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Earnie R. Breeding
W. H. Henderson and S. E. Henderson was Married Jan 10, 1882
W.(illiam) C.(larence) Blankenship and M.(inerva) J. Speagle (Speegle) was married January 12, 1894
Walter Mays and Miley A.(nn) Blankenship was married February 21, 1895
(Rev.) J.(ohn) T.(om) Blankenship and Cornelius R(achel) Wright was married June 30, 1901.
William C.(larence) Blankenship was borned June 30, 1872
Miley Ann Blankenship was borned February 26, 1875
Simon H. Blankenship was borned December 30, 1878
Henryetta Blankenship was borned December the 30, 1878
Aaron H. Blankenship was Borned March the 17th, 1881.
John T.(om) Blankenship was borned September 17, 1882
Ada Lee Blankenship was Borned March the 9, 1884.
Nettie F.(rances) Blankenship was Borned July 20, 1888.
Earl Blankenship was Borned February the 24, 1890
Lema Claude Blankenship was Borned February the 20, 1893.
W.(illiam) H.(arvey) Blankenship was Borned April the 2, 1837
Sarah E.(lvira) Blankenship was borned September the 7, 1846
A. F.(rances) E.(mily) Blankenship died October 28, 1881.
Henryettar Blankenship died September 9, 1886. Age 7 years, 8 months and 10 days
Simon H. Blankenship died October 22, 1890. Age 13 years, 6 months and 5 days.
S.(arah) E.(lvira) Blankenship died March the 17, 1907, age 60 Years, six months and 27 days.
W.(illiam) H.(arvey) Blankenship Died November 12, 1913, age 76 years 6 months and 21 days.

Phyllis Owens
Earnie R. Breeding
Samuel Breeding was born May the 2nd 1799
Tilitha Breeding was born Feb the 4th 1800
Lucinda Breeding July the 24th 1820
William Breeding April 15th 1822
Sarah Breeding August the 19th 1824
Emaline Breeding Sept the 15th 1826
Mary Breeding Nov_ the 27th 1828
Elizabeth Breeding Jan_4th(note: sort of scribbly so it was rewritten to follow) 4th 1831
Samuell and Tilith Breeding May 2nd 1833
Lavisa Breeding March 19th 1836
James Breeding March 29th 1838
Martha Breeding March 22nd 1841
John Mason Breeding May 24th 1845
Samuel Breeding died April 15th 1852
Tilitha Breeding died March 1869
William Breeding died May 16th 1899
Sarah Draper died Jun the 8th 1843
Mary Breeding died Feb_4th 1850
Tilitha Breeding died April 10th 1852
Martha Breeding Jun_the 19th 1842
I John M Breeding and Mary L Whitton was Married july the 19th 1865
Mary Elna Breeding ws Born june the 4 1866
James David Breeding was borne july the 22 1867
Clarissa Maxamilia Breeding was Born november the 30 1869
Elisabeth Augusta Breeding was born july the 7 1872
Alonzo Festus Breeding was born the 28th day of May 1874
Martha Lovellin Breeding was born the 31st day of May 1876
Lucious Mason Breeding was born july the 14 1878
Oro Lee Breeding was born august the 28 1880
Edward Darius Breeding was born june the 1 1883
Dora Edna Breeding was Born January the 10 1886
Eva Leona Breeding was Born December the 7 1887
James David Breeding departed this life August the 19th 1868
John Mason Breeding departed this life March 4th 1904
Laura Louisa Breeding was Born January the 19th 1890 died January 19_1937
John Mason Breeding and Mary L. Whitton was married July The 19th 1865.
Mary Elna Breeding was born June 4th 1866
James David Breeding July 22 1867
Clarrissa Maxamilia Breeding Born Nov. 30 1869
Elizabeth Augusta Breeding Born July 7 1872
Alonza Festus Breeding Born May 23 1874
Martha Lovellin Breeding Born May 31 1876
Lucius Mason Breeding Born July 14 1878
Ora Lee Breeding Born August 28 1880
Edward Darius Breeding June 1 1883
Dora Edna Breeding Born Jan 10 1886
Eva Leona Breeding Born Dec 7 1887
Laura Louisa Breeding Born Jan 19 1890
James David B. died Aug. 19-1867
John Mason B died March 4-1904
Mary Louisa B died Feb 1918
Lucius Mason B. died April 26-1951
Laura Louisa B died Jan 19-1943
Mary Elna Died
Clarrissa Maxamilia died
Elizabeth Augusta died
Alonza Festus died
Martha Lovellin Died June 10 1910
Edward Darius died
Eva Leona Died
Ora Lee Died 1962-1799

