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Guitar Theory Secrets 001
June 12, 2011


This is Alex from

You are receiving this mail because you subscribed to Guitar Theory Secrets some time ago. It may be the case that you subscribed a long time ago, and since you haven't heard from me since, you may have even forgotten about your sign-up. So I apologize for not having sent this eZine out to you sooner!

The reason I haven't been able to focus on Guitar Theory Secrets has been my self-imposed book writing exile. I've been busy creating stuff that you will hopefully find valuable!


In the mean time, I have prepared some cool downloads for you to use and enjoy:

The first is my eBooklet 10 Steps to Learn the Guitar Fretboard. Although written mainly for beginners, it contains guitar study strategies that are sure to help you even if you're already an advanced player, so check it out!

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The second, is my Music Business Startup Guide. It contains everything you need in order to set up a profitable business, online, around your music. In fact, you can apply the same ideas to any niche, hobby or passion. Wouldn't that be cool? Being able to make a living, online, from the what you love the most?

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If you've only just signed up, you may already have downloaded these subscriber-exclusive resources. If that is the case, stay tuned! There will be plenty of interesting stuff coming soon on Guitar Theory Secrets!

All the best,

Alex Cortes

PS. Be sure to visit GTiD! There are plenty of new things for you to check out!!!

Album Review: Our Old House

Music by Kostas Milonas
Dimitris Kotronakis, guitar
Panagiotis Lambropolous, guitar
Giorgos Mastrogiannopolous, guitar
Panagoitis Drakis, flute

Although Our Old House is an instrumental album, all the pieces in it feel just like songs. Songs for one, two, and three guitars, as well as for guitar trio and flute, that flow with natural grace; an elegant virtuosic lyricism imbued with mediterranean warmth and melodic sweetness.

The album alternates between lively playfulness and sensuous melancholy, seamlessly merging a certain undefinable Greek quality with latin rhythms and forms, most prominently, the Tango. At times there are touches of the Portuguese Fado, and even of balalaikas. This blend of seemingly unrelated sounds is completely natural in this music, Greece being the midpoint between east and west.

The name of the album certainly captures the overall feeling of the music in it: it feels like a house one knows well and has lived in for years -natural and warm. A mediterranean house, with whitewashed walls, and the soft south breeze that blows in through the arches and windows. A house filled with memories of warm, passionate moments, and of dreams and melancholy.

The guitar playing bursts with understated virtuosity, which only takes the fore when it has to, as in the Etude No 1, in which Dimitris Kotronakis demonstrates his ability for beautiful phrasing regardless of the difficulty and tempo of the music.

This album is certain to appeal to lovers of guitar music old and young.

For more info, visit

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