime” it yourself and then watch for the good results.

14) Do not use a red sofa set: The colour red represent the element of fire. And for Feng Shui, some places simply cannot have the colour red in that sector. For example: the wealth area or some other sectors which without a Feng Shui check would be unable to tell you where it is. A red sofa sets gives rise to heavy work pressure, troubles and obstacles.

15) Always open your bedroom windows at least once 20 minutes a day to allow fresh chi to come in, we do this so that it allows fresh new chi from outside to come into your bedroom, if not you will be sleeping with stale chi every night. And if that happens, then how can you expect your life to bring in more good fortune to come to you? So open that window and never mind if dusts comes in! The great good fortune that you can have will far exceeds the time you take to clean off the dust.

Feng Shui & numbers

Feng Shui and Numerology

Written by Michael Hanna

The Chinese are very superstitious when it comes to figures, they choose telephone numbers, house number, business numbers, car number plates and anything that has numbers in very carefully.

Every month we get to visit several homes and businesses on consultations and it amazes us as how far our clients take Feng Shui almost to paranoia, which is not good. If you have bad numbers do not worry about it, as I will show you how to eliminate the inauspicious effects.

A little story to begin with, last Friday night I was parked outside the cinema waiting to pick up my two boys and as much as I hate to admit it I was listening to BBC radio 4. I know you always think of the Archers or such like and this is what my Grandma used to listen too, they have some great debates on some nights.

“Nothing we learn in this world is ever wasted.”

Anyway this program was about superstition, and one of the interviewers was saying how she was not superstitious but had spent the last 30 years saluting magpies or never walking under ladders or the cracks of pavements. Well numbers and Feng Shui, are more superstitious Chinese folklore than anything else, do I take it seriously? Yes and no, if I found the perfect Feng Shui house with a good facing direction and it was good for my family but the house number was number 4, I would still buy it although I have to admit I would use the counter measures listed below.

The main reason these numbers are considered unlucky is because the way the numbers sounds when spoken especially to the Cantonese. An example in western numbers would be the #11 could sound like heaven or #8 sounds like weight or #1 sounds like son, do you see what I mean? So if you have an unlucky #4 and you are from a country other than China. Think of #4 as sounding like “more” which is great.

Numbers considered unlucky:

#4 (Sei) the worst number, why? Because in Cantonese when spoken sounds like the word death. #13 because if you add 1=3 = 4 as above. #24 #104 are also considered unlucky

Numbers considered lucky

8, 18, 28, 38, 48, 54, 68, 80, 84, 88, 99, 168 & 108 are all good numbers, the reason #8 is so lucky is because if you say the word (patt) it sounds like “faat” which means “prosperity & abundance”

There are many other numbers I have read about that are considered unlucky in my opinion this is “cannon fodder” and just written about to fill books, if you think about it you could go on for ages, #4 when spoken in English sounds like door, more, store, bore, jaw, paw and “SAW” which out of all of these sounds the worst

The cure:

If you own a home or business with a 4 or 13 is to draw a circle around the number, seriously it is that simple. The circle is extremely powerful and encloses the inauspicious effects of a negative number. So if you have a house number 4, a cheap way of curing is to go outside and draw a circle around your number or if you have time and money pop down to your local hardware store and find one of those ceramic door numbers that you can customise with a circle around the number, all this time you were worrying about nothing.

How seriously do we take numbers? I would be over the moon if we found the perfect house with great flying stars and it was #8 or 88, but I would not be put off buying it if it were #4 or 13, I would use the cure as above though or change it to a house name like “rose cottage” etc.

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Fu Dogs placement

Fu Dogs position for your home or office.

Written by Michael Hanna

Also know as guardian Lions, lion dogs, or temple lions. We consult on hundreds of homes and business each year and in my opinion 70% will have Fu Dogs either placed by the door or windowsills, I would also say that 50% are placed in the wrong order.

You will find many variations on web sites, some will have a globe under one paw others will have a Cub under another paw, the most significant thing to remember is the order placement and not which foot the globe or cub is under.

The male lion, holding a globe under his left or right paw should be placed on the left side (as you are looking out of a door or window).

The female lion, holding a cub under her right or left paw is placed on the right side.

Fu Dogs are an extremely powerful protection for your home or business, you will find nearly every home or business in Asia complemented by a pair either inside or outside. Out of all the cures and enhancers in Feng Shui Fu Dogs in our opinion are the most essential. For more details please follow this link cures.html

Correct placement for Fu Dogs

Picture of Fu Dogs taken in London China town

Fu Dog (Female) at Beijing”s Forbidden City
This magnificent bronze Fu dog is one of six pairs
scattered throughout the Forbidden City.

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