Wilie T. Childers and Nancy S. Windsor 28 November 1886

Susan Magdaler Childers borned July the 12th 1895
Thomas Fielder Childers Oct the 31 1893
John P. Windsor was borned August 7 1815
E.A. Windsor borned Sept 15 1829
N.P. Windsor was borned Nov 24 1850
India Windsor was bonred Mar 11, 1852
Mary Windsor was borned Oct 11, 1853
M.A. Windsor was borned Mar 24, 1855
Wilie T. Childers was borned Mar 24 1847
Nancy S. Childers was borned Jul 16, 1857
Hugh Windsor was borned Oct 3, 1862
W.H. Windsor was borned Jan 3, 1864
Isaac Windsor was borned Mar 15 1866
L.R. Windsor was borned Sept 10, 1871
Robert Lee Childers borned Oct the 8, 1887
Isaac Franklin Childers was borned Feb 5, 1890
Ollie roseann Childers Oct the 24, 1891
Lucy H. Childers May the 11 1845
Sarah A. Childers May the 28, 1868
Martha M. Childers Dec the 27, 1871
John W. Childers April the 1 1874
Mary E. Childers January 8, 1877
William J. Childers Dec 9, 1880
David B. Childers ___ 23 1882
Walter Whittle Childers was borned April 2, 1897
India Eugenia Childers was borned April 22 1900

Mrs. Virginia Gooch Watson (Mrs. George F.), 613 Hillsboro Road-B17, Franklin, TN. 37064-2180
Bible record of Allen Tait Gooch, resident of Valerhermoso Springs Resort Hotel from about 1855/56 until about 1870. Gooch's son-in-law, Jean Joseph Giers and his wife, Mary Lucinda (Gooch) Giers, owned the Valerhermoso Springs Hotel. Allen Tait Gooch and his family, from Murfreesboro, Rutherford Co., TN., went to Valerhermoso Springs to stay during the Civil War when the war clouds began to appear in TN. The Bible family pages are pasted in a scrapbook that belonged to a granddaughter of Jean Joseph & Mary Lucinda (Gooch) Giers, Mrs. Cherie Giers Lindsay (Mrs. David) of Town Creek, Ala. Cherie died in 1993 and it is not known whether this Bible record and the original Valhermoso Springs Hotel Register are still in her family or were given to the Huntsville, Ala. Library. Cherie's sister, Mrs. Romola Delphine (Giers) Colson (Mrs. Sebron Colson of Eutaw, Ala.) may have these records. The Allen Tait Gooch Bible contains the birth & death dates of Allen Tait Gooch and his wife, Elizabeth Venable (Morton) Gooch and their children, and Allen T. Gooch's parents. The Bible is as follows:
Nathaniel Gooch was born Oct. 10th 1768
Martha Gooch wife of N.G. was born November 6th 1777
Allen Tait Gooch was born Sept. 11th 1806, Died Feb. 28, 1883
Nathaniel Gooch was married to Martha Tait Dec. 7th 1797
Nathaniel Gooch died Oct. 30th 1841
Martha Gooch died Sept. 18th 1827
Elizabeth Venable Morton Gooch was born November 6th 1809, Died August 2,
Buried in Valerhermoso Springs Cemetery.
Nathaniel M. (Morton) Gooch was born August 28th 1827
John Claiborne Gooch was born Sept. 6th 1827, died January 8th, 1866 in
Huntsville, Ala., buried in the Huntsville City Cemetery. (Great
grandfather of Virginia Gooch Watson)
Mary Lucinda Gooch was born January 24th 1832, died Spring 1909, buried in
Valermoso Springs Cemetery, married Jean Joseph Giers May 5, 1849 in
Murfreesboro, Rutherford Co., TN.
Martha M. (Morton) Gooch was born December 27th 1833, Died 1837 in
Murfreesboro, Rutherford Co., TN.
Harriett M. Gooch was born November 4th 1835, died 1913 in Huntsville, Ala.,
in Huntsville City Cem., married Theodore Acklen 1856 in Madison Co.,
James Thomas Gooch was born February 22nd 1838
Sarah Tait Gooch was born Sept. 8th 1840 , Died August 3, 1865 in
Murfreesboro, TN.
Elizabeth Venable Gooch was born December 24th 1842 and died June 1843
Irene Catharine Gooch was born March 14th 1845, died July 29, 1926 in
Memphis, TN.

The Nathaniel Gooch in the Bible was born in Hanover Co., VA. and migrated by way of Caswell Co., N.C. to Rutherford Co., TN., and his wife, Martha
Tait (Patsey) was born in Guilford Co., N.C. They married in Caswell Co., N.C. They were deceased long before their son, Allen Tait Gooch, moved to Valhermoso Springs, AL.

