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We are dedicated to analysing both historical and contemporary practices of design, culture and the arts


Art and Design

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We value the research of our academics for the public good and because it guarantees our teaching looks at the past with a critical eye, is abreast of the contemporary moment, and weaves the fabric of the future.


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The English research group is a dynamic and enterprising community of researchers and practitioners working in a range of literary, cultural and creative fields.


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History forms a long-standing centre of research excellence and scholarship within the University across modern and contemporary political history to regional and local, cultural and intellectual history.


Teesside's online research repository gives you access to the collection of peer-reviewed research and e-theses produced by members of the Institute of Design, Culture and the Arts.

Centre for fascist, anti-fascist and post-fascist studies

Teesside University hosts a unique research unit dedicated to the study of the far right and its opposition.