customer service person

Customer Services

Identify developments and proactively hone in on potential problems early on.

ceo person


Get the pulse on trending customers engagements and cross-department threads.

ops person


Calibrate operational efficiency by visually analyzing whether your teams are spending time on the higher ROI opportunities.

sales person


Gain visibility into progress of sales opportunities before they close or evaporate.

marketing person


Learn what’s important to your customers and about gaps and up-sell opportunities.

compliance person


Avoid legal and security threats by spotting potential liabilities and risks before they become full-blown problems.

We believe that the most powerful business insights are locked inside text*

*emails, documents, chats, collaboration, and similar (a.k.a. unstructured data)

There's a lot of data in your company that you don't put to work today.

That is data that people—your customers, teams, and vendors—read, write, communicate, collaborate, and create. And there are valuable insights hidden in that data, but it's not easy to extract the insights out.

80% of your company's data is text-based, and yet you're unable to tap into it in the same way you analyze spreadsheets and databases using existing BI.


Welcome to Proleafic

Proleafic provides an intuitive way to visualize insights about your customers and own organization through analysis of untapped text data.