Two of the Giers children of Jean Joseph & Mary Lucinda (Gooch) Giers, died and are buried at the Valhermoso Springs Cemetery: Elizabeth Gertrude Giers, born March 1, 1850, died Dec. 31, 1862, aged 12 years and 10 months; and Ernest Emil Giers, born Oct. 5, 1868, died Nov. 1, 1937. Ernest Giers ran the Valhermoso Springs Hotel for many years. Although the Gooch family were not in Morgan County, AL long, several of the sons of Allen Tait Gooch joined the Civil War in Alabama.

Douglas R. Anderson
HAFLEY, Rufus Columbia b. 02/13/1847 Somerville, AL d. 03/30/1925 Gause, Milam Co., TX

Gene Hays
Pictures of the Bible
The following information is contained in the bible of Miles Hays, born May 9, 1807, died September 22, 1872 in Morgan County Alabama.
Elizabeth L. Hays was born January 4, 1828 and died Nov 3, 1830
James M. Hays was born January 13, 1833 and died April 11, 1846
Mary J. Hays was born December 11, 1840 died Jan 6, 18__
William D. Hays was born March 7, 1836.....
John C. Hays was born August 25, 1838
Mary M. Hays was born June 17, 1843
Francis C. L. Hays was born Sept 28, 1847
Thomas E. Hays born Sept 19, 1857
Miles L. Hays born April 11, 1860 died Sept 7, 1863
Miles Hays was born May 9, 180_ died Sept 22, 1872
Lucinda Dean departed this life November 12, 1873
L D J Crow was born 18 Oct 1852

Sue Marine
John Minter and Frances his wife, came from Wales and settled in Virginia about the year 1680. William Minter, his son, born July 5, 1736, and married to Martha Hillhouse, 1757. (Martha Hillhouse born April 30th, 1736)
Their Children:
John Minter born May 10, 1769
William Minter born May 25th, 1770 died January 25, 1820
Margaret Minter born October 17, 1772 died 1773
James Minter born August 9, 1774
Josiah Minter born May 28, 1776
Mary Minter born 1778
Joseph Minter born 1780
Jacob Minter born February 11, 1783
Sarah Minter born December 15, 1785
Johathan Minter born June 1, 1789 (Note: this is probably Jonathan)
John Minter born May 10, 1769 and married to Jane Gilham (who was born April 21, 1773) on May 22, 1792
Their Children:
Martha Minter born May 20, 1793
Isaac Minter born February 15, 1795
William Minter born May 13, 1797
John Thomas Minter born May 13, 1800
Mary Ann Minter born March 15, 1804
Jesse Jackson Minter born May 26, 1806 died: May 16, 1834
John T. Minter born May 11, 1800
Adeline Love born May 2, 1804
Elzy D. Minter born February 4, 1825
Thomas I. Minter born June 17, 1826
Julian Minter born May 23, 1828
Joseph Monroe Minter born February 17, 1830
Clarance A. Minter born November 2, 1833
Mary Jane Minter born September 2, 1836

Jesse Jackson Minter, youngest son of John and Jane Minter, died May 16, 1834 at 4 o’clock in the morning, aged 28 years lacking 10 days.
Jane Minter, wife of John Minter died September 24, 1834 at 7 o’clock at night, aged 61 years 5 months and 3 days.

Martha Minter born May 20, 1793, and married William Sherer, who was born 19th November 1790, and married February 23, 1813
Their Children:
James G. Sherer born May 16, 1814
J. Thomas Sherer born September 16, 1815
Torrisa Sherer born June 8, 1817
Absalom Sherer born March 12, 1819
Elisha Sherer born January 25, 1821
Madison Sherer born October 26, 1822

Elisha Sherer married Eliza Kirkpatrick December 19, 1844
William T. Sherer, son of E. A. & E. Sherer, born November 27, 1846
Samuel N. Sherer, born March 12, 1848
Harriet A. Sherer, born January 27, 1850
John M. Sherer married Samaria Jones, March 21, 1866
Absalom Sherer married Tennet A. R. Kirkpatrick, January 2, 1845
John W. Sherer, son of A. & T. A. R. Sherer, born November 11, 1846
William L. Sherer, born November 28, 1849
Samuel C. Sherer, born September 24, 1851
Harriet A. Stewart died August 11, 1932, 81 years

