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ASAA's New England Chapter at the Clovis in the Southeast Conference, October 26-29, 2005

In retrospect, the New England Chapter was well represented at the Clovis in the Southeast Conference. This meeting focused on the fact that the greatest number of Palaeo-American fluted points has been found in the Southeast.

Conference speakers included: Dr. M. Fitzpatrick, Michael B. Collins, David G. Anderson, D. Shane Miller, Stephen J. Yerka, James S. Dunbar, C. Andrew Hemmings, Kenn Steffey, A.D. Pickering, Kara Bridgman Sweeney, J. Christopher Gillam, Tommy Charles, I. Randolph Daniels, Jr., Joseph M. McAvoy, Darrin L. Lowery, John B. Broster, Mark R. Norton, E. Breitburg, G. Barker, H. Blaine Ensor, Dennis Stanford, David S, Leigh, S. David Webb, Thomas W. Stafford, Jr., R. Graham, E. Lundelius, H. Semken, J. Southon, Steven L. Forman, John E. Foss, Daniel P. Wagner, J. Wah, J. Gingerich, Michael R. Waters, J. Foss, R. Firestone, A. West, T. Bunch, J. Wittke, Michael Faught, Elijah C. Ellerbush, Ted Goebel, and J. Morrow. And, of course, Al Goodyear who helped coordinate the conference, also conducted trips to the Topper site.

Click on an image to view full size.

1. Attractive poster that was produced for the conference.

2. R. Michael Gramly greets fellow ASAA members at the conference.

3. Chris Lamb displays classic Clovis artifacts from the Lamb Site, Genesee County, western New York state.

4.Kirk Spurr (L) and Michael Gramly pose at the ASAA display table within conference exhibition hall.

5. Joe Finneran (L) holds Gary Fogelman's large Palaeo biface from Franklin Co., Massachusetts. This artifact is illustrated in Gramly's Guide to the Palaeo-American Artifacts of North America.

6. These colorful Florida artifacts were typical of the thousands of unique pieces on display within the exhibition hall.

7. Rodney Peck, officer of the Piedmont Archaeological Society, displayed hundreds of fluted points, etc. from the Williamson Site, Virginia, and elsewhere. These quartz crystal Clovis points delighted beholders.

8. Reporter (L) interviews Michael Collins, excavator of the Gault Site, Texas during his conversation with Joe Finneran (on right) — New England Chapter Member.

9. Al Goodyear lectures to crowd from the depths of his excavation within a purported 50,000 years B.P. zone at the Topper site, South Carolina. His presentation was the highlight of the entire conference.

10. ASAA's Eric Lott (L) and Greg Lott (Ctr.) in discussion with Dennis Stanford of the Smithsonian Institution while at the Topper site.

11. Archaeologist takes measurements at excavation of Clovis workshop on hillside at the Topper site.

12. (L-R) ASAA Members Kirk Spurr, Greg Lott and Eric Lott "pig-out" at pig roast in Topper site mess hall just after the tour of excavations.