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That’s a lot of mobile editorial out there. So much so that it seems to create a bit of an echo chamber as multiple sites cover the same games over and over. Sometimes they cover games just because they know it will lead to page views. That’s not bad, but it’s not interesting. We don’t want to add further to that echo, we want to do something different. We want to help people find their next favorite game.

It can be very difficult to find new games to play. We have a plan to fix that.

Our goal is to curate the mobile and connected TV game markets and deliver 1-5 games per day that just plain rock. Only the best of the best, hand picked from the new releases and from the best of the past.

You can get our recommendations on via any combination of the following:
» the web (obviously!)
» a weekly email
» RSS feed
» Facebook
» Twitter

We also have dedicated sections for each platform:
» iOS
» Android

We’ll be rolling out more over time. Currently we just cover iOS and Android phones and tablets. We plan to also cover connected TV devices like the Apple TV and Shield TV.

Have feedback? Let me know at jeff@slidetoplay.com. I’d love your input on the new direction and what you think we should be doing.

Jeff Scott
Editor / Publisher, Slide To Play

Many thanks to AfterPad for their great database of MFi controller compatible games.

Staff Bios

Jeff Scott, Managing Editor / Publisher
Jeff created 148Apps and built that to one of the most respected mobile app blogs this side of mars. Jeff has taken over Slide To Play and has big plans to take it to the next level to help address the issues faced in the mobile games world. Twitter: @TheAppivore.

Recent Alumni Bios

Chris Reed, Editor in Chief
Chris Reed has written for Slide To Play since 2009. His preferred video game genres are Western RPGs and platformers, and his favorite games include Skyrim and Super Mario World. Follow Chris on Twitter: @_chrislreed.

Nadia Oxford, Editor
Nadia began playing video games when she was four years old and far too young to understand the emotional conflict that kept Mario and Donkey Kong out of each others’ arms. She still doesn’t have all the answers, but she does understand why the Princess must be found in another castle. Nadia survives through freelance writing, somehow. Her work can be found at Gamezebo, Nerve, 1UP, Edge, GamePro, Mania, About.com, What They Play, and The Daily Tube. She lives in Toronto.

Martine Paris, Features Editor
Martine Paris reports on the scene from the floor of industry’s top trade shows providing fans a glimpse into gaming culture with her popular guides to show programming and parties. She’s written for a variety of other media sites including Pocket Gamer and AOL Music. Follow Martine @contentnow.