William C. Sherer, November 9, 1836
James A. Sherer, August 2, 1839
John M. Sherer, December 20, 1841
Margaret M. Sherer, March 14, 1844
Joseph T. Sherer, December 11, 1846
Martha J. Sherer, July 28, 1850
Frances Sherer, May 8, 1853
Thomas W. Sherer, December 17, 1858
Richard S. Sherer, June 29, 1858
George H. Sherer, January 18, 1860
Elisha Sherer, son of J. C. Sherer and Mattie Sherer, born August 18, 1912
(Note by Oscar Minter Sherer, son of Absalom Sherer: the above information copied as it appears, seems to have been recorded in this old Bible by two or more families. This Bible Record copied September 20, 1950. Bible was in possession of Elisha Sherer, Washington, D.C.)
(Notes: Josiah Minter is listed on the 1830, 1840, and 1850 census of Morgan Co, AL. Josiah Minter was in Morgan County as early as 1824 as per the Orphans Court Register #2)

Linda Eddy
This is the family Bible of James Thomas and Sarah Margaret Smith Moore. They were both born in Randolph Co., AL and migrated to Morgan Co., AL in 1884. My grandfather John Marion Moore told me that the family moved from Randolph to Morgan County, Alabama in wagons when he was six months old. From records, it appears they migrated to Morgan Co. with the children of William R. and Martha Baxter Smith, the Evans Family, the Miner family and others who settled in the Gum Pond Community. James Thomas Moore entered property from the government and later donated the land for Bethel United Methodist Church and cemetery, Eva, AL. The family had always spelled their name Moore back to the earliest ancestor I have proven, Guyan Moore in 1753. This is the only time I found the name spelled More. The last four children were siblings of James Thomas Moore and children of Francis Marion and Mary Ann (Huie) Moore.

Family Bible of James Thomas Moore

This Certififies that the Rite of Martrimony was celebrated between James T. More of Randolf and Sarah M. Smith of Randolf County on August 2 1872 at the Bride’s Fathers by Louis Cofield O. Minister. Witness: James Bolt and Butler Smith.

James T. More bornd February 23 AD 1853
Sarah More bornd February 5 AD 1855
Mary L. Moore bornd July the 20 AD 1878
James H. More Borne March the 10 AD 1881
Thomas J. More Bornd Julye the 2 AD 1881
John M. More Bornd January the 20 AD 1884
Martha A. More bornd Jan the 2 AD 1886
Lucy A. H. More was Bornd Julye the 5 AD 1859
John J. More was bornd Aprile the 2 AD 1862
Masoura R. More was Bornd Sept the 14 AD 1866

Edna Rogers Ulrich
WILLIAM ADUSTON ROGERS, b. 02 December 1796, in Gloucester County, Va. d. 24 June 1882, in Bayou Labatre, Mobile County, Ala. Married: 02 December, 1819 Madison County, Alabama CAROLINE FRANCES THOMPSON, b. 17 January 1805, in Elbert County, Georgia d. 19 June 1838, in Morgan County, Alabama
Children born to this union:

WILLIAM ADUSTON ROGERS b. 11 December 1820 in Morgan County,Al d. 12 April 1849 in Morgan County, Alabama Married: 20 November 1839 Morgan County, Alabama Lucy Jane Grantland
CAROLINE FRANCES ROGERS b. 11 December 1820 in Morgan County,
d. 12 April 1849 in Morgan County, Alabama
JOHN W. ROGERS b. 18 September 1823,Morgan County, Alabama d. 12 April 1849, Morgan County, Alabama Married: 08 September 1847, Morgan County,Alabama Frances J. Strain
GEORGE WILLIAM ADUSTON ROGERS b. 09 January 1826, Morgan County, Alabama d.18 April 1849, Morgan County, Alabama Married: 08 September 1847, Morgan County, Alabama Caroline W. Strain
ROBERT ASA ROGERS b. 04 January 1828, Morgan County, Alabama d.
02 March 1914, Pine Bluff, Jefferson Co.,Ark.
MARY JANE ROGERS b. 13 April 1830, Morgan County, Alabama d. 14 December, 1833, Morgan County, Alabama
ELBERT HARTWELL ROGERS b. 31 January 1832, Morgan County, Alabama d. May 1898, Pine Bluff, Jefferson Co., Ark. Married: Elizabeth Jane Yerby b. 09 March 1842, Tuscaloosa, Alabama d.14 November 1828, Pine Bluff, Jefferson Co., Ark.
ARTHUR MC CLURE ROGERS b. 14 June 1834, Morgan Co.,Alabama d.
09 August 1862, Morgan Co., Alabama
SAMUEL CRAWFORD ROGERS b. 18 February 1837, Morgan Co.,Alabama d. 25 July 1842

