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The overall objective for which EAUMP is established is to enhance research, teaching and capacity building in the Eastern African region.


  1. To assist the countries in the region to build and sustain a critical mass of credible mathematicians through postgraduate training and research.
  2. To promote joint research amongst Mathematicians in participating Institutions and other scientists.
  3. To promote review of Mathematics Programmes and introduce missing relevant areas of Mathematics in the curriculum.
  4. To promote Postgraduate training.
  5. To attract talent and to encourage students to study mathematics.
  6. To promote gender balance within the field of Mathematics within the region.
  7. To provide avenues for international cooperation and links in various areas of mathematics.
  8. To encourage and implement effective utilization of resources available to the programme at the participating institutions.
  9. To promote and facilitate dissemination and exchange of information.
  10. To solicit resources for carrying out activities that are of strategic importance for the development of Eastern African region.
  11. To promote activities of mathematics, other than those mentioned above, that have a regional character.


The programme consists of five basic components namely:

  • Enhancement of postgraduate training with special emphasis to PhD training as a way of improving capacity building in universities in the region and training advanced Mathematics researchers needed in other social economic sectors in the region. Training programmes will be run jointly by staff from collaborating universities. Since there is a limited pool of PhD holders in the region a portion of resources under this programme will be utilised to support M.Sc. training especially in areas where the participating departments have an acute shortage.
  • Establishing and strengthening collaborative research in Mathematics areas of interest in the region. These collaborative research must be supported by a strong postgraduate programmes developed in (a) above. Here staff exchanges and research visits will be conducted within and outside the region.
  • Strengthening the collaborating Mathematics departments in terms of equipment and literature in order to carry out activities in 1 and 2 above.
  • Organizing with Eastern Africa Summer Schools in collaboration with ICTP with lecturers coming from Sweden, Italy, Canada, US and Madagascar. These schools are meant to enrich postgraduate students and the young lecturers in areas of Mathematics which are not well covered in participating departments’ curricula. The participants write exams and earn credits which are transferred to their respective universities.
  • Development of resources for the collaborating Mathematics Departments. These resources include teaching and learning materials, research databases and maintenance of departments websites, among others.