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    Book: People Money - The Promise of Regional Currencies

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John  Rogers - Senior Associate, Value for People
John Rogers – Senior Associate, Value for People

Value for People is directed by Senior Associate John Rogers, an organiser and promoter of local currencies since 1993.

John is:

Value for People is partnered with the Complementary Currency Resource Center

Value for People is part of the Global Transition Map of New Economy Initiatives

People Money Game is listed at Geographies of Change

Current Clients

Home Town Plus, UK

My Drop in the Oceans, Geneva, Switzerland

Hull Peoples’ Premium (redesigning HullCoin)



Talks, Training, Workshops and Webinars



“If I wanted to understand and even set up a local currency, these books would be top on my list of sources to turn to.”

Alan AtKisson, author of “The Sustainability Transformation”

“The Map – How To Out Your Local Economy”

by John Rogers, published exclusively as an e-Book, September 2014, on Lulu. Now only available here as a FREE DOWNLOAD (click on the link above).

“Imagine an online map of your region that shows households, businesses, voluntary organisations and government agencies. It shows what they need and what they want to share. Imagine Google Search plus Google Maps meets Facebook, with eBay mashed up with Kickstarter and Loyalty Points, available online and on the move, all focussed on your home region. It is a social and economic network that can scale down to a single postcode and up to regional level. Although it doesn’t yet exist as described here, it is called The Map.”


“Rogers promotes a very sensible idea to re-invigorate local currency and exchange. Thought provoking and refreshing perspective on community and monetary systems.”
Matthew Labattaglia


“Local Money – What Difference Does It Make?”
John Rogers, Triarchy Press, June 2013

“Other generations faced big challenges: the Industrial Revolution with its sweeping social and economic changes; abolishing slavery; defeating fascism; establishing civil rights for all. The generations now alive must solve the ‘money problem’. We must reclaim money from the speculators and restore it to its role as a medium for trade that serves us all.”



“People Money – the Promise of Regional Currencies”
by Margrit Kennedy, Bernard Lietaer and John Rogers, Triarchy Press, 2012. Includes 16 full profiles of local currencies based on interviews with practitioners.

FREE DOWNLOAD full text of People Money


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