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RICS Ku-Band

RICS Ku-Band VSAT system is directly connected to our backbone via GE-23 and provides unprecedented performance and low latency. Based on the cutting edge SHIRON DVB-S2 ACM Intersky platform, the platform utilises the latest modulation techniques and ensures reliability, availability and throughput. RICS Ku-Band provides:

  • Dynamic allocation of bandwidth between multiple sites
  • Internet services, including browsing, Telephony and Fax over IP, Audio and Video streaming, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Instant Messaging
  • Unlimited downloads or capped services*
  • Online billing procedures, allowing users to manager their own usage and subscription levels*
  • 24/7 Remote network monitoring
  • World-class service and ticket handling system
    *Subject to a special subscription level being signed for.

Equipment Pricing

Bandwidth prices contention ratio 1:10

Bandwidth/kbps Monthly Fee
256/128 US$395.00
384/128 US$495.00
512/128 US$660.00
512/256 US$775.00

Bandwidth prices contention ratio 1:4
Please enquire

View our RICS Master Service Agreement for Internet Services.

We also recommend that you read our Terms and Conditions before ordering your RICS service and hardware.

Terminal Equipment

You will need to purchase the following equipment to install at your VSAT site.

We offer 1.2 and 1.8m dishes. (1.8m are more robust during heavy rain and suite larger trunking applications, such as ISPs. 1.8 dishes are recommended if you think you may upgrade to higher uplink speeds in the future, and for areas with poor satellite reception).

Dish Size Price
1.2m US$890.00
1.8m US$1,820.00


Modem Kit Type Price
Shiron iRG-4G US$1890.00

The Shiron DVB-S2 kit uses very little power, is compact, low cost, with no moving parts. The kit includes:

  • Shiron  DVB-S2 or Shiron 4G DVB-S2 modem
  • 3W BUC
  • LNB
  • 25m Cable

Optional Extras

Recommended for more transmit power or higher data rates.

Optional Extra Price
4W BUC Upgrade $US1140



Freight Pricing

1.2M Kit 1.8M Kit 2.4M Kit 3.8M Kit 4.5M Kit
Seafreight Seafreight Seafreight


The RICS Ku-Band uses the South East Pacific (SEP) and the South West Pacific (SWP) satellite beams from GE-23 satellite to cover the Pacific.

The links below are to Google Earth placemarks (.kmz files) which will let you see the satellite beam coverage using Google Earth.

South West Pacific Google Earth Placemark

South East Pacific Google Earth Placemark


View RICS Network status (External link)

Installation Manual

Forms (required to be completed to bring your site online)

Dish Alignment Tool

Speed Testing Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

Further Support

If you require a cost-effective service with a larger capacity than RICS, please contact us for assistance.