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How much will it cost?

Purchasing a house is for most people the most valuable financial transaction in their lives. So before using The Right To Buy Scheme you have to consider all of the costs involved.

It’s most likely that you’ll need a mortgage to buy your council house. So one of the first step’s that you should take is to look at your eligibility to gain access to money by speaking to one of our independent financial advisors, as you’ll want to have the ability to readily buy your council home as soon as we have received your discount offer from your council or housing association. Simultaneously you will need to consider insuring your house and contents and possibly your life and income protection, at righttobuy.coop we have negotiated discounts for our members due to our buying power.

For instance we have negotiated a Right to Buy package that gives you the following features:

  • No Valuation Fee’s
  • No Solicitor Fees
  • No Deposit Required
  • a Mortgage for upto 125% of your property valuation and we have also covered your home for any home emergencies including boiler breakdown as you will now be responsible for this rather than your landlord.

Even though it is very unlikely you will need to have a deposit, you will still discover that you may have some one off costs to think about for example legal costs and perhaps stamp duty.

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