WJChess 2D

Chess game

WJChess 2D is a free chess game for Windows computers (FreeWare).



  • Including all chess rules (e.p., under-promotion, folds rep., 50 moves rule...)
  • 6 chess sets
  • Opening book
  • WJChess can suggest a move
  • Choice of levels : easy, medium, difficult or advanced
  • Ability to create / save / load positions in the international FEN notation
  • Replay the game by browsing the history moves
  • Comes with user manual including chess rules
  • Print the chess board and history moves


WJChess 2D v1.01
Source code WJChess 2D v0.61 for Visual Basic 6


Current release : v1.01 with chess engine v1.64
Language : French