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East African Universities Mathematics Programme (EAUMP)



This programme aims at alleviating the dismal state of Mathematics in Eastern Africa. It has been noted

that the state of Mathematics in this region is very poor and so corrective measures are needed urgently

alleviate its status. Thus EAUMP aims at enhancing capacity building as well as initiating and strengthening

research activities and postgraduate training in Mathematics within the region. It is envisaged that EAUMP

will promote professional collaboration among participating institutions.



Membership of EAUMP consists of:-

  1. The Department of Mathematics from University of Dar es Salaam,
  2. Makerere University,
  3. School of Mathematics, University of Nairobi.
These universities are task with the responsibility of extending training to other universities in their respective countries.


The activities of the programme are mainly sponsored by the International Science Program (ISP), Sweden.

The grant is given to the network and not assigned to individual members of the network.