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(Writer) Mitch Alexander is a game designer and critic from Scotland, and the creator of a gay orc dating sim, so it might be best to take anything he says with a pinch of salt. Support Mitch's work via Patreon at!

The endlessly repeating Obéissance

Obéissance, by Merritt Kopas, is a small, concise puzzle-platformer game about Christian Mysticism. Using a single repeated monochrome level made up of floating platforms, the player-character’s ascent upwards through the level and incorporating implicit player choices, Obéissance says a lot with very little. The endlessly-repeating level in Obéissance incorporates writing […]


Second Chances: An Interview with Dale Lazarov

Dale Lazarov is a gay comics writer, well known in gay-geek circles as being the smut lord responsible for unleashing hardcover and digital gay comics like MANLY, BULLDOGS and STICKY into our world, available over at Since his most recent release “Second Chances” with Foxy Andy and William O. Tyler came out last month, we caught up […]


Quiet Queers: LGBTQIA+ Invisibility in Games 5

There is a problem in videogames of LGBTQIA+ characters whose queerness is silent. This isn’t to say that all LGBTQIA+ characters whose gender or sexual identity is only mentioned in-passing are inherently bad, or are examples of bad writing; sometimes, the most interesting, effective and emotionally-engaging way to state something […]



An Interview with Dani Landers of Studio Fawn

Dani Landers is one of the four members of Studio Fawn, the creative team behind Bloom: Memories, an upcoming game set in a strange and beautifully-crafted world designed to evoke feelings of adventure and exploration, as well as including emotionally-involving storylines using game mechanics and themes that the larger games industry tend to avoid. Bloom has already […]