Sylvia Harris
I have family bible for the names Poteet Sullivan Sandin in Al Ak this bible about 175yrs. old. Sylvia Harris

Linda Eddy
St. Clair/Weaver Family Bible

James M. St. Clair Feb. 22 1822
Amanda M. Weaver Oct 31 1828
Mary J. St. Clair Nov 18 1847
Mandy T. St. Clair June 30 1849
Lucy F. St. Clair Mar 15, 1851
Michael J. St. Clair Dec 19, 1852
Sarah Ann St. Clair July 17, 1855
Amanda E. St. Clair Jan. 24, 1857
Clifford Elvernia St. Clair Jan. 10, 1860
James W. St. Clair Jan. 21, 1861
Susanne St. ClairDec 2 1862
Belldonia St. Clair Aug 18, 1864
John R. St. Clair Aug 2, 1868
Mary Weaver mother of Amanda Weaver was born Dec. 3 1799 Laurens Co., GA
Jethro Weaver father of Amanda Weaver was born Oct. 25 1784 in Laurens Co., GA
Michael St. Clair father of J. M. St. Clair died Apr. 21 1884

James M. St. Clair Oct 17, 1846
Amanda M. Weaver Oct. 17, 1846
Mary J. St. Clair Apr. 19 1874
Mandy T. St. Clair Jan. 15 1878
Lucy F. St. Clair Feb. 18, 1877
Sarah Ann St. Clair Feb. 18, 1877
Susanne St. Clair Nov 16, 1882
Belldonia St. Clair Feb. 1891

James M. St. Clair Dec. 10, 1897
Amanda M. Weaver Sept. 11, 1878
Mary J. St. Clair Jan. 25, 1888
Sarah Ann St. Clair Jan. 8, 1901
Amanda E. St. Clair Aug. 15, 1858
Clifford Elvernia St. Clair June 10, 1860
Susanne St. Clair Dec. 30, 1927
Belldonia St. Clair May 23, 1900
John R. St. Clair March 17, 1904

Sherry Marine
Robert H. Thompson: b Jan 25, 1826, d Apr 21, 1911
Tuza Jane Oldacre: b Mar 10, 1833, d Aug 2, 1894
(They md March 13, 1851
William A. Thompson: b Apr 22, 1853, d Mar 8, 1931
Drady Margaret Francis: b Jan 12, 1859, d Nov 8, 1935
(They md Dec 11, 1879)
Henry A. Thompson: b Nov 23, 1880, d Apr 8, 1942
(His wife, Johnny Ryan Thompson d Jun 10, 1941)
Fannie B. Thompson: b Jan 1, 1882, d Aug 16, 1945
Mary Jane Thompson: b Jun 23, 1883
Lula May Thompson: b Aug 7, 1884, d May 5, 1971
Annie N. Thompson: b Sep 26, 1886, d Nov 22, 1975
Willie F. Thompson: b Feb 18, 1889, dec'd at age 20
Charlie M. Thompson: b Jan 6, 1891, dec'd at age 23
Thomas O. Thompson: b Nov 25, 1892, d Jun 1, 1973
Harris Cecil Thompson: b Dec 26, 1895, d Aug 18, 1980 a.m.
James Elster Thompson: b Apr 16, 1897, d Apr 10, 1975


Lois ELMORE, 25, and her stepfather, Henry A. THOMPSON, 61, of
Mooringsport, LA, were drowned on Wednesday night, April 8, 1942
in Caddo Lake. THOMPSON and Miss ELMORE were drowned after
their small outboard motorboat collided with a heavier vessel.

Sue Marine
Children of Alexander and Deborah Turrentine:
Elizabeth Turrentine born 29 Jan 1759
Martha Turrentine born 6 April 1761
Samuel Turrentine born 3 Aug 1763
Jean Turrentine born 4 April 1766
Daniel Turrentine born 4 Nov 1769
Alexander Turrentine born 4 Nov 1769
James Turrentine born 26 July 1774
Mary Turrentine born 17 March 1777
Saael (?) Moore Turrentine born 23 Feb 1783
Notes: Alexander and Deborah Turrentine were married about 1758. Alexander was born in 1725 in Ireland. Date of birth from tombstone in same cemetery as his brother Saml. Turrentine, Sr. Alexander died in 1784 without a will, in Orange Co, NC. He was in the Revolutionary War. This Bible was found in an old trunk owned by the late Wm. R. Turrenting, Shelbyville, TN and copied by G. Ruford Turrentine, Russellville AR, a descendant of Alexander and Deborah Turrentine

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