The Hod(g)son Google Glass Lab

A research lab at the Hugh Hodgson School of Music interested in furthering wearable technology for music pedagogy and performance.

About Our Research

We are interested in seeing how wearable technology can enhance musical experience. Here are some of our recent projects:

BeatKeeper is an open source metronome that we ported to Glass. Utilizing the touchpad on Glass, the user sets the tempo by swiping back and forth, and starts and stops with a tap gesture. Future enhancements include a reverse metronome as well as allowing the metronome to run in the background on Glass.
Adwords/Edward is one of the first pieces written for Google Glass by Cornell University composer Kevin Ernste. Using our Score Viewer application, the ensemble (bass clarinet, piano, drum kit, and electronics) winks through a series of short musical phrases displayed in the musician's Glass. The composition is in part a nod (no pun intended) to Terry Riley's "in C" (1964).
Our Score Viewer application renders images of notation and uses a series of winking and touch gestures to move between pages. During the upcoming school year, we hope to enhance the accuracy of the wink detector, begin to render notation using XML (allowing compatibility with Finale and Sibelius), and implement our software in concert performances for both players and conductors.

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The Team

Cynthia Johnston Turner is in demand as a conductor, conducting and ensemble clinician, and speaker in the United States, Latin America, Europe, and Canada. Before her appointment at the Hodgson School at the University of Georgia, Cynthia was Director of Wind Ensembles at Cornell University. Earlier in her career Cynthia was a high school music educator, taught middle school beginning instrumental music in Toronto and choral music in Switzerland. She currently serves as a faculty member with the summer Performing Arts Institute at Pennsylvania’s Wyoming Seminary and as a conductor with the Syracuse Society of New Music, the Austrian Festival Orchestra, and the Paris Lodron Ensemble in Salzburg. As Director of Bands and Professor of Music at the Hodgson School, Cynthia conducts the Wind Ensemble, teaches conducting, leads the MM and DMA programs in conducting, and oversees the entire Hodgson band program. For a full biography, click here.
Tyler Ehrlich is a graduate student at the University of Georgia studying conducting and completing his public school teaching certification. At UGA, Tyler's duties involve all aspects of the band program, including conducting, logistics, and instruction of the concert bands, athletic bands, and the undergraduate conducting courses. Over the past year, Tyler has worked with Dr. Turner to bring their ideas involving Google Glass to fruition. He has completed the programming for their projects, and has presented with her at The Midwest Clinic, as well as the CBDNA and WASBE conferences. Work that he has completed has been sourced by academic articles, published in The Verge, USA Today, and other news sources, and applauded by developers at Google. Tyler's undergraduate thesis, "An Implementation of Google Glass in the Context of Gazebo Dances by John Corigliano" earned him summa cum laude honors from Cornell University. Tyler's website is
Caleb Adams is an undergraduate Computer Science and Astronomy/Physics major at the University of Georgia. He provides Dr. Turner and Tyler with technical advice and helps with some of the nuances of programming. Caleb helped add multi-user functionality to the google glass score viewer and programmed a prototype touch screen smart-podium. He gained his experience with google glass while doing research for fortune 50 companies and is currently interning at NASA helping to design and test audio systems on board various space craft. He has gained national recognition for his prototype automated telescopes and, with a following over 150,000 users, Caleb maintains the most popular Astronomy blog on the tumblr blogging platform. Caleb's website is

Contact Us

We're interested in your comments, and we are searching for research assistants. Interested? Drop us a line at the address below: