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This criminal report has been given on behalf of the People of the World, giving Notice to the World of Criminal Acts against humanity.

Please do as God would command and do as the Law of God and Man dictates for the salvation of all humanity.


To all who love the Way, the Truth, and the Life, please pray for Keri Burnor, Hildegarde Staninger, David Gute, and all who have put their love of the Truth and its bearer, Yeshua the Messiah, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior ahead of convenience and personal comfort or safety to reveal the following.   They are experiencing a concerted spiritual attack by the Powers and Principalities.  Pray for their safety and that of their families, and for the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to bless their undertaking, intercede on their behalf, and fill them with strength and peace.


To all correspondents, people who have experienced similar symptoms/abuse/harassment/gangstalking/nano infestation, press inquiries, and all other interested parties:
Contact information for the Notice to the World:
David Gute
60 West Terra Cotta Ave #270
Crystal Lake IL 60014

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Pope comes to America, Ex-Nun Warns us of Pope's agenda



At SkyWatch TV today an amazing short video and story was just posted outlining how Pope Francis is joining UNICEF to continue positioning itself to be the religious authority when or if a genuine intelligent ET makes contact. It’s quite intriguing that UNICEF also released a video laying the ground for ET integration into classrooms with human children. Are they preparing the world for something like the scenario in Exo-Vaticana? READ MORE NOW AND WATCH THE SHORT VIDEO AT:









Keri Burnor Interview with Dr. Hildegarde Staninger

July 22, 2015


Dr. Hildy welcomes Keri Burnor


Listen to the full two-hour interview in the archives here:


Keri Burnor

Sister Keri Burnor, a former Catholic nun,  is a victim of sexual abuse by a member of the clergy –  who, like her, had dedicated himself to God. However, her court complaint and the case against her attacker proved to be more of a nightmare than she ever imagined, as the men who promised to be fathers and spiritual guardians betrayed her and she was metaphorically taken hostage by the church, the very institution she passionately loved and vowed to serve.

Upon seeking a life of peace after about 7 years of assisting as private advocate to clergy abuse survivors, Keri Burnor moved to Texas in January 2009 believing she left all of this behind her.

The story takes on an incredible twist when Keri finds she was implanted with Nano-grade weaponized materials during her surgery in 2011.

Keri Burnor has written a criminal report called NOTICE TO THE WORLD where she will be sharing important elements not only of the past case that went to trial in 2003,  but she will share what she was not supposed to know with this audience for the purposes of sharing remedies to a serious problem with which we are all faced.


Conversation with Keri Burnor and David Gute

July 13, 2015

This 2 1/2 hour interview reviews the Notice to the World and its exhibits.

Part 1 (30 min)

Part 2 (30 min)

Part 3 (30 min)

Part 4 (30 min)

Part 5 (28 min)


Affidavit of Keri Burnor (pdf)

Affidavit of Hildegarde Staninger (pdf)


Certificates of Legal Service (pdf)



Text of Keri Burnor Affidavit

Service by and Respond to:

David M. Gute, Notary Public, Witness

c/o 0 West Terra Cotta Avenue • Suite 270

Crystal Lake, Illinois 60014




McHenry County                     )

                                             ) ss:

State of Illinois                       )                                             Date:   4 July 2015






Legal Notice of Criminal activity

 by Government Officials and

Demand for Action by the Witness & Victim


            This legal notice serves as notice to the principal and notice to the agent. Notice to the agent is notice to the principal. The people of the United States of America and the world have been put on Notice by way of this open and public forum.


I, Keri May Burnor, Affiant and victim and witness of crimes, whose current physical address is 3236 Green Court, Plano, Texas 75023, states that Affiant is of legal age, competent to testify, has personal first-hand knowledge and believes that the truths and facts herein are true, correct, complete, certain, and not misleading.

Affiant, who is neither a lawyer, nor a doctor, has read the U.S. Code with special attention to 18 USC § 33 - Destruction of motor vehicles or motor vehicle facilities, 18 USC § 38 - Fraud involving aircraft or space vehicle parts in interstate or foreign commerce, 18 USC § 113 - Assaults within maritime and territorial jurisdiction, 18 USC § 175 - Prohibitions with respect to biological weapons, 18 USC § 175a - Requests for military assistance to enforce prohibition in certain emergencies, 10 USC § 382 - Emergency situations involving weapons of mass destruction, 18 USC § 177 – Injunctions, 18 USC § 178 – Definitions, 18 USC Chapter 13 - CIVIL RIGHTS, 18 USC § 241 - Conspiracy against rights, 18 USC §249 – Hate Crime Acts, 18 USC Chapter 13 - CIVIL RIGHTS, 18 USC Chapter 19 – CONSPIRACY, 18 USC § 371 - Conspiracy to commit offense or to defraud United States, 18 USC § 373 - Solicitation to commit a crime of violence, 18 USC Chapter 50A – GENOCIDE, 18 USC § 1091 – Genocide, 18 USC § 1092 - Exclusive remedies, 18 USC § 1093 – Definitions, 18 USC § 1801 - Video voyeurism, 18 USC Chapter 88 – PRIVACY, 18 USC § 2071 - Concealment, removal, or mutilation generally, 18 USC Chapter 101 - RECORDS AND REPORTS, 18 USC Chapter 113B – TERRORISM, 18 USC § 2331 – Definitions, 18 USC § 2332 - Criminal penalties, 18 USC § 2332a - Use of weapons of mass destruction, 18 USC § 2332b - Acts of terrorism transcending national boundaries, 18 USC § 2332e - Requests for military assistance to enforce prohibition in certain emergencies, 10 USC § 382 - Emergency situations involving weapons of mass destruction, 18 USC § 2332a - Use of weapons of mass destruction, 18 USC § 2332h - Radiological dispersal devices, 18 USC § 1512 - Tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant, 18 USC Chapter 83 - POSTAL SERVICE, 18 USC § 1701 - Obstruction of mails generally, 18 USC § 1702 - Obstruction of correspondence, 18 USC § 1709 - Theft of mail matter by officer or employee, 18 USC Chapter 113C – TORTURE, 18 USC § 2340 – Definitions, 18 USC § 2340A – Torture, 18 USC Chapter 115 - TREASON, SEDITION, AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES, 18 USC § 2381 – Treason, 18 USC § 2382 - Misprision of treason, 18 USC § 2383 - Rebellion or insurrection, 18 USC § 2384 - Seditious conspiracy, 18 USC § 2386 - Registration of certain organizations, 18 USC Chapter 119 - WIRE AND ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS INTERCEPTION AND INTERCEPTION OF ORAL COMMUNICATIONS, 18 USC § 2510 – Definitions, 18 USC § 2511 - Interception and disclosure of wire, oral, or electronic communications prohibited,


and Affiant believes that because she knows of these facts which appear to be criminal and terroristic activity, it would be unlawful for Affiant not to report these facts to the proper authorities by way of this affidavit.

1.  In January 2011, Affiant experienced symptoms of vertigo which lasted several weeks.  Seeking to correct this, Affiant visited Steven Bander, D.O., P.A. at 791 South Highway 78, Wylie, Texas on January 31, 2011 (See report attached with 2 pages marked as “Exhibit A”.) All exhibits attached hereto and throughout this entire Affidavit are incorporated by reference as though fully stated herein, whether by document, attachment, CD, or DVD, and all websites are also included herein including all pages, interviews, documents, audios, etc.

2.  On February 8, 2011, Affiant underwent an MRI on brain and sinuses.  No abnormal signals found except “mild mucosal thickening is seen in the ethmoid sinuses; mastoid (back lower portion of ears) are clear.”  Prescribed by Steven Bander, D.O., interpreted by Scott F. Lin, M.D. (See report attached with 1 page attached marked as “Exhibit B”).

3.  With symptoms persisting and after having pre-tests performed by Doctor Chung-Sen Hsu, M.D., who was found locally in a general search under Otolaryngology, at 3430 W. Wheatland Road, Suite 209, Dallas, Texas 75237, it was determined that the best treatment for Affiant’s sinus issues was sinus surgery which was scheduled for July 20, 2011.

4.  Affiant’s disposition upon approaching July 20, 2011, was unsettled without a known reason.  Affiant contacted a friend whose name is Timothy Armstrong and requested said friend to accompany Affiant along with another friend and witness, Mark David Ellis, 700 Legacy Drive Plano Texas 75023.  Timothy refused payment and offered his accompaniment as a “donation” which Affiant accepted.  (See “Memo for Record” with résumé and qualifications attached with 7 pages and marked as “Exhibit C”).

5.  On July 20, 2011, Affiant underwent nasal septal reconstruction performed by Hsu, Chung-Sen, M.D. (whose business card reads: “DIPLOMAT AMERICAN BOARD OF OTOLARYNGOLOGY HEAD AND NECK SURGERY”) AT THE Methodist Charlton Medical Center, 3500 West Wheatland Road, Dallas, Texas 75237 at around 9:00am.  Upon awakening from surgery, Affiant noticed a “funny pressure” around both ears, but dismissed any further thoughts as there was nothing else notable about this feeling at the time except that Affiant did not feel this pressure around the ears in previous polypectomy (sinus surgery) on or about April 26, 2007 (See surgery discharge document with 1 page marked as “Exhibit D”). (See subsequent surgery discharge documents with 3 pages attached and marked as “Exhibit E”).

6.  On August 1, 2011, Affiant was rushed to the emergency room by witness and transporter Mark Ellis for Epistaxis (excessive nosebleed).  (See Emergency Department Discharge document with 1 page attached and marked as “Exhibit F”).

7.  On or about August 17, 2011, Affiant makes follow-up visit with Doctor Chung-Sen Hsu, M.D. around 2:30pm.  Chung-Sen Hsu apologized for the Epistaxis and mentioned he might have “counted to 10 too slowly” and remarked that Affiant was healing well from the surgery.  As per Affiant’s routine, Affiant requested that day’s visit records in addition to any documents he had on file for the day of the surgery to which he requested his secretary (an African lady) to “giver her all she needs.”  Upon receipt of documents, Affiant noticed a couple of pages missing.  Affiant mentioned “you missed these documents” and secretary obliged Affiant, went back to photocopier and provided the missing documents.  Upon leaving the office (3430 W Wheatland Road, Suite 209, Dallas, Texas 75237) and examining the file in the parking lot, Affiant noticed on the “Surgical Pathology Report” an “Unknown Doctor” beneath the name BANDER, STEVEN.  Affiant, about a month later, asked if Chung-Sen Hsu knew who this “Unknown Doctor” was, to which he responded, “I have never seen anything like this,” and that he did not authorize the release of these to anyone.  Chung-Sen Hsu recommended I get in touch with a “Doctor Wong” for an explanation.  Affiant has evidence of this exchange and can produce it before a Grand Jury. (See Surgical Pathology Report with 2 pages attached (second page enlarged) and 6 pages attached and marked as “Exhibit G.” These 6 pages in said exhibit were later obtained via Melinda Kidder, authorized to make Records Request on behalf of Affiant, to Methodist Charlton Medical Center. See on page 1 of the 6 pages that the “Unknown Doctor” and Affiant’s Physician STEVEN BANDER is found missing or concealed as seen in Page 1 of the 2 pages attached)

8.  On or about November 2011, Affiant experienced a hive-like rash all over of undetermined origin that lasted for several weeks along with nausea, stomach discomfort, loss of appetite, insomnia, marks on skin, swelling and sore throat (See notes and pictures with 2 pages, attached and marked as “Exhibit H.”)

9.  Affiant continued to experience symptoms of decrease in general health and remembered while assisting in the collection of documents for investigation into his claims that Affiant’s uncle by relation, Kevin Burnor, in or about 2004, was known to be a ‘targeted individual.”  Upon finding his file, Affiant established contact with a James Walbert who is a known expert on Individuals Targeted with Electromagnetic Chipping Weapons and Mind Control.  Affiant experienced similar symptoms as exhibited by victims of electronic harassment and microwave weapons exposure.  Affiant requested James Walbert to assist over a Skype chat with the use of a JM20-Pro to determine if further testing would be needed.  James concluded presence of anomalies around Affiant’s ears. (See “Convo with james…” with 2 pages and 1 page JM-20 Pro R.F. Detector specifications dated Wednesday, August 15, 2012 attached and marked as “Exhibit I.”)

10.  Upon preparing to make a trip to Missouri on ministry matters and having collected communications regarding James Walbert’s case to better comprehend Affiant’s Uncle’s matters (about 8 years previous) a letter from Melinda Kidder of Columbia Investigations was discovered and retrieved from Affiant’s uncle’s file.  Affiant called Melinda Kidder, Private Investigator and Witness, and requested an appointment with her to rule out any possibility of having RFID signals or the like.  Affiant visited with Melinda Kidder on December 6, 2012.  Signals were found.  Affiant noticed on the 2½ hour trip to Melinda Kidder for testing that a white van bearing special Missouri plates accompanied Affiant. Private client passenger witnessed this as well.  It was December 6, 2012.  Affiant has reason to believe foreign materials in her skull were ‘activated’ at this time.  Pain, ringing and intense discomfort began this day.  (See attached Columbia Investigations Report dated December 13, 2012 with 4 pages and marked as “Exhibit J.”)

11.  On or about December 8, 2012, Affiant was schedule to fly to California on ministry matters.  Upon ascending in the aircraft, no pain was noted.  Upon descending, pain was evident and increased becoming intolerable and excruciating in both ears.  Affiant had never experienced this before and had flown many times.

12.  About 5 days later, Affiant boarded the aircraft to return home to Texas (Southwest Airlines). During this flight there was, again, no pain present or noted while ascending.  Upon aircraft stopping in San Diego on its 1st of 3 legs on this trip, Affiant’s ears oozed a pinkish fluid type substance (blood) and Affiant experienced excruciating pain to the point of tears and asked a stewardess for pain relievers to which she responded that they were not authorized to administer any even if they had them.  Affiant deplaned and requested that all her luggage be retrieved from the plane as well.  Another stewardess asked if Affiant needed help as she observed Affiant’s pain and the blood exuding from both ears.  Affiant said, “I am all set; I just need my bags from under the plane now!” to which they assisted Affiant immediately.  Upon sitting outside the San Diego airport regrouping, Affiant recalled that her friend and witness Mark Ellis lived in the Los Angeles area.  Affiant called Mark Ellis, witness and victim, who arrived a few hours later.  Affiant stayed at a nearby hotel to Mark’s location while recovering.  Upon receiving the December 13, 2012 report electronically by way of email from Melinda Kidder and recalling her mention of a “Doctor Staninger,” Affiant researched the internet and found a “Doctor Hildegarde Staninger” in Los Angeles, California!  Affiant confirmed with Melinda Kidder that this was the doctor she recommended Affiant visit.  Affiant had acquired previous evidence and concern for heavy metals as found in the attached report bearing the aka name “Nectaria Burnor,” Client #26120 with 1 page attached and marked as “Exhibit K.”)  Having procured a referral from Doctor Sherri Tenpenny of Integrative Medical Center of 7380 Engle Road, Middlebury Heights, Ohio 44130, a victim and witness, Affiant was equipped with all needed to book Affiant’s first appointment with Doctor Hildegarde Staninger, Industrial Toxicologist and Doctor of Integrative Medicine of 415 3/4th N. Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004. (See referral from Dr. Sherri Tenpenny with date December 14, 2012 and 1 page attached and marked as “Exhibit L.”)

13.  On December 18, 2012, Affiant visited with Doctor Hildegarde Staninger at the above listed location with Mark Ellis, witness, for a toxicological evaluation.  Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, aka “Hildy,” while using CellSensor technology, observed ELF/EMF scan readings similar to Melinda Kidder’s findings in the December 13, 2012 report issued by her.  Of note, Doctor Staninger references the Federal Communications Commission’s online table of frequency allocations as a key document that addresses specific band (MHz/GHz) frequencies and the applied use and action procedures.  47 C.F.R. 2.106 Revised on May 25, 2012.  Hildy said in our interview that it was the Jesuits and the Vatican who did this.  Affiant was referred by Doctor Staninger to Doctor James Privitera, M.D. for additional tests.  (See corrected report January 16, 2013, original report December 22, 2012 with 10 pages and 4 pages attached marked as “Exhibit M”; also see Toxicological Dysfunction Analysis (TDA) Report with 5 pages and 9 pages attached and marked as “Exhibit N.”)

14.  On December 19, 2012, Affiant visited James R. Privitera, M.D. at 256 W. San Bernardino Road, Covina, California 91723 per Doctor Hildegarde Staninger’s referral.  Affiant discussed Melinda Kidder’s, witness, and Doctor Hildegarde Staninger’s, witness and victim, findings with James, to which he said as he was filling out Affiant’s prescription for an “MRI of head with special attention to … behind the ears” that he might be killed as a result of helping Affiant.  Affiant had told him her story re: the Vatican, Abbey, D.A., etc.  Affiant was taken back by this statement and asked “Do you know Jesus?”  James responded, “I do and love Him very much, so I don’t care.”  James Privitera passed away September 23, 2013.  (See entitled  Remembering Dr. James Privitera.  Also prescription Rx for BURNOR, KERI, 1 page and Toxic & Essential Elements; Hair test LAB#(H121226-2417-1) 7 pages attached with date December 19, 2012 marked as “Exhibit O.”)

15.  Affiant from December 2012 until June 2013 focused intensely on prayer, recovering, finding safety, and following protocols as outlined by Dr. Hildegarde Staninger.  Affiant continued with tests, purchased more RF detectors, Extech, and kept a journal to monitor progress.  Affiant was sleep deprived for 5½ weeks and experienced intense insomnia, burning around ears and back of the head.  “Mild opacification of bilateral mastoid air cells as well as mild maxillary and ethmoid sinus mucosal disease” is noted in the MRI test results.  Before and after pictures are provided in slides 27 and 28 of power point called “Unedited Version, Jesus Defeats Nanotechnology” attached with 76 pages and marked as “Exhibit P.” For better quality of said power point, go to where it is available for download in color.  Also see 2 page email to Hildy with date January 26, 2013 10:50pm, for Affiant’s disposition at that time relating to Affiant’s experience, marked as “Exhibit Q.”  See Reports by Steven Bander, D.O., P.A. with dates January 30, 2013 with 3 pages and February 20, 2013 with 2 pages marked as “Exhibit R.” (See Preferred Imaging, MRI test results presented by James Privitera with date January 4, 2013 with 1 page under IMPRESSION #2 marked as “Exhibit S.”)

16.  Affiant has continued to receive the final reports from Hildegarde Staninger evidencing that the origins of the specimens Affiant provided to Hildegarde Staninger were mesogenic and thereby were found to be nano composite in origin.  For the simplified story of what nano technology is and its application in Affiant’s experience as weaponized version of same technology, please see Affiant’s video called “My Story of Surviving Nanotechnology and Electronic Weapons” at  Click on video “Nanotechnology” (computerized voice used) with 29 minutes and 23 seconds.

17.  See “FREQUENCY-INITIAL Applied Industrial Toxicology Review Report INDUSTRIAL TOXICOLOGICAL COMPARATIVE REPORT ON EMISSION OF FREQUENCY SIGNALS FROM THE HUMAN BODY AND PREVIOUS CHEMICAL ANALYSIS OF MESOGENIC BIO-SENSORS with date April 8, 2013 with 6 pages and 4 pages describing locations of frequencies emitting from Affiant’s body.  Countries like Korea, Japan, Pakistan and Thailand, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, and Maas Air Base in Kyrgyzstan were all locations found by “regions” as outlined in the FCC chart by way of frequencies reported on Melinda Kidder’s report of December 13, 2012. See said report attached and marked as “Exhibit T.”

18.  See ‘ADVANCED MATERIAL ANALYSIS REPORT FOR ORIGIN OF SPECIMEN(S) (Chemical Analysis of Mesogenic Bio-Sensory Advanced Materials)  Phase I: Photomicrographs Phase II: Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) Phase III: Raman Spectroscopy/Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) with date May 30, 2013 and 20 pages and 27 pages attached to this report, marked as “Exhibit U.” See also “Keri Burnor chart drawing of agencies involved relating to weaponized nanotechnology experience with 1 page and date May 30, 2013 marked as “Exhibit W” created by Hildegarde Staninger, witness and victim.  See also 29 photos of nanomaterials found in Affiant’s specimens marked as “Exhibit V.”

The purposes outlined in said report (Exhibit U) on page 10 targeting your Affiant are as follows: 

The integration of nanotechnology into the bio-sensory world to monitor or control human life is where the line in the sand is drawn for the human being.  The majority of High-Impact Technologies that utilize brain-computer interfaces as a neuronet, neurotree network, “Brain Chip” or Bio-sensor would be for the following purposes:

·         Control and monitoring of the brain and bodily functions.

·         Control and monitoring of the behavior of the individual (thoughts, temperature).

·         Sending and receiving verbal commands.

·         Stimulation of bio-electrical transmissions within neuron trees of the nerves.

·         To be utilized as a listening device for remote sensing and monitoring.

·         To be used as a transmitter for listening in on conversations within a specific area that the individual may be in where the device has been implanted in them.

·         If there is a digital computer component to the device, it would be used to capture visual transmissions as a walking/talking monitoring system (a high-tech extrinsic spying system, especially for industrial/military espionage).

·         Many other aspects as well as aiding individuals with hearing, vision, and other neurological sensory impairment that would be related to the multiple use applications of mesogenic or liquid crystal (pneumatics) technology.

19.  Affiant studied nanotechnology and similar topics for purposes of reaching a remedy and permanent reversal to perfect health.  With much persistence, study, and prayer, Affiant reached a total turnaround in response to outlined recommended treatments/therapies for exposure to advanced nano materials and biosensor devices.  (See report with date July 23, 2013 “Re-Testing of Specific Biological Monitoring Tests Exposure to Advanced Nano Materials” with 3 pages and 5 pages attached and marked as “Exhibit X.”)

20.  Affiant also retested for frequencies on April 2, 2013 with Melinda Kidder of Columbia Investigations.  A simple RF, microwave, GPS test was performed using MCD-ZZH and no signals were detected.  “It should be noted that the signal strength meter determined that these signals were not coming from Burnor, but to Burnor.”  (See Report dated June 01, 2013 with 3 pages marked as “Exhibit Y”)

21.  Affiant, having noticed a remarkable improvement on or about March 2013, and also having self-tested using JM-20 PRO, Extech and DS100 RF Tester found no signals emitting from Affiant’s body and therefore moved from 13302 Audelia Road, Dallas, Texas to 3236 Green Court in Plano, Texas in order to continue healing from previous attacks and to enjoy the privacy of a new location.

22.  Affiant’s close friend Kevin Carey passed away in January 2014 and was survived by Sherri Tenpenny, D.O., victim and witness and friend of Affiant.  Affiant committed to going to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with Sherri Tenpenny at the end of April through the beginning of May 2014.  Affiant’s trip was extended by 2.5 weeks due to private ministry matters until May 21, 2014.  Symptoms returned – high pitched sounds in ears, abdominal discomfort, sleeplessness, etc., so Affiant requested a “patch test” from Hildegarde Staninger, victim and witness, around the time of Affiant’s return to 3236 Green Court in Plano, Texas. Upon Affiant’s return home, Affiant initiated and maintained a rigorous protocol of detoxing due to experiencing symptoms of severe brain swelling.

23.  Hildegarde Staninger, having received the patch test and performed an analysis of said patch, sent Affiant correspondence received July 19, 2014 indicating Affiant was subjected to a bio-threat agent call Rabbit Fever.  Incubation period indicated the attack was initiated while Affiant was in Cabo San Lucas Mexico at the Grand Solmar Resort. The Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort is located at: AV SOLMAR No 1A Col. Centro, Cabo San Lucas B.C.S. Mexico.  The Pacific Naval Force, Mexican Navy (Fuerza Naval del Pacífico) is proximate to The Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort. (See attached email with 2 pages dated July 19, 2014; also, see attached ADVANCED RESONANCE ANALYSIS report with 5 and 6 pages attached with date July 11, 2014 marked as “Exhibit Z.”)  The report is written to [DBA] “Samantha” of Christ the Wall Hermitages due to security reasons. 

24.  On or about August 21, 2014, Affiant heard high pitched sounds at 3236 Green Court, Plano, Texas, and sounds were sustained night and day for a period of about one (1) week.  Affiant became aware the nucleus of the sound trajectory was more concentrated at Green Court, but that the sound was generated and sustained in a radius that seemed to be equivalent of about a mile in circumference.  Affiant noticed even at Chisholm Trail Park the “sounds” were diminished somewhat, yet higher concentrations of “sound waves” were felt and heard at 3236 Green Court.  These “sounds” prohibited Affiant from sleeping, and normal activity was thwarted.  Thinking became muddled, and pain was felt in and around head, while entire body was in an uncomfortable, irritated state.  Affiant’s entire head and brain returned to being swollen, and serious pain accompanied Affiant for the duration of approximately 5 days until exiting location after August 28, 2014 phone call from Hildegarde Staninger.  Affiant believes it would be reasonable to conclude the presence and use of some kind of “advanced sound weapon,” not any equipment used in the normal course of daily business for civilians.

25.  On 28 August 2014, Affiant received a call to review findings of previously mentioned “patch test” and subsequent research by Hildegarde Staninger confirming the presence of Rabbit Fever, a biological agent; Hildegarde informed Affiant “this was a hit; they tried to kill you.”  Affiant was urged to leave home and seek safe accommodations immediately.

26.  On or about August 27, 2014, Affiant was walking outside house at 3236 Green Court Plano Texas at the nearby Chisholm Trail Park and immediately became aware of what appeared to be a Korean man donned with (per Affiant’s recollection) a blue baseball cap covering most of his face, wearing a red shirt, and holding a Korean Newspaper in his hands.  About 45 minutes later, the same individual was seated on same said park bench.  Per Affiant’s recollection, the weather that day was over 100 degrees F and humid.  (Evidence was obtained and can be furnished before a Grand Jury).

27.  On September 10, 2014 Affiant, after prayer and seeking counsel from friends, decided that “going public” on Eric Jon Phelps Show on 24/7 Worldwide Radio was the remedy.  Eric Jon Phelps, witness and victim, is a known author, historian, and expert on the Jesuits and has been a friend to Affiant since 2007. Eric Jon Phelps wrote the book “Vatican Assassins” and Affiant finds in light of current events a pattern that verifies the historical claims outlined by Phelps. Please see: “Jesus Defeats Nanotechnology: The Story of Keri Burnor” (audio approximately 1 hour and 23 minutes with alternating slides for duration of interview.) Affiant sought to put the Department of Justice and other agencies on notice. Affiant denies any known or unknown insurance policies on the names “Keri Burnor or Nectaria Burnor…” At this time it was still unclear to Affiant why she was targeted and who exactly was doing the targeting.  Affiant lives a quiet and peaceful existence in prayer and solitude with minimal fellowship with a few friends.  Due to Affiant’s ongoing health and safety challenges, maintaining a steady fellowship with friends and family has been difficult.

28. Affiant believes the testimony of Kay Griggs, witness and victim wife of Marine Corps Chief of Staff Colonel George Raymond Griggs, who asserts there is a world-wide attack and conspiracy of rights involving all branches of the Armed Forces, The Vatican, The Jesuits, against all those who truly love America and includes deprivation of religious rights and a genocide on Christians or believers in Jesus Christ. (See video “Illuminati Wife Tells All” Parts 1-4 reposted on YouTube (links provided below) June 2015 and see article by Greg Symanski with 7 pages attached and marked as “Exhibit AA.”)

29.  Affiant concurs with testimony of Kay Griggs and is a victim and witness of said crimes. Affiant has evidence Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, Lockheed Martin, Navy and many other agencies are actively involved in monitoring Affiant. Affiant is able to disclose said evidence if needed before a Grand Jury.

30.  Affiant believed that “going public” on Eric Jon Phelps show created safety for Affiant and therefore decided to return home.  Affiant also believed at that time that those targeting Affiant were unaware of Affiant’s return to 3236 Green Court in Plano Texas (i.e. ‘home’). Affiant had purchased a red 2002 Subaru Forester with cash and arrived to this location with Mark Ellis, witness and victim, about the first week of October 2014.  It was also Affiant’s intent to finish the duration of the lease agreement which had been funded for a full 6 months in advance.

31.  On February 18, 2015, a relative flew in to visit Affiant.  Affiant picked up said relative and transported relative back to 3236 Green Court, Plano, Texas.  At the conclusion of the visit, relative was returned by Affiant to airport on February 24, 2015.

32.  On February 26, 2015, Affiant had a guest David Gute, witness, over to 3236 Green Court allowing access through the garage door in the rear for convenience of moving his handicapped daughter in and out.  Upon his departure, Affiant forgot to close the garage door.

33.  On February 27, 2015, Mark Ellis, witness, visited Affiant and heard a knock at Affiant’s door.  Affiant instructed Mark to greet the knocker by voice response only without opening the door.  Mark asked, “What can I do for you?”  The voice responded, “Your garage door is open; I just wanted to be sure you knew.”  Mark replied, “Thank you.  We will check it out.”  This was about 9:30 pm.  Affiant opened kitchen door access into the garage and noticed the garage door was up (open), the front passenger door of the 2012 red Subaru Forester (Registered under the name Brook Cherith Ministries), hereinafter referred to as “the car,” was left open, the glove box was open, 2 Ziploc bags of quarters were missing, yet other valuables were not removed.  Affiant photographed the scene.  Due to the sensitive nature of past experiences with weaponized nanotechnology and having a sense that a typical officer’s education did not delve into this area, Affiant chose not to file a police report immediately but rather take notes, photographs, and some time to contemplate a way to handle the matter prudently for the safety of all.  (Reports will be supplied subsequently.) 

34.  After Affiant had contemplated the car break-in scenario for about a week or so, it came to Affiant’s presence of mind to examine the car with a blue light in the dark.  Affiant did so and noticed green fluorescing on carpet in passenger rear floor area; photographs were taken.

35.  Upon sending the photographs of the break in event and blue light results to Hildegarde Staninger, witness and victim, and Melinda Kidder, witness, Affiant was encouraged to collect specimens for further analysis and to address the immediate concern of health risk and exposure by implementing “peppermint bomb diffusions” in the car and garage areas while gathering funds for needed analysis on said specimens.

36.  The patch test specimens indicated the presence of weaponized nano materials in the car.  (See ADVANCED RESONANCE ANALYSIS with 13 pages and 7 additional pages dated April 7, 2015 and April 6, 2015 and marked as “Exhibit BB.”)  Affiant took the opportunity to consult with Hildegarde Staninger regarding this report, and Hildegarde explained to Affiant that the Department of Homeland Security was using a vaporized or aerosol spray nanotechnology, and that specifically in Affiant’s case here, nanotechnology was programmed specifically to target Affiant’s colon or breast by way of initializing a process for activation of cancer to these areas.  Arsenic was found in the samples provided along with other dangerous residues like barium, etc.  Please contact Hildegarde Staninger, witness and victim, for further inquiry as Affiant is not a scientist and cannot adequately explain how this and the FOXM1 Protein works.  (See FOXM1 PROTEIN STUDY document with 3 pages attached with date June 6, 2015 marked as “Exhibit CC.”)  (Also, see ADVANCED RESONANCE ANALYSIS with date June 6, 2015 and 15 pages marked as “Exhibit DD.”) (See ADVANCED RESONANCE ANALYSIS REPORT: a Special Request Analysis with 1 page and 32 pages of Energy Field Analysis attached marked as “Exhibit EE.”)

37. (See June 19, 2015 report called REPORT ON EXPOSURE TO DESIGNER INNOVATIVE NANO TECHNOLOGY: Assessment Area: Vehicle and Living Facility attached with 5 pages including photographs of car break-in and findings marked as “Exhibit FF.”)

38. (See Phase I: Photomicrograph Report with date June 22, 2015, Chain of Custody of specimens, Navy chart, a chart of Keri Burnor’s experience relating to nanotechnology and the Navy with 20 pages marked as “Exhibit GG.”)

39.  On June 23, 2015 the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory publicly published an article “NRL Researchers First to Detect Spin Precision in Silicon Nanowires” by Donna McKinney.  (See Article attached with 3 pages marked as “Exhibit HH.”)

40.  Affiant has experienced immeasurable loss of privacy, loss of health, loss of civil and other rights, loss of safety, interceptions of all communications, electronic, oral, written, and otherwise, suffered terroristic acts, abuse as a chemical and biological experiment, torture, cruel and inhumane treatment, suffered hate crimes, discrimination, retaliation, isolation, irreparable loss of time with family and friends, a victim of conspiracy against her rights and against America, gang stalked, harassed, electronically harassed, theft and obstruction of her mail and correspondences, a victim and witness of weapons of mass destruction, destruction of motor vehicle, and intent to murder.  (See Affidavit of Fact by Keri Burnor, notary and witness with 1 page witnessed by Bill Boyd of the Richardson Texas Post Office, Victim and Witness and other documents evidencing mail theft and damage to Affiant’s mail with 7 pages attached and marked as “Exhibit II.”) (See also Affidavit of Hildegarde Staninger, Witness and Victim “Legal Notice of Criminal Activity by Government Officials and Demand for Action by the Witness and Victim with 9 pages and 16 supporting documents attached hereto marked as “Exhibit JJ.”)

41.  Affiant has first-hand knowledge and has not requested nor given any consent express or otherwise for any assistance with hearing or sight via means of prosthetics, neuro prosthetics, or any technology involving the like.

42.  Affiant has first-hand knowledge that Affiant has not committed nor participated in any criminal acts, any crimes, and has a “clean record” and is not on any ‘no fly’ or international or domestic global watch lists.  Affiant serves God and humanity to the best of Affiant’s knowledge and ability and does not harm anyone.

43.  Affiant hereby requests that a Grand Jury be convened immediately and Affiant will be happy to testify to the crimes and acts herein revealed. Affiant hereby demands to be protected from retaliation as a victim and a witness of crimes.

44.  Affiant has no known enemies and strives to live a quiet and peaceful life of study, prayer, and work.

45.  Affiant has testified in a high-profile criminal case (Commonwealth vs. Joseph Chu-Cong, Case No. Docket No. 0269CR001118 March 13, 2003) against a Trappist monk who sexually assaulted Affiant on August 23, 2001.

46. Affiant has first-hand knowledge of crimes committed in or about 2012 to Grace Haggerty, witness and victim, of 3800 Pebblecreek Court, Plano, Texas 75023.

47. Affiant has first-hand knowledge of crimes done to other individuals at Saint Joseph’s Abbey and is willing to disclose these to a Grand Jury.

48.  Affiant has repeatedly tried to publish a manuscript called “The Divine Challenge” by Keri Burnor, but to no avail until now.  Attached hereto on a USB flash drive is the story of Affiant’s life up until 2008, with 304 pages attached hereto and marked as “Exhibit KK.” Also included on the USB flash drive are photos, emails, and other documents provided to augment the Affiant’s manuscript.  All legal documents herein are true, correct, complete and unaltered copies of the original unless stated otherwise.  This is the unedited version of the manuscript and will be furnished on a USB flash drive. Affiant hereby demands protection for all victims and witnesses involved.

49. All exhibits attached or enclosed hereto and referred to throughout this entire Affidavit are incorporated by reference as though fully stated herein, whether by document, attachment, CD,  DVD, or USB Flash Drive, and all websites are also included herein including all pages, interviews, documents, audios, etc., on

50.  Affiant believes in the Word of God: “Jesus saith unto them, ‘Did ye ever read in the scriptures, The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner: this is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes’? Therefore I say unto you, the Kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof. And whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken: but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder.”

Further Affiant saith naught.                                     






Keri May Burnor, Witness and Victim


      Before me, a Notary for McHenry County in the State of Illinois, appeared the affiant, Keri May Burnor and after making herself known to this public officer by virtue of pictured identification and after swearing to the truthfulness of her statements made in the criminal report herein, and being apprised of the penalties of perjury, did place her signature hereon in my presence on this ____ day of ________________, 2015.









  Text Box: A Notary Public or other officer completing this certificate verifies only the identity of the individual who signed the document to which this certificate is attached and not the truthfulness, accuracy, or validity of that document.




State of Illinois

County of McHenry


On ______________________ before me, ___________________________________

                                                                                    (insert name and title of the officer)


personally appeared _____________________________________________________

who proved to me on the basis of satisfactory evidence to be the person whose name is subscribed to the within instrument and acknowledged to me that she executed the same in her authorized capacity, and that by her signature on the instrument, the person or the entity upon behalf of which the person acted, executed the instrument.


WITNESS my hand and official seal.




                        Notary Public



Text of Hildegarde Staninger Affidavit


Dr. Hildegarde Staninger®, RIET-1

Integrative Health Systems®, LLC

415 ¾ N. Larchmont Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA   90004

Phone:  323-466-2599  Fax;  323-466-2774





Los Angeles County                  )

                                              ) ss:

State of California                    )                                       Date:    July 3, 2015






Legal Notice of Criminal Activity

 by Government Officials and

Demand for Action by the Witness & Victim


            This legal notice serves as notice to the principal and notice to the agent. Notice to the agent is notice to the principal. The people of the United States of America and the world have been put on Notice by way of this open and public forum.


I, Dr. Hildegarde Staninger®, RIET-1 affiant, victim and witness of crimes, whose current address Integrative Health Systems®, LLC, 415 ¾ N. Larchmont Blvd., Los Angeles, California  90004, states that Affiant is of legal age, competent to testify, has personal first-hand knowledge and believes that the truths and facts herein are true, correct, complete, certain,  and not misleading.


 I have observed, performed H-SCADA Investigations and Assessments, and evaluated the report findings, data, applied laboratory tests, bio-energy field analysis and biological monitoring results that confirm my belief the facts as associated with this affidavit are herein described in relation to Keri Burnor and the topic of weaponized innovative nanotechnology which appear to be of criminal activity.  Due to the nature of these facts and technical aspects of the facts it would be deemed unlawful for the Affiant not to report these facts to the proper authorities by way of this affidavit, therefore the Affiant,  Dr. Hildegarde Staninger®, RIET-1 making report of this knowledge and information.


On Saturday, December 7, 2013 at approximately 13:00 Affiant met with Keri Burnor hereinafter Victim and Witness also referred to as “client” in December of 2012 and have been in communication with her on an ongoing basis for exposure to innovative nanotechnology, bio-sensor devises and bio-agent exposure through professional exposure with intent to kill or initiated a chronic disease state that would lead to death without direct association due to time delay factors.


     Affidavit states that specific reports were written by about Keri Burnor’s exposures to advanced innovative nanotechnology by Affidavit as listed below:

  • Re-Testing of Specific Biological Monitoring Tests exposure to advanced nano materials  dated July 23, 2013.

  • Toxicological Dysfunction Analysis (TDA) Report dated January 28, 2013.

  • Toxicological Evaluation Report Corrected Jaunuary 16, 2013 Original Report dated December 22, 2012.

  • Columbia Investigations Report by Melinda Kidder, PI, CESCO dated December 13, 2012.

  • Advanced Materials Analysis Report for Origin of Specimen(s): Chemical Analysis of Mesogenic Bio-Sensory Advanced Materials dated December 13, 2012  Phase I:  Photomicrographs; Phase II:  Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM); and Phase III:  Raman Spectroscopy/Micro Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR).

  • Multiple Advanced Bio-Energy Field Analysis results for Patch Test, Hair Comparative bio-energy field analysis from year 2013 to present date.

      The results of the analysis for the Mesogenic Bio-Sensory Advanced Materials and the specific parameters found in recent bio-energy field analysis are specific for man-made nano-biosensory innovative nanotechnology and delivery systems.  It is of extreme concern for Keri Burnor’s health and well being, since the data and results within the  reports indicate not only presence of innovative nanotechnology but it has been weaponized as a bio-agent and/or neuro remote sensory technology due to the specific parameters found that coincides with current scientific literature in the field of nanotechnology, bio-agent counter measures and The National Nanotechnology Initiative:  Supplement to the President’s 2016 Budget  per national Science and Technology council, Committee on Technology Subcommittee on Nanoscale Science, Engineering and Technology as published by the National nanotechnology Coordination Office, 4201 Wilson Blvd., Stafford II, Room 405, Arlington, VA   22230. (  It was an $18 Billion US Dollar industry per the 2013 Presidential Budget with the participation of DOD, DHS, USDA/ARS, NNI, DOJ, DARPA, DOD and several other agencies as well as global collaborative networks, systems and data collections through asset management systems as well as investment partnering relationships.


    To the Affiant’s knowledge there have been repeated attempts to murder Keri Burnor, to maim, permanent loss of brain function and monitor her biological presence, genetics and physiological functions via remote sources.


        There is intent and that those listed or named in said reports are linked to and specific entity (ies) is/are responsible for this technology being misused, planned and intended to be directed specifically to Keri Burnor through the specific aspects of the innovative nanotechnologies biometric, genetic and architectural design specific for Keri Burnor.


         The American Society of Microbiology in their September 15, 2006 – The Science of Prevention Testimony specifically addressed the concern of biological agents (biological/chemical weapons) and their use as a bioterrorism agent for the environmental detection of early detection of infectious disease – whether from natural outbreaks or bioterrorist attacks is critical for curtailing morbidity and mortality.   In terms of medical diagnoses, we rely on the medical and public health committees, giving a key role to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for recognizing suspicious disease outbreaks (, which has been developed into nano delivery systems for non detection through current means.  The architecture and signal engineering of the material may be designed and intended for good or bad applications.   Specifically in Keri Burnor’s case it was used as a bio weapon, chemical weapon, a weapon of mass destruction with specific parameters used to giver her rabbit fever, leukemia, breast cancer and/or colon cancer as well as the use of nano-siliconCMOS/MEMS neurospheroid technology  used to violate her privacy, to damage her permanently and cause her death.

    Keri  Burnor was perfectly clear of this technology and since recent tests of poryphyrins (other tests pending as of this date of Affidavit)  has returned to show a presence of specific nanotechnology composed of hexagonalcarboxyls that are specifically used to make porphyrin nanotubes used in hexagonal waveguides as reported in Phase I:  Photomicrograph dated June 22, 2015 and Advanced resonance Analysis Report:  Special Request Analysis dated June 6, 2015 were reintroduced back into her system. That she never gave permission for this. That the use of it was for torture, terrorism and hate crimes reasons against her… due to Keri Burnor’s unswerving faith in Christ without adherence to the Catholic faith tenets (recent conversion 2008 to Orthodoxy, a heretical act as defined by the Roman Catholic dogmas….and a means of retaliation by those who she witnessed against in a criminal trial in 2003 against a priest of the Cistercian Order and the Catholic Church)

    The earmarks of Jesuit attack are also seen in that Fordham University pioneered the use of nanotechnology and is one of the leading authorities on the subject. That according to Keri Burnor’s testimony (Transcripts of the Trial Case Number Docket No. 0269CR001118 March 13, 2003 Commonwealth vs. Joseph Chu-Cong, that BOTH priests who testified against her were graduates, affiliates or professors at Fordham University. Affiant heard Keri Burnor mentioning her concern that this Saint Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer Massachusetts was involved and that this same Abbey had a founder by the name of J. Peter Grace who is also known as one of the leaders involved in Project Paperclip, an operation that furnished a way to assist German doctors of the Third Reich evade the Nuremburg Trials while also assisting with protecting those involved in mind control experiments.  German scientists in 1934 developed nanotechnology as micro beads and other related technologies as stated in NANOTECHNOLOGY:  A Gentle Introduction to the Next Big Idea by Mark Ratner and Daniel Ratner, Prentice hall, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey © 2003. 


    Affiant believes Keri Burnor to be of sound mind and that her concerns are legitimate. Affiant has personally seen Department of Homeland Security monitor meetings outside of the building when Keri Burnor was present with Affiant on Saturday, December 7, 2013.  They were right outside the church building in the adjacent parking lot, which has 24/7 video monitoring of the parking lot.


    Affiant believes strongly that swift attention needs to be brought to the issue as children are at risk to the use of BTOP wideband licensing to governmental partners per county areas for testing and monitoring of individuals within a facility as well as monitoring remotely at home through T.V. and smart meter technology to enhance the electrical potentials and phononics to assist in monitoring the subject and/or parameters being monitored as well as biometrics from a global base link.  This can be further stated as taking the thoughts and electrical knowledge banks of ones brain and putting it into a “Brain Cloud” so that one may pick and choose or insert specific thoughts of another into a separate person.  This was explained well in the May 2015 Issue of Smithsonian Magazine as well as the interaction of artificial intelligence for virtual reality inserts into a child or adults brain through remote neural monitoring and university collaborative neuroscience and brain implant research.


    Affiant in 2012 and 2013 received various advanced nano materials specimens from California, North Carolina, Saudi Arabia and New York.  Each of the specimens matched each other, which means that these specific materials had to be aerially dispersed through Geo-Engineering means or the use of specific weaponized technologies through drone and/or helicopter applications.   In 2015 testing was done on a nano-siliconCMOS that was dispersed through aerial helicopter delivery applications over the beaches of Long Island, NY in the summer in 2014 and in the fall 2014 in the Caribbean.  The designs of these materials through photomicrographic images are similar in architectural design to Keri Burnor’s except that Burnor’s contained FRET electron paired spheroids that are clearly seen by their green fluorescence as previously stated in reported reports by Affiant.


    Affiant’s business experienced a significant change in economic fluxes, harassment and loss of manufactured products, since the initial evaluation of Keri Burnor in December 2012 to present date.


    Affiant also is concerned about the lack of awareness relating to subjects like nanotechnology being introduced to our foods, water, animals, pharmaceuticals and other commercial technologies without consumer knowledge.   One single aspect such as waterborne polyurethane (styrene), which is known to cause cancer, has been introduced as “modified food starch” or “microcrystalline cellulose into these supply chains.


    Affiant sees Keri Burnor presents to be a woman of high intelligence and skills that only wishes to return to a life of peace again.


         Upon reason and belief, and in Affiant’s own professional opinion as an Industrial Toxicologist/IH and Doctor of Integrative Medicine for 36 years, as well as being professionally certified as a Certified Industrial Environmental Toxicologist, and SCADA Professional (and Chairperson of the NREP-SCADA Special Task Force Committee) by the National Registry of Environmental Professionals, Glenview, IL and numerous other credentials, specialized training, text books and awards in the fields of industrial toxicology, toxicological risk assessment, safety, public health and engineering over Affiant’s professional career.


    Further Affiant saith naught.




                                                         Hildegarde Staninger, Witness and Victim


          Before me, a Notary for Los Angeles County in the State of California, appeared the affiant, Hildegarde Staninger and after making herself known to this public officer by virtue of pictured identification and after swearing to the truthfulness of her statements made in the criminal report herein, and being apprised of the penalties of perjury, did place his signature hereon in my presence on this ____ day of ________________, 2015.



    ______________________________    Seal:



Altar at St. Joseph's Abbey, Memorializing Nazi J. Peter Grace


To the Glory of God Most High
In Honor of the Blessed Virgin, Mother of God, Mary
Father of [our] Order, Of Sweet Memory, Founder of [our] Abbey
Joseph Peter Grace
And [his] wife Mary Margaret

The yellow lettering literally spells (i.e. casts the spell of) Spencer on the altar. 


Exhibits included in Burnor Affidavit

All exhibits attached hereto and throughout this entire Affidavit are incorporated by reference as though fully stated herein, whether by document, attachment, CD, or DVD, and all websites are also included herein including all pages, interviews, documents, audios, etc.

Exhibit A -- Dr. Bander report, January 2011 Vertigo (2 pages)

Exhibit B -- MRI Prescribed by Steven Bander, D.O., February 8, 2011 interpreted by Scott F. Lin, M.D. (1 page)

Exhibit C -- Timothy Armstrong July 20, 2011 [See “Memo for Record” with résumé and qualifications] (7 pages)

Exhibit D -- Dr. Kurland friend of the family doctor first sinus surgery April 26, 2007 [See surgery discharge document] (1 page)

Exhibit E -- Sinus surgery by Hsu, Chung-Sen, M.D. Subsequent surgery discharge July 20, 2011 (3 pages)

Exhibit F -- Emergency Department Discharge Texas Presbyterian document (1 page)

Exhibit G -- Surgical Pathology Report (2 pages, second page enlarged), and 6 pages [See on page 1 of the 6 pages that the “Unknown Doctor” and Affiant’s Physician STEVEN BANDER is found missing or concealed as seen in Page 1 of the 2 pages attached.]

Exhibit H -- Notes and pictures November 2011 swelling neck etc. (2 pages)

Exhibit I -- “Convo with james…” (2 pages), and JM-20 Pro R.F. Detector specifications dated Wednesday, August 15, 2012. (1 page)

Exhibit J -- Columbia Investigations Report dated December 13, 2012. (4 pages)

Exhibit K -- Heavy Metals Report bearing the aka name “Nectaria Burnor,” Client #26120. (1 page)

Exhibit L -- Referral from Dr. Sherri Tenpenny with date December 14, 2012. (1 page)

Exhibit M -- Hildegarde Staninger corrected report January 16, 2013, original report December 22, 2012. (10 15 pages plus 4 addl. pages)

Exhibit N -- Hildegarde Staninger Toxicological Dysfunction Analysis (TDA) Report. (5 pages plus 9 addl. pages)

Exhibit O -- James Privitera prescription Rx for BURNOR, KERI (1 page) and Toxic & Essential Elements; Hair test LAB#(H121226-2417-1), December 19, 2012. (7 pages)

Exhibit P --  [Exhibit P part 2] Presentation called “Unedited Version, Jesus Defeats Nanotechnology” (76 pages)  [MRI test results (before and after pictures) are provided in slides 27 and 28. For clearer original color presentation, click here.]

Exhibit Q -- Email message to Hildy with date January 26, 2013 10:50pm, for Affiant’s disposition at that time relating to Affiant’s experience. (2 pages)

Exhibit R -- Reports by Steven Bander, D.O., P.A. with dates January 30, 2013 (3 pages) and February 20, 2013 (2 pages).

Exhibit S -- Preferred Imaging, MRI test results presented by James Privitera with date January 4, 2013.  (1 page)

(Feb 8, 2011)

After Infestation With
Weaponized Nanotechnology
(Jan 4, 2013)


Exhibit U --  Hildegarde Staninger report ‘ADVANCED MATERIAL ANALYSIS REPORT FOR ORIGIN OF SPECIMEN(S) (Chemical Analysis of Mesogenic Bio-Sensory Advanced Materials)  Phase I: Photomicrographs Phase II: Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) Phase III: Raman Spectroscopy/Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR). (20 pages) Accompanying EDS and FTIR data, dated May 30, 2013.  (27 pages) 

Exhibit V -- Accompanying photomicrographs for Hildegarde Staninger report (in Exhibit U) dated May 30, 2013.  (29 pages)

Exhibit W -- Keri Burnor chart drawing of agencies involved relating to weaponized nanotechnology experience, created by Hildegarde Staninger, witness and victim.  DatedMay 30, 2013 (1 page)

Exhibit X -- Report with date July 23, 2013 “Re-Testing of Specific Biological Monitoring Tests Exposure to Advanced Nano Materials”.  (3 pages plus 5 addl. pages)

Exhibit Y -- Melinda Kidder report dated June 01, 2013.  (3 pages)

Exhibit Z -- Email message dated July 19, 2014.  (2 pages)  Also, attached ADVANCED RESONANCE ANALYSIS report dated July 11, 2014. (5 pages plus addl. 6 pages)

Exhibit AA -- Article by Greg Symanski. (7 pages)

Exhibit BB -- ADVANCED RESONANCE ANALYSIS report dated April 7, 2015 (13 pages) and April 6, 2015 (7 pages)

Exhibit CC -- FOXM1 PROTEIN STUDY dated June 6, 2015. (3 pages)

Exhibit DD -- ADVANCED RESONANCE ANALYSIS with date June 6, 2015. (15 pages)

Exhibit EE -- ADVANCED RESONANCE ANALYSIS REPORT: a Special Request Analysis (1 page) and attached Energy Field Analysis (32 pages)

Exhibit FF -- June 19, 2015, REPORT ON EXPOSURE TO DESIGNER INNOVATIVE NANO TECHNOLOGY: Assessment Area: Vehicle and Living Facility attached, including photographs of car break-in and findings. (5 pages)

Exhibit GG -- Phase I: Photomicrograph Report with date June 22, 2015, Chain of Custody of specimens, Navy chart, a chart of Keri Burnor’s experience relating to nanotechnology and the Navy. (20 pages)

Exhibit HH -- June 23, 2015 the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory publicly published an article “NRL Researchers First to Detect Spin Precision in Silicon Nanowires” by Donna McKinney.  See Article attached. (3 pages)

Exhibit II -- Affidavit of Fact by Keri Burnor, notary and witness, witnessed by Bill Boyd of the Richardson Texas Post Office, Victim and Witness (1 page), and other documents evidencing mail theft and damage to Affiant’s mail. (7 pages)

Exhibit JJ -- Affidavit of Hildegarde Staninger, Witness and Victim "Legal Notice of Criminal Activity by Government Officials and Demand for Action by the Witness and Victim." (9 pages) plus supporting documents (16 pages)

Exhibit KK -- Unedited manuscript, story of Affiant’s life up until 2008.  (304 pages)  Also included are photos, emails, and other documents provided to augment the Affiant’s manuscript.

For the filing REAL NAMES WERE USED REGARDING OTHER VICTIMS of Saint Joseph's Abbey.  Publisher only has permission to share the following exhibits relating to the Burnor Abbey Trial of 2003; this evidence is released for the first time publicly.

The book (edited to protect victims and witnesses), "Divine Challenge" is copyright protected and will soon be available for purchase.


Selected Documents from Exhibit KK


Letter from Brother Raphael Simon, St. Joseph's Abbey 

 Sister Keri at Wall at St. Joseph's Abbey Chapel



Police Statement of Brother Philippe Makram

 Sister Keri with Brother Philippe Makram, OCSO



Police Statement of Father Isaac Keeley (with pointed commentary)








Letter from Brother Alphonsus to the Apostolic Nuncio to the U.S., Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo



Letter from Miriam Singleton to Father Abbot Damian Carr

(permission given and documented)





Text of the preceding letter: 


August 7, 2003.

To Father Abbot Damian Carr,

Dear Father Abbot,

I’m enclosing a copy of a letter I sent Bishop Reilly several months ago.  To date I have not received any reply, call or acknowledgment regarding my communication from the Bishop or anyone from the diocese.

I’ve also become aware that as Abbot you actually have the jurisdiction a bishop would have over St. Joseph’s Abbey.  So perhaps my letter should have been sent to you.  I assumed the Bishop would have contacted me by now, and I would have given him my “OK” to discuss it with you or whoever he needed to in following up on it.




April 25, 2003

To most Reverend Daniel P. Reilly D.D.

Dear Bishop Reilly,

I’m writing to you from a deep sense of conscience and ethical concern, at least as far as I can honestly ascertain with the light of the Holy Spirit.  I have struggled and prayed for sometime now in my decision to write you as I know our hearts are often pulled by concerns other than those of truth and love.

I am writing to you regarding Sr. Keri Burnor, and her case regarding her experience with Father Joseph Chu-Cong of St. Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer.

I first became aware of her story through a lifelong friend of mine, Sister Mariam Maluf of Petersham – St. Scholastica’s priory.  I had never heard of, known, nor met Sr. Keri.  Prior to receiving a call from Sister Mariam, Sr. Keri had been confiding in Sr. Mariam when upset over what Father Joseph had done to her.  Sister Mariam told me that as she listened, she was immediately struck by how this incident was almost exactly like an incident I had confided in Sr. Mariam many years ago, approximately 13 to 15 years ago, when I too had been emotionally and spiritually disturbed by Father Joseph’s action to me.  Of course Sr. Mariam had not broken my confidence of years to Sr. Keri ie., she had not told Sr. Keri who/where I was.  But on this call, she gave me Sr. Keri’s number telling the Sr. Keri had expressed a desire to connect with me and that she could use my support if I wanted to offer it.  After that I did contact Sr. Keri to offer her support.  Shortly after that I was contacted by Father Isaac of Spencer, who asked me to tell him what had occurred between me and Father Joseph.  I believe I also had given Sr. Mariam permission to talk to Father Raphael Simon about my incident.  I also received a call from Tom Ryan, a police detective also asking for my account (by phone), but I declined his request to put something in writing at that time.

To describe my incident, I will first give some of my background leading up to the setting in which it occurred.  I grew up in Cambridge, and Still River as part of Father Feeney’s order as both my parents joined as a religious order, since the “Boston Heresy Case” where my father XXXXX was one of the 4, Boston College professors fired for supporting Father Feeney.  I was a nun from age 15 at Still River and left there in 1981.  I left because with time, spiritual guidance and discernment, I realized I wanted to be a mother, that my vocation had not been freely chosen as an adult, and that I wanted to be a person of faith in a different setting.

When I left still River in 1981, Spencer became a sort of “transitional space” for me to maintain my spiritual life and familiar bond with monastic style life and liturgies.  I lived in XXXXX and worked there as well, from 1981 until I left XXX  to pursue medical school in XXX, and fall of 1989, with the exception of fall 1983 to fall 1984 during which time I obtained a master’s degree in psychology at XX in  XX.

My years in XXX where I’d go to Mass at Spencer on Sundays and frequently during the week before work was the setting and timeframe in which I had contact with Father Joseph.  After Mass, I’d sometimes go to the guesthouse and request to see a priest for confession.  To the best of my memory I had probably gone to confession and or conversed with Father Joseph, only a few times prior to the incident.  The day of the incident, I did not ask specifically for Father Joseph, only for an “available” priest.  I had felt comfortable with what I sensed his spirituality to be ie., more traditional/conservative and consistent with what I was used to at that time (coming from St. Benedict’s).  Overall, he seems like a spiritual/compassionate and friendly person, but that was the extent of my relationship with him.

The incident occurred after confession and when I was saying goodbye to Father Joseph, where he suddenly and deliberately put his hand down and grabbed my breast.  I immediately told him “Father, that’s not right” or some such words, the essence of which was to tell him I felt it was wrong.  He then immediately justified it spiritually saying that it was a spiritual expression of his love for me in Jesus.  Again, this was the general meaning of his explanation and justification as I don’t recall an exact quote.  I then said “no father, spiritual love in Jesus is not/should not be expressed that way”.  He then said “you’re right” and apologized to me.  I believe he may have also thanked me for telling him the truth or so I’ve “filed” this impression in my mind over the years.

After that I went through anger, mixed emotional states, confusion as to whether I should tell the Abbot (then Agustine Roberts), and also wanting just to forgive and move on.  In this period of upset, I spoke in confidence to three people about the incident, my friend from childhood, Sr. Mariam (with whom I grew up at the center), XXXX my clinical supervisor from my own cases on my part-time job at that time at XXX in XXX which also had a connection or contact with XXX which was based, I believe in Boston. She in turn, worked with XXX Ph.D. The third person I spoke to was Father Owen Murphy OCSO of St. Joseph’s Abbey, who has since passed.  Father Owen had become a friend and sort of unofficial spiritual adviser to me.  I spoke with him more often than just going to confession as with Father Joseph. Fr. Owen just listened, Christ-like, with the supportive, peaceful, compassionate presence that he’d always offered me, as I struggled with what to do.  He never told me what to do or not to do, whether to tell Father Abbot or not to.  I myself concluded, I just forgive/forget and leave it to God.  At that time I assumed it was probably a one-time moment of weakness.  I also recall at least partial motive for talking to the Abbot as my anger and the “getting back” and Father Joseph by somewhat “getting him in trouble”.  But I let go of this at that time.

But now with this similar event, years later in the knowledge I now have as a psychiatrist, I know now that these type actions often have a compulsive/repetitive nature.  Hearing Sr. Keri’s description as almost identical to mine, I know now it’s quite probable there were a number of other similar events over the years, toward other women.  And this risk continues in the future for other women.

I also feel personally responsible as being probably the only person who could be her witness to the truth, lessen the current pain and injustice and ostrization and aloneness, Sr Keri is currently experiencing.  In age, Sr. Keri could be my daughter and I feel maternally protective of her as well as sisterly as a women like herself.

For years, I operated on the principle of forgiving a single event as an isolated moment of weakness for which Father Joseph seemed truly sorry, but with my current knowledge, my responsibility may be different.

I also have become keenly aware of, from years of experience treating my female patients, the devastation and long-term suffering and confusion sexual abuse can cause.  It is often the response of those they trust and confide in (family/friends), which is even more devastating and harmful than the original abuse, i.e. when family and friends disbelieve them, call them liars, tell them to keep silent about it.  Ostracize them etc. etc.

I believe Sr. Keri is currently experiencing this kind of response from Spencer and other religious who are like a family to her.  It is in an effort to counteract the ongoing damage to her caused by this response that I now write to you.  It is also to protect other women from having the same experience with Father Joseph in the future.  I believe this is a risk if he is left in ministries which put him in situations where this is possible.  


Miriam Singleton  MA M.D.


 Sister Keri with Brother Alphonsus



Letter from Brother Alphonsus to Abbot Damian Carr



Letter from Brother Alphonsus to Father Dominic

Letter in response from Father Dominic to Brother Alphonsus


Letter from Mother Teresa, Superior, of St. Ann's House


Sister Keri (aka Sister Benjamin) with Mother Teresa of St. Ann's House


Isaiah 54:17

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No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.


"Transforming Victims into Victors"